Sleepless Dystopian

Digital Disruption for social change. Looking into the digital ecosystems and architectures of control and influence that shape our lives.

Breaking into the tools, techniques and technologies used in marketing, communications, big data, data science, machine learning and AI fused with behavioural economics and neurolinguistics that are influencing and helping shape society as we know it.

Whether looking to use techniques like behavioural linguistics, metacognitive training, mindfulness, meditation and NLP to understand the world and narrative presented to us. Or you are looking to influence positive social change through strategic campaigning and activism this is the podcast for you.

Visit our website at and joint e conversation where we fuse creative and artist pursuits with all of the above.


so, i have a fear of succes?
Show Details26min 36s
Gaslighting the British Public
Show Details1hr 4min
Reading stories; in ourselves and others
Show Details36min 44s
Sense making with behavioural communication analysis and metacognitive training - intro
Show Details46min 35s
Information Operations, Propaganda and Dark Advertising: Sleepless Dystopian Podcas
Show Details33min 35s
Response to Intercept Article on Big Tech in India - Sleepless Dystopian Podcast
Show Details28min 25s
Recognising and talking to values and not just beliefs - Sleepless Dystopian Podcast Episode 8
Show Details40min 33s
ADTECH - An offer you can't refuse; response to ORG article - Sleepless Dystopian Podcast Episode 7
Show Details40min 57s
What do we mean by behaviour? - Sleepless Dystopian Episode 6
Show Details18min 24s
Response to I Can't Get You Out of My Head - Sleepless Dystopian podcast Episode 5
Show Details32min 33s
Digital Ecosystems & The Attention Economy - Sleepless Dystopian Podcast 4
Show Details1hr 5min
Let's talk about data - Sleepless Dystopian Podcast Episode 3
Show Details22min 31s
Behavioural Linguistics - Sleepless Dystopian Podcast 2
Show Details17min 17s
Episode 1 Intro - Sleepless Dystopian
Show Details30min 41s