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Sleep Tight Relax - Calming Bedtime Stories and Meditations

Sleep Tight Relax is a bedtime show for the young and young at heart. Every week we help you and your children prepare to drift calmly off to sleep by listening to our mix of dream inducing bedtime stories, relaxation techniques, calming nature sounds, and soothing music. Created for kids but appropriate for all ages, Sleep Tight Relax makes bedtime quality time, by helping busy minds become calm, focused, and relaxed.


The Birds Nest 🪶
Show Details46min 5s
Flop Ear the Funny Rabbit - Ch. 4 🐰
Show Details22min 13s
The Green Ivy 🌱
Show Details44min 35s
Flop Ear the Funny Rabbit - Ch. 3 🐰
Show Details16min 24s
The Maple Seed 🍁
Show Details45min 1s
Flop Ear the Funny Rabbit - Ch. 2 🐰
Show Details16min 17s
The Little Acorn 🌰
Show Details46min 32s
Flop Ear the Funny Rabbit 🐰
Show Details21min 6s
The Maple-Leaf and the Violet 🍁
Show Details46min 33s
The Oldest Dragon-Fly Nymph
Show Details21min 35s
The Pink and Blue Eggs 🥚
Show Details45min 41s
In Which Christopher Robin Gives Pooh a Party 🧸
Show Details19min 37s
Jackie and Finbo the Whale 🐳
Show Details46min
In Which Pooh Goes Visiting and Gets into a Tight Place 🧸
Show Details17min 29s
The Promised Plant - Story, Music and Sound
Show Details45min 27s
In Which Christopher Robin Leads An Expotition To The North Pole 🧸
Show Details27min 25s
A Peaceful Walk In The Woods 🌳
Show Details1hr
In Which Eeyore Loses a Tail and Pooh Finds One 🧸
Show Details17min 44s
The Singing Shell 🐚
Show Details15min
In Which Piglet Meets A Heffalump 🧸
Show Details24min 31s
❤️ Premium Preview: Fleet Wing and Sweet Voice 🪶
Show Details12min 23s
The Boy Without a Name
Show Details11min 10s
Winnie-the-Pooh 🧸
Show Details23min 13s
The Disorderly Girl 👧🏼
Show Details10min 59s
The Polka Dot Lady - P5.🐞
Show Details28min 37s
Rain Forest Moon: Music for Sleep
Show Details1hr 30min
The Good Sea Monster 🐙
Show Details11min 47s
The Polka Dot Lady - P4.🐞
Show Details25min 7s
Tommy Frost Sees A Bear 🧸
Show Details6min 49s
The Lonely Little Pig 🐖
Show Details16min 4s
The Polka Dot Lady - P3.🐞
Show Details25min 12s
Meditation: The Sun Goddess
Show Details9min 18s
The Kind Little Girl
Show Details12min 36s
The Polka Dot Lady - P2.🐞
Show Details26min 26s
Meditation: Muscle Relaxation 💪
Show Details11min 57s
The Polka Dot Lady 🐞
Show Details29min 7s
The Jumping Competition 🦗
Show Details9min 58s
Beach Waves: Sounds and Music for Sleep 🌊
Show Details2hr
The Small Old Man with the Pointy Hat 🎩
Show Details15min 27s
Peter Pan - Ch. 12🧚‍♂️
Show Details27min 50s
Meditation: Magic Bubble Wand ☺️
Show Details9min 19s
Jack and the Beanstalk 🌱
Show Details23min 42s
Peter Pan - Ch. 11🧚‍♂️
Show Details23min 35s
Meditation Series: Your Happy Place 🌈
Show Details9min 19s
The Star Hockey Player and the Puck 🏒
Show Details9min 39s
Peter Pan - Ch. 10🧚‍♂️
Show Details28min 25s
Meditation Series: Deep Belly Breaths 🌬️
Show Details8min 27s
Gertrude and the Brown Spotted Bears 🍜
Show Details15min 57s
Peter Pan - Ch. 9🧚‍♂️
Show Details23min 12s
Strong Winter Wind Soundscape for Sleep
Show Details2hr 1min
The Ants that Wore Wings 🐜
Show Details10min 11s
The Glass Dog (Rebroadcast)
Show Details27min 38s
