How everyone can grow veggies, anywhere, with Doug Evans (S7, E2)

50m | Nov 6, 2023

Doug Evans, author of the best selling book, The Sprout Book, joins us today to explain how all of us can grow more of our own food, the easiest way possible. how he first got into sprouts out of necessity, but discovered he could grow trays of sprouts that provided all the nutrition he needed.

We discuss how sprouts pack a huge nutritional punch, with boosted levels of antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber.

Doug explains how the sprouting process unlocks natural plant defense chemicals that become medicinal for humans.

Doug breaks down the difference between sprouts and microgreens, and we explain the best techniques for growing sprouts at home.

Doug shares his favorite sprout varieties and how he incorporates them into his diet, including using chickpea sprouts in place of popcorn!

Michelle offers 15 creative ways listeners can eat more sprouts, from adding them to eggs and baked goods to using them as salad toppings and garnishes. She also covers the 5 basic rules for growing healthy sprouts. If you want to unlock the health secrets of this often overlooked superfood, listen in to this episode.

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