The Best Sugars to Use (and what sugars to avoid), with David Stelzer of Azure (S7, E3)

1h 15m | Nov 13, 2023

Sugar is foundational to life and provides energy, but refined/processed sugars can damage our health.

In this episode, I'm talking with David Stelzer, founder and CEO of Azure Standard about why Azure does not carry conventional refined white sugar (it's insane really).

And I'm picking David's brain about every detail of all the sweetener options that I might choose .

David dives into why conventional sugar production utilizes damaging practices like glyphosate spraying, artificial fertilizers, and burning leaves.

We talk about how Azure Standard aims to maintain a higher standard and not compromise on questionable ingredients. -

David explains why it's best to transition your family's diet through a progression, not radical changes. And he describes how Azure carries products to help folks transition from standard American diet to healthier options. 

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