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A podcast dedicated to doing the work it takes to dig up the pop culture gold. Every weekend join Aaron Dicer, Andrew Ormsby, and a rotating group of guest gurus, as they review the latest films and dig through pop culture looking for treasure!


360: Smile, The Menu (Live from Fantastic Fest)
Show Details56min 6s
359C: See How They Run (SiftSpoil)
Show Details10min 50s
SP359B: Barbarian (SiftSpoil)
Show Details16min 51s
359: Barbarian, See How They Run
Show Details1hr 38min
358: Pinocchio, Honk for Jesus Save Your Soul
Show Details1hr 29min
357: Samaritan, Luck
Show Details1hr 40min
356: Three Thousand Years of Longing, Not Okay
Show Details1hr 21min
355: Fall, Thirteen Lives
Show Details1hr 15min
354C: Vengeance (SiftSpoil)
Show Details21min 56s
354B: Bodies Bodies Bodies (SiftSpoil)
Show Details15min 23s
354: Bodies Bodies Bodies, Vengeance
Show Details1hr 13min
353: Bullet Train, Prey
Show Details1hr 40min
352: Marcel the Shell, DC League of Superpets
Show Details1hr 1min
351B: Nope (SiftSpoil)
Show Details18min 12s
351: Nope, The Gray Man
Show Details1hr 4min
350: Sea Beast, SouthPark The Streaming Wars
Show Details1hr 31min
349B: Thor Love and Thunder (SiftSpoil)
Show Details13min 17s
349: Thor Love and Thunder, Ms. Marvel
Show Details1hr 50min
348B: The Black Phone (SiftSpoil)
Show Details30min 13s
348: Minions The Rise of Gru, The Black Phone
Show Details1hr 22min
347: Elvis, Beavis and Butthead Do the Universe
Show Details1hr 5min
346: Lightyear, Spiderhead
Show Details1hr 32min
345: Jurassic World: Dominion, RRR
Show Details1hr 44min
344: Interceptor, Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers
Show Details1hr 20min
343: Top Gun: Maverick, Obi-Wan Kenobi
Show Details1hr 35min
342: Men, Downton Abbey: A New Era
Show Details1hr
341: 10 Years of SiftPop
Show Details7min 59s
340B: Doctor Strange 2 (SiftSpoil)
Show Details25min 52s
340: Doctor Strange 2, MCU SiftSort
Show Details1hr 18min
339: Moon Knight, The Survivor
Show Details1hr 29min
338: The Northman, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent
Show Details56min 25s
337: Sonic 2, Fantastic Beasts 3
Show Details1hr 33min
336B: Everything Everywhere All at Once (SiftSpoil)
Show Details27min 46s
336: Ambulance, Everything Everywhere All at Once
Show Details55min 50s
335: Morbius, The Bubble
Show Details1hr 35min
334: The Adam Project, Windfall
Show Details1hr 11min
333: 2022 CCAs, Turning Red (SiftSwift)
Show Details49min 55s
322B: The Batman (SiftSpoil)
Show Details32min 56s
332: The Batman, Fresh
Show Details1hr 28min
331: Cyrano, Music Man (Broadway Show)
Show Details1hr 24min
330: Uncharted, Kimi
Show Details1hr 49min
329B: Death on the Nile (SiftSpoil)
Show Details16min 53s
329: Death on the Nile, Book of Boba Fett
Show Details1hr 40min
328: Moonfall, Jackass Forever
Show Details1hr 9min
327: 2021 Sifties Part 2
Show Details2hr 20min
326: 2021 Sifties Part 1
Show Details1hr 47min
325B: Scream (SiftSpoil)
Show Details23min 26s
325: Scream, The Tragedy of Macbeth
Show Details1hr 8min
324: Don't Look Up, The Lost Daughter
Show Details1hr 5min
323: 2022's Most Anticipated Movies
Show Details1hr 35min
322B: The Matrix Resurrections (SiftSpoil)
Show Details16min 7s
322: The Matrix Resurrections, Swan Song
Show Details1hr 13min
321B: Spider-Man No Way Home (SiftSpoil)
Show Details34min 38s
321: Spider-Man No Way Home, Being the Ricardos
Show Details1hr 23min
320: West Side Story, Licorice Pizza
Show Details1hr 13min
319: Belfast, C'mon C'mon
Show Details1hr 17min
318: Ghostbusters Afterlife, Encanto
Show Details45min 4s
317: King Richard, The Harder They Fall
Show Details1hr 19min
316: Red Notice, Finch
Show Details1hr 20min
315B: Eternals (SiftSpoil)
Show Details23min 48s
315: Eternals, Spencer
Show Details1hr 26min
314B: Last Night in Soho (SiftSpoil)
Show Details17min 12s
314: Last Night in Soho, Copshop
Show Details1hr 6min
313: Dune, Ron's Gone Wrong
Show Details1hr 38min
312: The Last Duel, Halloween Kills
Show Details2hr 3min
311B: No Time To Die (SiftSpoil)
Show Details18min 51s
311: No Time To Die, What If...