Toinette and the Elves 🧝🏽 (Rebroadcast)
Show Details37min 22s
Peter Pan - Ch. 8🧚‍♂️
Show Details23min 30s
The Pine and the Willow 🌲
Show Details8min 2s
Little Bear Goes for Breakfast 🧸
Show Details12min 18s
Peter Pan - Ch. 7🧚‍♂️
Show Details27min 12s
The Young Robin Who Was Afraid To Fly
Show Details16min 27s
Peter Pan - Ch. 6🧚‍♂️
Show Details19min 52s
String Music with Wind and Birds for Sleep 🎻
Show Details2hr
The Little Spider’s First Web 🕸️
Show Details14min 50s
The Boxcar Children - Ch. 13
Show Details23min 4s
The Contented Earthworms 🪱
Show Details12min 20s
The Boxcar Children - Ch. 12
Show Details22min 49s
How There Came to be a Katy-Did
Show Details10min 1s
The Boxcar Children - Ch. 11
Show Details24min 32s
The White Cat 🐾
Show Details12min 40s
The Boxcar Children - Ch. 10
Show Details26min 4s
Mice with Pockets, and Others 🐀
Show Details16min 51s
The Boxcar Children - Ch. 9
Show Details23min 43s
Howling Wind for Halloween (and Sleep) 🎃
Show Details2hr
The Boxcar Children - Ch. 8
Show Details22min 25s
Mindful Monday: Feeling Relaxed
Show Details17min 51s
The Boxcar Children - Ch. 7
Show Details22min 19s
Mindful Monday: The Beach
Show Details13min 1s
The Boxcar Children - Ch. 6
Show Details22min 45s
Mindful Monday: Being Thankful
Show Details9min 36s
The Boxcar Children - Ch. 5
Show Details23min 1s
Mindful Monday: The Fall Season
Show Details15min 29s
Sounds for Sleep: A Quiet Day at the Beach
Show Details2hr 6min
The Boxcar Children - Ch. 4
Show Details24min 48s
Mindful Monday: Patience and Perseverance
Show Details10min 42s
The Boxcar Children - Ch. 3
Show Details23min 39s
Mindful Monday: Making New Friends
Show Details12min 50s
The Boxcar Children - Ch.2
Show Details21min 10s
Mindful Monday: Becoming Calm
Show Details12min 58s
The Boxcar Children
Show Details21min 9s
Mindful Monday: Routine
Show Details10min 39s
What Happened at School 🏫
Show Details27min 58s
Mindful Monday: Bravery
Show Details14min 9s
Frankie’s New Teacher 🧑🏽‍🏫
Show Details20min 50s
Mindful Monday: Back to School - Part 2
Show Details14min 5s
Daisy's First Day of School
Show Details22min 30s
Mindful Monday: Back to School
Show Details11min 34s
The Role-Poly Pudding
Show Details26min 48s
Mindful Monday: Loneliness
Show Details11min 46s
Waterfall: White Noise for Sleep
Show Details2hr
The Raspberry Worm
Show Details24min 10s
Mindful Monday: Boredom and Imagination
Show Details11min 46s
The Three Musicians 🎼
Show Details27min 53s
Mindful Monday: Rain
Show Details12min 16s
The Tinder Box
Show Details31min 30s
Mindful Monday: Sleep
Show Details11min 43s
The Glass Dog
Show Details27min 38s
Mindful Monday: Imagination
Show Details14min 7s
The Strange Tale of Doctor Dog
Show Details31min 14s
Mindful Monday: Family
Show Details11min 43s
White noise for sleep: Warm Wind
Show Details2hr
The White Wolf
Show Details25min 26s
Mindful Monday: Happiness and Confidence
Show Details14min 16s
The Adventures of a Brownie
Show Details29min 37s
Mindful Monday: Sadness
Show Details14min 16s
The Wounded Lion 🦁
Show Details25min 31s
Mindful Monday: Honesty
Show Details14min 16s
Mother Hulda
Show Details20min 19s
Mindful Monday: Friendship
Show Details14min 16s
Spring Chickens 🐣
Show Details28min 49s
Mindful Monday: Dealing with emotions
