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There is much to be discovered while reading. Fresh stories, interesting ideas, new perspectives, a new flow, a wealth of knowledge, and more. All of which bring me great personal joy, comfort, and satisfaction. I recently started reading aloud to myself, and decided to share with whoever wants to listen. Because things are better when shared with others who care.

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Bible: 2 Kings 2: Elijah Taken to Heaven
Show Details5min 6s
Bible: 2 Kings 1: Elijah Denounces Ahaziah
Show Details3min 50s
Bible: Kings 22: Ahab & the False Prophets
Show Details9min 14s
Bible: Kings 21: Naboth’s Vineyard
Show Details5min 13s
Bible: Kings 20: Ahab’s Wars with Syria
Show Details8min 34s
Bible: Kings 19: Elijah Flees Jezebel
Show Details4min 31s
Bible: Kings 18: Elijah Confronts Ahab
Show Details8min 8s
Bible: Kings 17: Elijah Predicts a Drought
Show Details3min 47s
Bible: Kings 16: Baasha Reigns in Israel
Show Details6min 25s
Bible: Kings 15: Abijam Reigns in Judah
Show Details5min 20s
Bible: Kings 14: Prophecy Against Jeroboam
Show Details5min 44s
Bible: Kings 13: A Man of God Confronts Jeroboam
Show Details6min
Bible: Kings 12: Rehoboam’s Folly
Show Details5min 52s
Bible: Kings 11: Solomon Turns from the Lord
Show Details7min 29s
Bible: Kings 10: The Queen of Sheba
Show Details4min 53s
Bible: Kings 9: The Lord Appears to Solomon
Show Details4min 56s
Bible: Kings 8: The Ark Brought into the Temple
Show Details11min 50s
Bible: Kings 7: Solomon Builds His Palace
Show Details8min 4s
Bible: Kings 6: Solomon Builds the Temple
Show Details5min 13s
Bible: Kings 5: Preparations for Building the Temple
Show Details3min 2s
Bible: Kings 4: Solomon’s Officials
Show Details4min 32s
Bible: Kings 3: Solomon’s Prayer for Wisdom
Show Details4min 55s
Bible: Kings 2: David’s Instructions to Solomon
Show Details9min 10s
Bible: Kings 1: David in His Old Age
Show Details9min 10s
Bible: 2 Samuel 24: David’s Census
Show Details5min 5s
Bible: 2 Samuel 23: The Last Words of David
Show Details5min 23s
Bible: 2 Samuel 22: David’s Song of Deliverance
Show Details5min 11s
Bible: 2 Samuel 21: David Avenges the Gibeonites
Show Details4min 27s
Bible: 2 Samuel 20: The Rebellion of Sheba
Show Details4min 35s
Bible: 2 Samuel 19: Joab Rebukes David
Show Details8min
Bible: 2 Samuel 18: Absalom Killed
Show Details6min 9s
Bible: 2 Samuel 17: Hushai Saves David
Show Details5min 32s
Bible: 2 Samuel 16: David & Ziba
Show Details4min 37s
Bible: 2 Samuel 15: Absalom’s Conspiracy
Show Details6min 40s
Bible: 2 Samuel 14: Absalom Returns to Jerusalem
Show Details6min 22s
Bible: 2 Samuel 13: Amnon & Tamar
Show Details7min 5s
Bible: 2 Samuel 12: Nathan Rebukes David
Show Details5min 42s
Bible: 2 Samuel 11: David & Bathsheba
Show Details4min 39s
Bible: 2 Samuel 10: David Defeats Ammon & Syria
Show Details3min 39s
Bible: 2 Samuel 9: David’s Kindness to Mephibosheth
Show Details2min 37s
Bible: 2 Samuel 8: David’s Victories
Show Details3min 8s
Bible: 2 Samuel 7: The Lord’s Covenant with David
Show Details5min 2s
Bible: 2 Samuel 6: The Ark Brought to Jerusalem
Show Details4min 6s
Bible: 2 Samuel 5: David Anointed King of Israel
Show Details3min 58s