Show Details1hr 42min
310B: Venom: Let There Be Carnage (SiftSpoil)
Show Details12min 6s
310: Venom 2, The Many Saints of Newark
Show Details1hr 42min
309: Dear Evan Hansen, The Eyes of Tammy Faye
Show Details1hr 30min
308: Cry Macho, What If...?
Show Details1hr 53min
307: Kate, The Card Counter
Show Details1hr 26min
SP306B: Shang Chi (SiftSpoil)
Show Details25min 25s
306: Shang Chi, Worth
Show Details1hr 43min
305: Candyman, Respect
Show Details1hr 24min
304: The Protégé, Reminiscence
Show Details1hr 31min
303: Free Guy, Beckett
Show Details1hr 36min
302: Suicide Squad, Vivo
Show Details1hr 51min
301B: Stillwater (SiftSpoil)
Show Details16min 45s
301: Jungle Cruise, Stillwater
Show Details1hr 27min
300B: Old (SiftSpoil)
Show Details28min 10s
300: Old, Snake Eyes
Show Details1hr 30min
299B: Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (SiftSpoil)
Show Details13min 2s
299: Space Jam: A New Legacy, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions
Show Details1hr 27min
298B: Black Widow (SiftSpoil)
Show Details14min 9s
298: Black Widow, Loki (Episodes 1-5)
Show Details1hr 38min
297C: No Sudden Move (SiftSpoil)
Show Details21min 18s
297: The Tomorrow War, No Sudden Move
Show Details1hr 34min
297B: The Tomorrow War (SiftSpoil)
Show Details23min 31s
296: F9, The Ice Road
Show Details1hr 27min
295: Luca, Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard
Show Details1hr 37min
294B: In the Heights (SiftSpoil)
Show Details21min 20s
294: In the Heights, Infinite
Show Details1hr 34min
293: The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, Bo Burnham's Inside
Show Details1hr 49min
292B: A Quiet Place Part II (SiftSpoil)
Show Details32min 24s
292: A Quiet Place Part II, Cruella
Show Details1hr 25min
291: Army of the Dead, Those Who Wish Me Dead
Show Details1hr 28min
290: Spiral, The Woman in the Window
Show Details1hr 39min
SP290B: The Woman in the Window (SiftSpoil)
Show Details11min 33s
289: The Mitchells vs the Machines, Without Remorse
Show Details1hr 8min
288: Mortal Kombat, Stowaway
Show Details1hr 32min
287: Shiva Baby, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Show Details1hr 34min
286: Concrete Cowboy, Thunder Force
Show Details1hr 23min
285: Godzilla vs. Kong, Bad Trip
Show Details1hr 18min
284: Nobody, The Father
Show Details1hr 29min
283: Justice League Snyder Cut, Boss Level
Show Details2hr 5min
283B: Justice League Snyder Cut (SiftSpoil)
Show Details18min 40s
282: Coming 2 America, Yes Day
Show Details1hr 24min
281B: Raya and the Last Dragon (SiftSpoil)
Show Details16min 8s
281: Raya and the Last Dragon, WandaVision
Show Details1hr 55min
280B: I Care a Lot (SiftSpoil)
Show Details23min 2s
280: Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar, I Care a Lot
Show Details1hr 26min
279: Nomadland, The Mauritanian
Show Details1hr 34min
278: Judas and the Black Messiah, Minari
Show Details1hr 24min
277: Promising Young Woman, Malcolm and Marie
Show Details1hr 7min
276B: The Little Things (SiftSpoil)
Show Details17min 25s
276: One Night in Miami, The Little Things
Show Details1hr 44min
275: 2020 Sifties (Part 2)
Show Details2hr 10min
274: 2020 Sifties (Part 1)
Show Details1hr 47min
273: Pieces of a Woman, The Assistant
Show Details1hr 37min
272B: The Midnight Sky (SiftSpoil)
Show Details11min 57s
272: News of the World, The Midnight Sky
Show Details1hr 23min
271C: Wonder Woman 1984 (SiftSpoil)
Show Details24min
271B: Soul (SiftSpoil)
Show Details20min 38s
271: Soul, Wonder Woman 1984
Show Details1hr 36min
