Just show up, with author Drew Dyck (bonus episode)

31m | Nov 20, 2023

In this special Thanksgiving bonus episode, Michelle Visser is joined by Drew Dyck, author of the brand-new book Just Show Up.

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We chat about the importance of being present in small but meaningful ways. This episode will remind you to be thankful for those who showed up for you in life while encouraging you with practical ways you can do the same.

Dyck shares how busy modern life often prevents us from truly showing up for the people and commitments most important to us. He also discusses the concept of "playing a role" even when your heart's not fully in it, because people need you to show up.

Visser and Dyck talk about looking back on gaps and mistakes in your life in order to determine how to move forward and fill those gaps for others. Dyck notes that finding your purpose often comes from starting small steps, not waiting for a big sign.

You'll also be encouraged to let some commitments slide, so you can be fully present where you need to be.

Overall, the episode will encourage you to just show up this Thanksgiving, and trust that life's meaning is found through small acts of faithfulness, not grand achievements.

We even share fun tips for making the most of Thanksgiving dinner.

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More about Drew Dyck:

Drew Dyck is an editor at Moody Publishers and the

former managing editor of Leadership Journal. He is

the author of several books, including Your Future Self

Will Thank You: Secrets to Self-Control from the Bible

and Brain Science (Moody, 2019). Drew’s work has been

featured in Christianity Today, Relevant, and

Connect with Drew:

Twitter @DrewDyck

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