6 simple ways to detox your home & improve your health (S5, E19)

43m | Aug 21, 2023

Today we're chatting about my latest frontier when it comes to simplifying our family's life: Working Towards a Non-Toxic Home.

It can be deeply overwhelming, so today I'm sharing some practical ideas for you to choose from.

We can never rid our home of every chemical, but we can feel really good about taking small steps towards making a big difference.

Today I'll explain how I manage to buy very little liquid hand soap, dryer sheets, dishwasher soap, liquid dish washing soap, all-purpose cleaner, and paraffin candles.

And I share each recipe.

To download my complete Pantry Checklist (which has been updated to include every DIY cleaner ingredient mentioned in this episode as well as many new coupon codes):

Creating a Non-Toxic Home

In this episode:

  • The EPA’s take on chemicals in household cleaners that are “relatively safe if used as intended” 
  • What a surfactant is, why they’re in conventional cleaning products, and how to avoid them
  • What VOCs are and how they affect indoor air quality
  • Some VOCs that are out of my control & tips for how to deal best with those
  • How there is no federal health-based standard for VOCs
  • What “artificial fragrance” really means on an ingredient list (& how it can refer to more than 3000 undisclosed chemicals!)
  • How artificial fragrances can worsen allergies, inflame sinuses, and lead to more colds and respiratory infection
  • The term “artificial fragrance” can and company doesn’t have to disclose what chemicals they’re using.
  • Additional benefits to homemade cleaners
  • Benefits of air-drying clothes
  • What essential oils I use for all my non-toxic DIY cleaners & why (bonus: no MLM involved!)
  • 5 recipes for my favorite DIY cleaners

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Minerals are tiny molecules that easily penetrate the skin, so topical application of minerals is a thing.

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Simple Doesn't Mean Easy