Good Fats (comparing Lard & Tallow) with RuthAnn Zimmerman (S7, E4)

54m | Dec 4, 2023

Yes, there are definitely GOOD FATS. Today I chat with a good friend, RuthAnn Zimmerman, about our two favorite good fats: Lard & Tallow.

For show notes and even more info about good fats:

RuthAnn's video: How to Render Tallow...

Michelle's video: How to Use Caul Fat...

Michelle's tips for Baking with Lard...

Do cows have caul fat, wrapped closely around the organs? Yes! When we recorded this, RuthAnn wasn't sure, but we've since confirmed that they do indeed have caul fat.

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blueberry bliss:

our favorite iced tea blend (made with assam & nilgiri)...

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Listen in when RuthAnn was on the podcast a few years ago, chatting about Comfort Food:

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