Small Biz Startup Essentials

If you are thinking about starting, planning or launching a business, but either do not know where to start or need some help with the startup process, then you will enjoy this podcast. Listen in to the inspiring stories from others that took a bold step out of their comfort zone to pursue their dream of having their own business. We also discuss some elements of starting a non-profit organization as well.

We will go over the essential tips and tools you will need to pivot through what I have defined as the Dream / Plan / Execute process, which will help you launch your personal brand business from the ground up.

So listen in, share the episodes with others and remember, life is a journey, so enjoy the ride.


Episode 6- Finding Your Zone of Genius
Show Details12min 54s
Episode 5-Interview with Bed and Breakfast owner, Janice Clifton from Virginia Cliffe Inn
Show Details14min 22s
Episode 4- Starting a Business From the Inside Out
Show Details16min 3s
Episode 3-What is Your Why?
Show Details16min 58s
Episode 2-Don't Do What I Did!
Show Details9min 39s
Premier episode-WELCOME!
Show Details5min 31s