Bible: 2 Samuel 4: Ish-bosheth Murdered
Show Details2min 32s
Bible: 2 Samuel 3: Abner Joins David
Show Details6min 58s
Bible: 2 Samuel 2: David Anointed King of Judah
Show Details5min 36s
Bible: 2 Samuel 1: David Hears of Saul’s Death
Show Details4min 1s
Bible: Samuel 31: The Death of Saul
Show Details2min 14s
Bible: Samuel 30: David’s Wives Are Captured
Show Details4min 58s
Bible: Samuel 29: The Philistines Reject David
Show Details2min 27s
Bible: Samuel 28: Saul & the Medium of En-dor
Show Details4min 43s
Bible: Samuel 27: David Flees to the Philistines
Show Details2min 16s
Bible: Samuel 26: David Spares Saul Again
Show Details4min 54s
Bible: Samuel 25: The Death of Samuel
Show Details7min 31s
Bible: Samuel 24: David Spares Saul’s Life
Show Details3min 50s
Bible: Samuel 23: David Saves the City of Keilah
Show Details4min 59s
Bible: Samuel 22: David at the Cave of Adullam
Show Details4min 27s
Bible: Samuel 21: David & the Holy Bread
Show Details2min 55s
Bible: Samuel 20: Jonathan Warns David
Show Details7min
Bible: Samuel 19: Saul Tries to Kill David
Show Details4min 9s
Bible: Samuel 18: David & Jonathan’s Friendship
Show Details5min 10s
Bible: Samuel 17: David & Goliath
Show Details9min 29s
Bible: Samuel 16: David Anointed King
Show Details4min 14s
Bible: Samuel 15: The Lord Rejects Saul
Show Details5min 52s
Bible: Samuel 14: Jonathan Defeats the Philistines
Show Details9min 28s
Bible: Samuel 13: Saul Fights the Philistines
Show Details4min 11s
Bible: Samuel 12: Samuel’s Farewell Address
Show Details4min 31s
Bible: Samuel 11: Saul Defeats the Ammonites
Show Details2min 58s
Bible: Samuel 10: Saul Anointed King
Show Details4min 57s
Bible: Samuel 9: Saul Chosen to Be King
Show Details5min 5s
Bible: Samuel 8: Israel Demands a King
Show Details3min 11s
Bible: Samuel 7: Samuel Judges Israel
Show Details3min 7s
Bible: Samuel 6: The Ark Returned to Israel
Show Details4min 16s
Bible: Samuel 5: The Philistines & the Ark
Show Details2min 26s
Bible: Samuel 4: The Philistines Capture the Ark
Show Details4min 13s
Bible: Samuel 3: The Lord Calls Samuel
Show Details3min 20s
Bible: Samuel 2: Hannah’s Prayer
Show Details6min 36s
Bible: Samuel 1: The Birth of Samuel
Show Details4min 35s
Bible: Ruth 4: Boaz Redeems Ruth
Show Details4min 7s
Bible: Ruth 3: Ruth & Boaz at the Threshing Floor
Show Details2min 51s
Bible: Ruth 2: Ruth Meets Boaz
Show Details4min 16s
Bible: Ruth 1: Naomi Widowed
Show Details3min 48s
Bible: Judges 21: Wives Provided for the Tribe of Benjamin
Show Details4min 23s
Bible: Judges 20: Israel’s War with the Tribe of Benjamin
Show Details8min 13s
Bible: Judges 19: A Levite & His Concubine
Show Details6min 3s
Bible: Judges 18: Danites Take the Levite & the Idol
Show Details5min 46s
Bible: Judges 17: Micah & the Levite
Show Details2min 15s
Bible: Judges 16: Samson & Delilah
Show Details6min 33s
Bible: Judges 15: Samson Defeats the Philistines
Show Details3min 44s
Bible: Judges 14: Samson’s Marriage
Show Details3min 44s
Bible: Judges 13: The Birth of Samson
Show Details4min 13s
Bible: Judges 12: Jephthah’s Conflict with Ephraim
Show Details2min 36s
Bible: Judges 11: Jephthah Delivers Israel
Show Details6min 45s
Bible: Judges 10: Tola & Jair
Show Details2min 53s
Bible: Judges 9: Abimelech’s Conspiracy