Show Details14min 16s
The Tale of the Pie and the Pie Liner 🥧
Show Details28min 18s
Mindful Monday: How to deal with anger
Show Details14min 16s
Jolly Little Tars 🐸
Show Details40min 3s
Mindful Monday: You are important
Show Details15min 50s
Sounds for sleep: Gentle Flowing River with Birds
Show Details1hr
Mr. Maple and Mr. Pine 🎻
Show Details25min 13s
Mindful Monday: Making a difference
Show Details13min 23s
Why Paddy the Beaver has a Broad Tail
Show Details21min 2s
Mindful Monday: Responsibility
Show Details16min 50s
Sally Migrundy 🏡
Show Details27min 18s
Mindful Monday: Gratitude
Show Details16min 50s
The Campfire Girls of RoseLawn P9 📻
Show Details43min 29s
Mindful Monday: Kindness Continued
Show Details13min 15s
Rose of Evening 🌹
Show Details30min 41s
Mindful Monday: Kindness and what that means to you
Show Details12min 51s
The Nightingale 🎶
Show Details36min 16s
Mindful Monday: diversity, courage, open-mindedness, and tolerance
Show Details12min 51s
The Little Tree That Never Grew Up 🌱
Show Details34min 54s
Mindful Monday: Perseverance 🔥
Show Details12min 47s
Beauty and the Beast p2 🏰
Show Details39min 53s
Mindful Monday: Spring 🌱
Show Details12min 49s
Beauty and the Beast 🏰
Show Details40min 56s
Mindful Monday: Books 📖
Show Details12min 49s
The Flower Princess P3 💐
Show Details27min 31s
Mindful Monday: Courage 💪
Show Details9min 26s
Sleep Music: Slow Down 🧘🏽
Show Details46min 47s
The Wind in the Willows Ch.2
Show Details42min 10s
The Campfire Girls of RoseLawn P8 📻
Show Details34min 53s
Kids meditation: the warmth of the beach 🏖️
Show Details9min 47s
The Campfire Girls of RoseLawn P7 📻
Show Details44min 10s
The Wind in the Willows
Show Details41min 40s
Music for sleep: The Ripley Effect 🎞️
Show Details47min 39s
The Campfire Girls of RoseLawn P6 📻
Show Details40min 51s
The Campfire Girls of RoseLawn P5 📻
Show Details40min 39s
A Waterfall in the Forest 🏞️
Show Details1hr 2min
The Campfire Girls of RoseLawn P4 📻
Show Details29min 47s
The Campfire Girls of RoseLawn P3 📻
Show Details31min 31s
Sounds for sleep: A private beach 🏖️
Show Details1hr 4min
The Campfire Girls of RoseLawn P2 📻
Show Details37min 44s
Aladdin P2🧞
Show Details29min 55s
Sounds for sleep: Campfire by a lake 🏕️
Show Details45min 35s
Toinette and the Elves 🧝🏽
Show Details42min 45s
Sleep sounds: Winter Storm ❄️ (white noise)
Show Details1hr
Peter Pan P5🧚‍♂️
Show Details41min 24s
Sounds for sleep: Birds in winter 🦉
Show Details56min 16s
Peter Pan P4🧚‍♂️
Show Details32min 16s
Aladdin 🧞
Show Details31min 6s
Peter Pan P3🧚‍♂️
Show Details45min 44s
Sleep Music: Fading Daylight 🌥️
Show Details51min 5s
Peter Pan P2🧚‍♂️
Show Details32min 16s
Peter Pan 🧚‍♂️
Show Details33min 43s
The Twelve Dancing Princesses 👸🏿
Show Details40min 36s
Warmth of the fire : Sounds for sleep 🔥
Show Details1hr 1min
The Marvelous Dog and the Wonderful Cat 🐕🐈
Show Details37min 8s
The Master Mariner 🏴‍☠️
Show Details37min 54s
The Flower Princess P.2 💐
Show Details35min 2s
The Flower Princess 💐
Show Details31min 2s
Blackie, The Lost Cat P.6 🐈
Show Details36min
Autumn Wind Chimes 🎐
Show Details52min 7s
Guided Relaxation #4 😌
Show Details30min 2s
How the Kings Son met Princess Lana 👸🏽
Show Details35min 18s
Blackie, The Lost Cat P.5 🐈
Show Details38min 18s
