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There is much to be discovered while reading. Fresh stories, interesting ideas, a new flow, a wealth of knowledge, and more. All of which bring me great personal joy, comfort, and satisfaction. I recently started reading aloud to myself, and decided to share with the whoever wants to listen. Because things are better when shared with others who care.

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Death on the Nile: nineteen
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Death on the Nile: eighteen
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Death on the Nile: seventeen
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Death on the Nile: sixteen
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Death on the Nile: fifteen
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Death on the Nile: fourteen
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Death on the Nile: thirteen
Show Details25min 16s
Death on the Nile: eleven
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Death on the Nile: ten
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Death on the Nile: nine
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Becoming Supernatural: afterword & acknowledgements
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Becoming Supernatural: 14
Show Details20min 57s
Becoming Supernatural: 13
Show Details42min 34s
Becoming Supernatural: 12
Show Details1hr 12min
Becoming Supernatural: 11
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Becoming Supernatural: 10
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Becoming Supernatural: 9
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Becoming Supernatural: 8
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Becoming Supernatural: 7
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Becoming Supernatural: 6
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Becoming Supernatural: 5
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Becoming Supernatural: 4
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Becoming Supernatural: 3
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Becoming Supernatural: 2
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Becoming Supernatural: 1
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Becoming Supernatural: introduction
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Becoming Supernatural: foreword
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Death on the Nile: eight
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Death on the Nile: seven
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Death on the Nile: six
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Death on the Nile: five
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Death on the Nile: Four
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Death on the Nile: Three
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Death on the Nile: Two
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Death on the Nile: One
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