Show Details9min 1s
Bible: Judges 8: Gideon Defeats Zebah & Zalmunna
Show Details5min 59s
Bible: Judges 7: Gideon’s Three Hundred Men
Show Details5min 32s
Bible: Judges 6: Midian Oppresses Israel
Show Details7min 40s
Bible: Judges 5: The Song of Deborah & Barak
Show Details4min 26s
Bible: Judges 4: Deborah & Barak
Show Details4min 21s
Bible: Judges 3
Show Details5min 5s
Bible: Judges 2: Israel’s Disobedience
Show Details4min 3s
Bible: Judges 1: The Continuing Conquest of Canaan
Show Details5min 55s
Bible: Joshua 24: The Covenant Renewal at Shechem
Show Details6min 44s
Bible: Joshua 23: Joshua’s Charge to Israel’s Leaders
Show Details3min 25s
Bible: Joshua 22: The Eastern Tribes Return Home
Show Details7min 37s
Bible: Joshua 21: Cities & Pasturelands Allotted to Levi
Show Details6min 31s
Bible: Joshua 20: The Cities of Refuge
Show Details1min 53s
Bible: Joshua 19: The Inheritance for Simeon
Show Details6min 40s
Bible: Joshua 18: Allotment of the Remaining Land
Show Details4min 46s
Bible: Joshua 17
Show Details3min 54s
Bible: Joshua 16: The Allotment for Ephraim & Manasseh
Show Details1min 38s
Bible: Joshua 15: The Allotment for Judah
Show Details6min 39s
Bible: Joshua 14: The Inheritance West of the Jordan
Show Details2min 55s
Bible: Joshua 13: Land Still to Be Conquered
Show Details5min 25s
Bible: Joshua 12: Kings Defeated by Moses
Show Details2min 53s
Bible: Joshua 11: Conquests in Northern Canaan
Show Details4min 5s
Bible: Joshua 10: The Sun Stands Still
Show Details7min 42s
Bible: Joshua 9: The Gibeonite Deception
Show Details4min 24s
Bible: Joshua 8: The Fall of Ai
Show Details6min 12s
Bible: Joshua 7: Israel Defeated at Ai
Show Details5min 15s
Bible: Joshua 6: The Fall of Jericho
Show Details5min 6s
Bible: Joshua 5: The New Generation Circumcised
Show Details3min 11s
Bible: Joshua 4: Twelve Memorial Stones from the Jordan
Show Details3min 44s
Bible: Joshua 3: Israel Crosses the Jordan
Show Details3min 9s
Bible: Joshua 2: Rahab Hides the Spies
Show Details4min 7s
Bible: Joshua 1: God Commissions Joshua
Show Details3min 27s
Bible: Deuteronomy 34: The Death of Moses
Show Details1min 49s
Bible: Deuteronomy 33: Moses’ Final Blessing on Israel
Show Details4min 32s
Bible: Deuteronomy 32: The Song of Moses
Show Details6min 26s
Bible: Deuteronomy 31: Joshua to Succeed Moses
Show Details5min 38s
Bible: Deuteronomy 30: Repentance & Forgiveness
Show Details3min 36s
Bible: Deuteronomy 29: The Covenant Renewed in Moab
Show Details4min 43s
Bible: Deuteronomy 28: Blessings for Obedience
Show Details10min 59s
Bible: Deuteronomy 27: The Altar on Mount Ebal
Show Details3min 46s
Bible: Deuteronomy 26: Offerings of Firstfruits & Tithes
Show Details3min 44s
Bible: Deuteronomy 25
Show Details3min 9s
Bible: Deuteronomy 24: Laws Concerning Divorce
Show Details3min 39s
Bible: Deuteronomy 23: Those Excluded from the Assembly
Show Details3min 53s
Bible: Deuteronomy 22: Various Laws
Show Details4min 49s
Bible: Deuteronomy 21: Atonement for Unsolved Murders
Show Details4min 13s
Bible: Deuteronomy 20: Laws Concerning Warfare
Show Details3min 26s
Bible: Deuteronomy 19: Laws Concerning Cities of Refuge
Show Details3min 33s
Bible: Deuteronomy 18: Provision for Priests & Levites
Show Details3min 30s
Bible: Deuteronomy 17: Forbidden Forms of Worship