270: Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, The Prom
Show Details1hr 37min
269: Let Them All Talk, Small Axe: Mangrove
Show Details1hr 32min
269B: Let Them All Talk (SiftSpoil)
Show Details6min 56s
268: Mank, Sound of Metal
Show Details1hr 45min
267B: Run (SiftSpoil)
Show Details14min 15s
267: Run, The Croods 2
Show Details1hr 24min
266: Holidate, Citizen Kane
Show Details1hr 29min
265: Let Him Go, Freaky
Show Details1hr 19min
264: On the Rocks, Wolf of Snow Hollow
Show Details1hr 6min
263: Over the Moon, Rebecca
Show Details59min 11s
262B: Borat 2 (SiftSpoil)
Show Details12min 31s
262: The Witches, Borat 2
Show Details1hr 1min
261: The Trial of the Chicago 7, Hubie Halloween
Show Details1hr 4min
260: Dick Johnson is Dead, The War with Grandpa
Show Details1hr 11min
259: Enola Holmes, Console Wars
Show Details1hr 9min
258: #Alive, Raise by Wolves
Show Details1hr 4min
257: The Devil All the Time, The Social Dilemma
Show Details55min 54s
256B: I'm Thinking of Ending Things (SiftSpoil)
Show Details23min 43s
256: I'm Thinking of Ending Things, The Boys
Show Details1hr 3min
255B: Tenet (SiftSpoil)
Show Details21min 56s
255: Tenet, Mulan
Show Details1hr 10min
254: Bill & Ted Face the Music, New Mutants
Show Details1hr 1min
253: Unhinged, The One and Only Ivan
Show Details59min 42s
252: Project Power, She Dies Tomorrow
Show Details1hr 3min
251: An American Pickle
Show Details1hr 8min
250C: Relic (SiftSpoil)
Show Details11min 52s
250B: The Rental (SiftSpoil)
Show Details9min 39s
250: The Rental, Relic
Show Details55min 2s
249B: First Cow (SiftSpoil)
Show Details5min 46s
249: First Cow, Showbiz Kids
Show Details1hr 16min
248: Greyhound, Palm Springs
Show Details1hr 30min
247B: The Old Guard (SiftSpoil)
Show Details20min 11s
247: Hamilton, The Old Guard
Show Details1hr 46min
246B: Irresistible (SiftSpoil)
Show Details18min 26s
246: Eurovision, Irresistible
Show Details1hr 7min
245: King of Staten Island (SiftSwift)
Show Details27min 37s
244: Artemis Fowl (SiftSwift)
Show Details29min 19s
243B: Da 5 Bloods (SiftSpoil)
Show Details18min 4s
243: Da 5 Bloods
Show Details1hr 37min
242: Treasure of Sierra Madre, Sweeney Todd
Show Details49min 28s
241: The Lovebirds
Show Details1hr 3min
240: Double Indemnity, Superman
Show Details50min 41s
239: Bad Education, Solar Opposites
Show Details1hr 29min
238: Taxi Driver, The Hunt for Red October
Show Details59min 31s
237B: Extraction (SiftSpoil)
Show Details18min 42s
237: Extraction
Show Details1hr 15min
236: The Thing, Contact (SiftShame)
Show Details1hr 5min
235: Clueless, Stand by Me (SiftShame)
Show Details1hr 5min
234: Full Metal Jacket, Jackie Brown (SiftShame)
Show Details59min 2s
233B: The Hunt (SiftSpoil)
Show Details11min 45s
233: Bloodshot, The Hunt
Show Details51min 45s
232B: Onward (SiftSpoil)
Show Details14min 51s
232: Onward
Show Details48min 13s
231B: The Invisible Man (SiftSpoil)
Show Details23min 14s
231: The Invisible Man
Show Details50min 24s
230B: Fantasy Island (SiftSpoil)
Show Details11min 7s
230: The Call of the Wild, Fantasy Island
Show Details1hr 7min
229B: Birds of Prey (SiftSpoil)
Show Details9min 24s
229: Birds of Prey, Sonic the Hedgehog
Show Details1hr 9min
228: The Rhythm Section
Show Details53min 1s
227B: The Gentlemen (SiftSpoil)
Show Details13min 38s
227: The Gentlemen
Show Details55min 38s
226: 2020 Oscar Nominations, Dolittle
Show Details1hr 3min
225: Critics' Choice Awards 2020 (SiftSwift)
Show Details52min 12s
224: Most Anticipated Movies of 2020
Show Details41min 40s
223: 2019 SiftPop Movie Awards!
