What Our Grandparents Knew That We've Forgotten (S6, E3)

Season 6 | Episode 3
33m | Oct 9, 2023

What did past generations know that modern society has forgotten?

Our grandparents had the satisfaction of making do with what they had (even when it was nothing fancy) versus our modern idea of a new $1,000 phone every year and replacement appliances every few years.

Follow the story of a boy named Thurman, who went to a 1-room schoolhouse & had to quit school in 9th grade to make sure his family could eat and worked multiple blue collar jobs to make sure his kids had a better life.

And Dorothy, a grandmom who lived to be 98 and was still active, fearless, and connected to her large family right up until the end.

What shaped Thurman and Dorothy's character? What could they teach us about being content yet working hard and fearlessly toward our goals?

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