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Simple Doesn't Mean Easy

Are you longing to simplify things just a little, amidst the crazy, loud, distracting clutter of life? That's where I was a few years ago, when my family started on this crazy ride toward simplifying things. Since "simple" is almost never synonymous with "easy," I was pretty much a failure at everything I tried. But along the way I learned that it's not only okay, but actually GOOD that simple joys require hard work. So I'm here to be your Encouragement Mentor in this sometimes difficult effort to simplify. Because we can do this, guys. Together.


Motivating the Family to Help in the Kitchen (part 2) S4, E8
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Motivating the Family to Help in the Kitchen (part 1) S4, E7
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Comfort Food & the Mennonite Culture with RuthAnn Zimmerman (Season 3, Episode 3)
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Why We've Bought Into the Lie (Season 3, Episode 2)
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Why I'm Glad that Simple Doesn't Mean Easy (Season 3, Episode 1)
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4 Tools You Want to Know About for Online Content Creation
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3 Things We Learned as Small Business Owners in 2020
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3 Tips About Growing a Brand that You Never Saw Coming
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5 tips for building your brand's online presence
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6 Tips for Growing Your Reach on Instagram, with Vea Carpi
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Entrepreneurship in 2021 with Liz Marie Galvan
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Myth Busting Things You Think You Know About Podcasting
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20. Twenty Tips for Sugarmakers
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19. Tappable trees & other ways to make syrup
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18. Six Tips for a Simple Christmas
Show Details33min 50s
17. Raising Teens (& why I insisted on THIS...)
Show Details18min 18s
16: Canning with maple syrup (you'll never guess the best part!)
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episode 15: 8 Things You Need to Know About Garden Pests
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episode 14: DIY Staples in the Kitchen... is it worth the effort?
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episode 13. The 6 Herbs I'm Growing (for us & the chickens)
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12. An Open Letter to my FIL on Father's Day
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11. Four Questions Parents Should Ask
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10. How to Start an Apiary (& why we're beekeepers)
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9. An Open Letter to Hard-working, Under-appreciated Moms everywhere
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8. Harvard & Homeschooling
Show Details52min 42s
7. Don't Waste Your Isolation
Show Details27min 34s
6. My "be attitudes" toward Covid-19 & why they're important
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5. Inspiration when you're stuck at home
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4. The 8 Steps from Sap to Syrup
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3. Why I Drink Tree Sap (Seriously.)
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2. The Science Behind Syrup
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6 Things About Me You Don't Know (Premier Episode!)
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Show Details4min 24s