Menopause & What They Didn't Tell You (S6, E4)

48m | Oct 16, 2023

Menopause... There's so much no one ever told me about this stage of life.

In this week's episode of the Simple Doesn't Mean Easy podcast, host Michelle Visser opens up about her personal experience with menopause. She shares the symptoms and challenges she has faced over the years, which encompasses a lot more than hot flashes.

From weight gain, to dry mouth, brain fog, irritability, tooth decay, and other things you have probably never associated with menopause, Michelle offers practical solutions she has found to personally help her in each area.

Some might not come with surprise, like drinking plenty of water, eating real food, and exercising consistently. But other solutions might surprise you, from consuming adaptogens like ashwagandha and maca powder, to enjoying a specific tea blend and a specific healthy hot chocolate mix (links below).

She also emphasizes the importance of managing stress levels and getting enough sleep. Michelle aims to provide helpful information and reassurance that you are not alone or "crazy" if you are going through some of these symptoms from menopause that most folks simply don't tell you.

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