Show Details4min 10s
Bible: Deuteronomy 16: Passover
Show Details3min 49s
Bible: Deuteronomy 15: The Sabbatical Year
Show Details3min 44s
Bible: Deuteronomy 14: Clean & Unclean Food
Show Details3min 46s
Bible: Deuteronomy 13: Warning Against Idolatry
Show Details3min 18s
Bible: Deuteronomy 12: The Lord’s Chosen Place of Worship
Show Details5min 40s
Bible: Deuteronomy 11: Love & Serve the Lord
Show Details4min 46s
Bible: Deuteronomy 10: New Tablets of Stone
Show Details3min 20s
Bible: Deuteronomy 9: Not Because of Righteousness
Show Details5min 12s
Bible: Deuteronomy 8: Remember the Lord Your God
Show Details3min 7s
Bible: Deuteronomy 7: A Chosen People
Show Details4min 40s
Bible: Deuteronomy 6: The Greatest Commandment
Show Details3min 38s
Bible: Deuteronomy 5: The Ten Commandments
Show Details4min 55s
Bible: Deuteronomy 4: Moses Commands Obedience
Show Details8min 20s
Bible: Deuteronomy 3: The Defeat of King Og
Show Details5min 2s
Bible: Deuteronomy 2: The Wilderness Years
Show Details5min 52s
Bible: Deuteronomy 1: The Command to Leave Horeb
Show Details6min 55s
Bible: Numbers 36: Marriage of Female Heirs
Show Details2min 31s
Bible: Numbers 35: Cities for the Levites
Show Details5min 29s
Bible: Numbers 34: Boundaries of the Land
Show Details3min 36s
Bible: Numbers 33: Recounting Israel’s Journey
Show Details5min 29s
Bible: Numbers 32: Reuben & Gad Settle in Gilead
Show Details5min 46s
Bible: Numbers 31: Vengeance on Midian
Show Details6min 35s
Bible: Numbers 30: Men & Vows
Show Details2min 46s
Bible: Numbers 29: Offerings for the Feast of Trumpets
Show Details5min 31s
Bible: Numbers 28: Daily Offerings
Show Details4min 41s
Bible: Numbers 27: The. Daughters of Zelophehad
Show Details3min 32s
Bible: Numbers 26: Census of the New Generation
Show Details8min 36s
Bible: Numbers 25: Baal Worship at Peor
Show Details2min 36s
Bible: Numbers 24: Balaam’s Third Oracle
Show Details3min 53s
Bible: Numbers 23: Balaam’s First Oracle
Show Details4min 26s
Bible: Numbers 22: Balak Summons Balaam
Show Details6min 24s
Bible: Numbers 21: Arad Destroyed
Show Details5min 56s
Bible: Numbers 20: The Death of Miriam
Show Details4min 42s
Bible: Numbers 19: Laws for Purification
Show Details4min 6s
Bible: Numbers 18: Duties of Priests & Levites
Show Details6min 12s
Bible: Numbers 17: Aaron’s Staff Buds
Show Details1min 54s
Bible: Numbers 16: Korah’s Rebellion
Show Details7min 21s
Bible: Numbers 15: Laws About Sacrifices
Show Details6min 9s
Bible: Numbers 14: The People Rebel
Show Details7min
Bible: Numbers 13: Spies Sent into Canaan
Show Details4min 25s
Bible: Numbers 12: Miriam & Aaron Oppose Moses
Show Details2min 18s
Bible: Numbers 11: The People Complain
Show Details5min 53s
Bible: Numbers 10: The Silver Trumpets
Show Details4min 52s
Bible: Numbers 9: The Passover Celebrated
Show Details3min 56s
Bible: Numbers 8: The Seven Lamps
Show Details3min 59s
Bible: Numbers 7: Offerings at the Tabernacle’s Consecration
Show Details11min 50s
Bible: Numbers 6: The Nazirite Vow
Show Details4min 24s
Bible: Numbers 5: Unclean People
Show Details5min 30s
Bible: Numbers 4: Duties of the Kohathites
Show Details7min 18s
Bible: Numbers 3: The Sons of Aaron
Show Details7min 24s
Bible: Numbers 2: Arrangement of the Camp
