When Life is Hard (S6, E1)

42m | Sep 25, 2023

This summer was a very hard one for our family, from garden failures, to puppy trauma, to saying goodbye to two people who were very dear to us.

Other updates? I share an honest update on the new non-toxic cleaners we’ve been using & which work the best (recipes were all shared in S5 E19). And I give my thoughts on the natural face serum and protein powder I’ve been using this year.

Going through a difficult season makes us more aware of the little moments of joy that we might otherwise miss, so we really need to focus on the simple joys every day. It makes every day sweeter.

If we value the right thing–and build our “economy” around what really matters–we are joy-filled and blessed regardless of our circumstances.

Listen into the conversation as we dive into all of this and more.

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When Life is Hard

  • When you adopt two puppies who don’t get along.
  • How an abundantly rainy New England summer destroyed gardens.
  • When we have to say goodbye to beloved family members.
  • Thoughts on non-toxic homemade cleaners (mentioned in S5 E19)
  • Homemade goat milk soap
  • Homemade dishwasher detergent
  • Natural face serum
  • Protein powder
  • Going through a difficult season & learning to appreciate little moments of joy
  • How to build an “economy” around what really matters

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