Sleep Music: The Northern Woods
Show Details50min 30s
The Time Machine 🕰️
Show Details47min 56s
Guided Relaxation #3 😌
Show Details13min 15s
Blackie, The Lost Cat P.4 🐈
Show Details42min 30s
Soft rain against a window 🌦️
Show Details50min 45s
Blackie, The Lost Cat P.3 🐈
Show Details37min 44s
Late summer sounds in the country 🌻
Show Details48min 36s
Guided Relaxation #2 😌
Show Details10min 52s
Blackie, The Lost Cat P.2 🐈
Show Details36min
Blackie, The Lost Cat 🐈
Show Details41min 8s
A Japanese Boy 🗻
Show Details36min 58s
Heavy Rain Sounds for Sleep and Relaxation ⛈️
Show Details51min 5s
Guided Relaxation #1 😌
Show Details6min 55s
The Talking Fish 🎏
Show Details38min 50s
The Red-Headed League P.2 🕵️‍♂️
Show Details40min 15s
The sound of heavy winds and dry leaves 🍃
Show Details1hr
Sleep Music: Towards Fall 🍂
Show Details45min 6s
Sleep Music: The Tail of Summer 🍃
Show Details47min 35s
The Red-Headed League 🕵️‍♂️
Show Details44min 10s
A Message from Africa 🚢
Show Details35min 16s
Sounds of Nature: A Trip to the Beach 🐚
Show Details1hr 1min
The Campfire Girls of RoseLawn 📻
Show Details36min 9s
Sleep Music: Sailing Endless Oceans 🌊
Show Details50min 23s
Sounds of Nature: Falling Rain In A Forest 🌧️🌲
Show Details45min 46s
Welcome to Sleep Tight Relax
Show Details2min 15s
Sleep Music: Reflections over Time 🛌
Show Details46min 42s
Sounds of Nature: Summer Rains 🌦️
Show Details46min 20s
Sleep Story: The Emperor's New Clothes 🤴
Show Details34min 59s
Sounds of Nature: Waves Splashing On A Rocky Shore 🌊
Show Details45min
Sleep Story: The Salesman 🤖
Show Details35min 33s
Sounds of Nature: Spring Rains Falling In A Garden 🌈
Show Details50min 1s
Sleep Story: The Story of Dr. Dolittle 🦜
Show Details45min
Sleep Music: Citrus Tress in Bloom 🍋
Show Details47min 46s
Sleep Story: The Story Girl (Chapter 4) by L.M. Montgomery
Show Details45min 38s
Sounds of Nature: A Green Forest in Spring 🌱
Show Details49min 32s
Sleep Story: The Story Girl (Chapter 3) by L.M. Montgomery
Show Details55min 11s
Sounds of Nature: A Tropical Beach 🌴
Show Details53min 57s
Sleep Story: The Story Girl (Chapter 2) by L.M. Montgomery
Show Details54min 4s
Sleep Story: The Story Girl (Chapter 1) by L.M. Montgomery
Show Details46min
Sleep Story: The Boscombe Valley Mystery, bedtime relaxation techniques
Show Details48min 58s
Sounds of Nature: Windy Spring Day 🌬️
Show Details37min 48s
Sleep Story: Felicia And The Pot Of Pinks 👸🏻🤴🏽
Show Details36min 26s
Sounds of Nature: Lush Green Forests 🌲🌲
Show Details35min 3s
Sleep Music: The Power of Music and Sound 🎼
Show Details32min 2s
Sleep Story: The Two Grasshoppers 🦗
Show Details29min 41s
Sleep Story: Dragon Tales 🐉
Show Details23min 3s
Sleep Story: The Lady and the Lion 🦁
Show Details23min 12s
Sleep Music: A New Year's reflection
Show Details34min 58s
Sounds of Nature: The changing weather of the woods in winter ❄️
Show Details33min 10s
Sleep Story: Louise the Librarian 🚌
Show Details31min 16s
Sounds for sleep: The relaxing sounds of rain ☔
Show Details33min
Sleep Music: Be Still The Earth 🎵
Show Details34min 29s
Sleep Story: The Quiltmaker's Gift 👑
Show Details21min 37s
Sleep Music: Lay back, close your eyes, and breathe 💤
Show Details34min 5s
Sounds found when walking in the woods 🌳
Show Details31min 39s