Show Details4min 21s
Bible: Numbers 1: A Census of Israel’s Warriors
Show Details7min 56s
Bible: Leviticus 27: Laws About Vows
Show Details5min 26s
Bible: Leviticus 26: Blessings for Obedience
Show Details8min 6s
Bible: Leviticus 25: The Sabbath Year
Show Details9min
Bible: Leviticus 24: The Lamps
Show Details3min 29s
Bible: Leviticus 23: Feasts of the Lord
Show Details1min 11s
Bible: Leviticus 22
Show Details5min 11s
Bible: Leviticus 21: Holiness & the Priests
Show Details3min 25s
Bible: Leviticus 20: Punishment for Child Sacrifice
Show Details4min 59s
Bible: Leviticus 19: The Lord is Holy
Show Details5min 27s
Bible: Leviticus 18: Unlawful Sexual Relations
Show Details3min 59s
Bible: Leviticus 17: The Place of Sacrifice
Show Details3min 2s
Bible: Leviticus 16: The Day of Atonement
Show Details6min 12s
Bible: Leviticus 15: Laws About Bodily Discharges
Show Details5min 34s
Bible: Leviticus 14: Laws for Cleansing Lepers
Show Details8min 27s
Bible: Leviticus 13: Laws About Leprosy
Show Details9min 29s
Bible: Leviticus 12: Purification After Childbirth
Show Details1min 29s
Bible: Leviticus 11: Clean & Unclean Animals
Show Details6min 10s
Bible: Leviticus 10: The Death of a Adan & Abihu
Show Details3min 34s
Bible: Leviticus 9: The Lord Accepts Aaron’s Offering
Show Details3min 18s
Bible: Leviticus 8: Consecration of Aaron & His Sons
Show Details5min 12s
Bible: Leviticus 7
Show Details5min 17s
Bible: Leviticus 6: Laws for Guilt Offerings
Show Details4min 36s
Bible: Leviticus 5
Show Details3min 53s
Bible: Leviticus 4: Laws for Sin Offerings
Show Details5min 38s
Bible: Leviticus 3: Laws for Peace Offerings
Show Details2min 32s
Bible: Leviticus 2: Laws for Grain Offerings
Show Details2min 36s
Bible: Leviticus 1: Laws for Burnt Offerings
Show Details2min 50s
Bible: Exodus 40: The Tabernacle Erected
Show Details4min 20s
Bible: Exodus 39: Making the Priestly Garments
Show Details5min 45s
Bible: Exodus 38: Making the Altar of Burnt Offering
Show Details4min 49s
Bible: Exodus 37: Making the Ark
Show Details3min 47s
Bible: Exodus 36: Construction of the Tabernacle
Show Details5min 39s
Bible: Exodus 35: Sabbath Regulations
Show Details3min 44s
Bible: Exodus 34: Moses Makes New Tablets
Show Details5min 43s
Bible: Exodus 33: The Command to Leave Sinai
Show Details3min 55s
Bible: Exodus 32: The Golden Calf
Show Details5min 53s
Bible: Exodus 31: Oholiab & Bezalel
Show Details2min 32s
Bible: Exodus 30: The Altar of Incense
Show Details5min 19s
Bible: Exodus 29: Consecration of the Priests
Show Details6min 32s
Bible: Exodus 28: The Priests’ Garments
Show Details6min 2s
Bible: Exodus 27: The Bronze Altar
Show Details3min 9s
Bible: Exodus 26: The Tabernacle
Show Details4min 39s
Bible: Exodus 25: Contributions for the Sanctuary
Show Details4min 49s
Bible: Exodus 24: The Covenant Confirmed
Show Details2min 29s
Bible: Exodus 23: Laws About the Sabbath & Festivals
Show Details4min 26s
Bible: Exodus 22: Laws About Restitution
Show Details4min 39s
Bible: Exodus 21: Laws of Slaves
Show Details3min 57s
Bible: Exodus 20: The Ten Commandments
Show Details3min 13s
Bible: Exodus 19: Israel at Mount Sinai
Show Details3min 20s
Bible: Exodus 18: Jethro’s Advice
Show Details3min 47s
Bible: Exodus 17: Water from the Rock
Show Details2min 35s
Bible: Exodus 16: Bread from Heaven
Show Details4min 54s
Bible: Exodus 15: The Song of Moses
Show Details3min 57s
Bible: Exodus 14: Crossing the Red Sea
Show Details4min 35s
Bible: Exodus 13: Consecration of the Firstborn
Show Details3min 33s
Bible: Exodus 12: The Passover
Show Details6min 59s
Bible: Exodus 11: A Final Plague Threatened
Show Details1min 35s
Bible: Exodus 10: The Eighth Plague: Locusts
Show Details4min 29s
Bible: Exodus 9: The Fifth Plague: Egyptian Livestock Die
Show Details5min 1s
Bible: Exodus 8: The Second Plague: Frogs
Show Details4min 46s
Bible: Exodus 7: Moses & Aaron Before Pharaoh
Show Details3min 23s
Bible: Exodus 6: God Promises Deliverance
Show Details4min 10s
Bible: Exodus 5: Making Bricks Without Straw
Show Details3min 1s
Bible: Exodus 4: Moses Given Powerful Signs
Show Details4min 9s
Bible: Exodus 3: The Burning Bush
Show Details3min 50s
Bible: Exodus 2: The Birth of Moses
Show Details3min 15s
Bible: Exodus 1: Israel Increases Greatly in Egypt
Show Details2min 32s
Bible: Genesis 50: Jacob’s Death & Burial
Show Details3min 57s
Bible: Genesis 49: Jacob Blesses His Sons
Show Details4min 2s
Bible: Genesis 48: Jacob Blesses Ephraim & Manasseh
Show Details3min 24s
Bible: Genesis 47: Jacob’s Family Settles in Goshen
Show Details4min 48s
Bible: Genesis 46: Joseph Brings His Family to Egypt
Show Details4min 26s
Bible: Genesis 45: Joseph Provides for his Brothers & Family
Show Details3min 42s
Bible: Genesis 44: Joseph Tests His Brothers
Show Details4min 17s
Bible: Genesis 43: Joseph’s Brothers Return to Egypt
Show Details4min 32s
Bible: Genesis 42: Joseph’s Brothers Go to Egypt
Show Details4min 53s
Bible: Genesis 41: Joseph Interprets Pharaoh’s Dreams
Show Details6min 53s
Bible: Genesis 40: Joseph Interprets Two Persons’ Dreams
Show Details2min 49s
Bible: Genesis 39: Joseph & Potiphar’s Wife
Show Details3min 5s
Bible: Genesis 38: Judah & Tamar
Show Details4min 10s
Bible: Genesis 37: Joseph’s Dreams
Show Details4min 55s
Bible: Genesis 36: Esau’s Descendants
Show Details5min 10s
Bible: Genesis 35: God Blesses & Renames Jacob
Show Details3min 37s
Bible: Genesis 34: The Defiling of Dinah
Show Details3min 59s
Bible: Genesis 33: Jacob Meets Esau
Show Details2min 41s
Bible: Genesis 32: Jacob Fears Esau
Show Details4min 17s
Bible: Genesis 31: Jacob Flees From Laban
Show Details7min 17s
Bible: Genesis 30: Jacob’s Children
Show Details5min 32s
Bible: Genesis 29: Jacob Marries Leah & Rachel
Show Details4min 28s
Bible: Genesis 28: Jacob Sent to Laban
Show Details3min 20s
Bible: Genesis 27: Isaac Blesses Jacob
Show Details6min 9s
Bible: Genesis 26: God’s Promise to Isaac
Show Details4min 19s
Bible: Genesis 25: Abraham’s Death & His Descendants
Show Details4min
Bible: Genesis 24: Isaac & Rebekah
Show Details8min 49s
Bible: Genesis 23: Sarah’s Death & Burial
Show Details2min 38s
Bible: Genesis 22: The Sacrifice of Isaac
Show Details3min 21s
Bible: Genesis 21: The Birth of Isaac
Show Details4min
Bible: Genesis 20: Abraham & Abimelech
Show Details2min 42s
Bible: Genesis 19: God Rescues Lot
Show Details5min 26s
Bible: Genesis 18: Isaac’s Birth Promised
Show Details4min 26s
Bible: Genesis 17: Abraham & the Covenant of Circumcision
Show Details3min 50s
Bible: Genesis 16: Sarai & Hagar
Show Details2min 43s
Bible: Genesis 15: God’s Covenant with Abram
Show Details2min 27s
Bible: Genesis 14: Abram Rescues Lot
Show Details3min 33s
Bible: Genesis 13: Abram & Lot Separate
Show Details2min 13s
Bible: Genesis 12: The Call of Abram
Show Details2min 34s
Bible: Genesis 11: The Tower of Babel
Show Details3min 27s
Bible: Genesis 10: Nations Descended from Noah
Show Details3min 4s
Bible: Genesis 9: God’s Covenant with Noah
Show Details3min 13s
Bible: Genesis 8: The Flood Subsides
Show Details2min 51s
Bible: Genesis 7: Noah & the Flood
Show Details2min 49s
Bible: Genesis 6: Increasing Corruption on Earth
Show Details2min 54s
Bible: Genesis 5: Adam’s Descendants to Noah
Show Details2min 49s
Bible: Genesis 4: Cain & Abel
Show Details3min 20s
Bible: Genesis 3: The Fall
Show Details3min 37s
Bible: Genesis 2: The Seventh Day, God Rests
Show Details3min 28s
Bible: Genesis 1: Creation of the World
Show Details4min 43s
Death on the Nile: thirty-one: the end
Show Details7min 27s
Death on the Nile: thirty
Show Details10min 43s
Death on the Nile: twenty-nine
Show Details18min 5s
Death on the Nile: twenty-eight
Show Details9min 16s
Death on the Nile: twenty-seven
Show Details21min 14s
Death on the Nile: twenty-six
Show Details19min 35s
Death on the Nile: twenty-five
Show Details16min 59s
Death on the Nile: twenty-four
Show Details19min 2s
Death on the Nile: twenty-three
Show Details11min 2s
Death on the Nile: twenty-two
Show Details18min 54s
Death on the Nile: twenty-one
Show Details8min 56s
Death on the Nile: twenty
Show Details11min 16s
Death on the Nile: nineteen
Show Details10min 13s
Death on the Nile: eighteen
Show Details14min 59s
Death on the Nile: seventeen
Show Details10min 52s
Death on the Nile: sixteen
Show Details7min 50s
Death on the Nile: fifteen
Show Details16min 14s
Death on the Nile: fourteen
Show Details14min 43s
Death on the Nile: thirteen
Show Details25min 16s
Death on the Nile: eleven
Show Details13min 5s
Death on the Nile: ten
Show Details11min 19s
Death on the Nile: nine
Show Details17min 18s
Becoming Supernatural: afterword & acknowledgements
Show Details20min 31s
Becoming Supernatural: 14
Show Details20min 57s
Becoming Supernatural: 13
Show Details42min 34s
Becoming Supernatural: 12
Show Details1hr 12min
Becoming Supernatural: 11
Show Details1hr 19min
Becoming Supernatural: 10
Show Details11min 18s
Becoming Supernatural: 9
Show Details19min 58s
Becoming Supernatural: 8
Show Details1hr 6min
Becoming Supernatural: 7
Show Details1hr 14min
Becoming Supernatural: 6
Show Details26min 17s
Becoming Supernatural: 5
Show Details1hr 4min
Becoming Supernatural: 4
Show Details1hr 3min
Becoming Supernatural: 3
Show Details49min 22s
Becoming Supernatural: 2
Show Details1hr 11min
Becoming Supernatural: 1
Show Details1hr
Becoming Supernatural: introduction
Show Details31min 51s
Becoming Supernatural: foreword
Show Details8min 45s
Death on the Nile: eight
Show Details9min 30s
Death on the Nile: seven
Show Details20min 45s
Death on the Nile: six
Show Details12min 56s
Death on the Nile: five
Show Details9min 49s
Death on the Nile: Four
Show Details15min 52s
Death on the Nile: Three
Show Details8min 54s
Death on the Nile: Two
Show Details13min 59s
Death on the Nile: One
Show Details49min 55s