Show Details1hr 35min
222B: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (SiftSpoil)
Show Details31min 3s
222: Star Wars IX, Cats, 1917
Show Details1hr 14min
221C: Knives Out (SiftSpoil)
Show Details24min 39s
221B: Uncut Gems (SiftSpoil)
Show Details14min 3s
221: Marriage Story, Jumanji: The Next Level, Uncut Gems
Show Details1hr 20min
220: Cramming Session 2019
Show Details1hr 38min
219: Knives Out (SiftSwift)
Show Details17min 10s
218: Frozen 2, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Show Details1hr 4min
217: Ford v Ferrari
Show Details54min 47s
216B: Doctor Sleep (SiftSpoil)
Show Details23min 7s
216: Doctor Sleep
Show Details54min 50s
215B: Terminator Dark Fate (SiftSpoil)
Show Details26min 58s
215: Terminator Dark Fate
Show Details1hr 1min
214C: The Laundromat (SiftSpoil)
Show Details9min 2s
214B: Parasite (SiftSpoil)
Show Details13min 19s
214: Parasite, The Laundromat
Show Details59min 43s
213B: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Zombieland: Double Tap (SiftSpoil)
Show Details12min 9s
213: Zombieland: Double Tap, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
Show Details1hr 2min
212: Gemini Man, El Camino
Show Details1hr
212B: El Camino (SiftSpoil)
Show Details9min 15s
211B: Joker (SiftSpoil)
Show Details27min 45s
211: Joker
Show Details1hr 19min
210: The 2019 SiftPop TV Awards
Show Details1hr 43min
209B: Ad Astra (SiftSpoil)
Show Details20min 3s
209: Ad Astra, Rambo: Last Blood
Show Details1hr 13min
208: Hustlers, The Goldfinch
Show Details1hr 22min
207B: IT Chapter Two (SiftSpoil)
Show Details27min 7s
207: IT Chapter Two
Show Details1hr 14min
206: 2019 Awards Preview and Summer Sum Results
Show Details1hr 32min
205B: Ready or Not (SiftSpoil)
Show Details17min 2s
205: Ready or Not
Show Details1hr 20min
204B: Good Boys (SiftSpoil)
Show Details10min 54s
204: Good Boys
Show Details1hr 6min
203B: Hobbs & Shaw (SiftSpoil)
Show Details15min 47s
203: Hobbs & Shaw
Show Details1hr 20min
202B: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (SiftSpoil)
Show Details20min 43s
202: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Show Details1hr 20min
201: The Lion King (2019)
Show Details1hr 24min
200B: Stranger Things 3 (SiftSpoil)
Show Details40min 53s
200: Stranger Things 3, Stuber
Show Details1hr 32min
199B: Spider-Man: Far From Home (SiftSpoil)
Show Details25min 6s
199: Spider-Man: Far From Home
Show Details1hr 26min
198B: Yesterday (SiftSpoil)
Show Details16min 10s
198: Yesterday
Show Details1hr 16min
197B: Toy Story 4 (SiftSpoil)
Show Details20min 20s
197: Toy Story 4
Show Details1hr 26min
196B: Men in Black: International (SiftSpoil)
Show Details13min 10s
196: Men in Black: International
Show Details1hr 4min
195B: Dark Phoenix (SiftSpoil)
Show Details29min 37s
195: Dark Phoenix
Show Details1hr 26min
194B: Godzilla: King of the Monsters (SiftSpoil)
Show Details28min 16s
194: Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Booksmart
Show Details1hr 45min
193B: Brightburn (SiftSpoil)
Show Details9min 8s
193: Aladdin, Brightburn
Show Details1hr 11min
192B: John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (SiftSpoil)
Show Details15min 31s
192: John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum
Show Details1hr 3min
191B: Pokémon Detective Pikachu (SiftSpoil)
Show Details13min 20s
191: Pokémon Detective Pikachu
Show Details1hr 3min
190B: Long Shot (SiftSpoil)
Show Details11min 8s
190: Long Shot
Show Details1hr 1min
189B: Avengers: Endgame (SiftSpoil)
Show Details48min 48s
189: Avengers: Endgame
Show Details1hr 5min
188: Summer Sum Game 2019
Show Details1hr 2min
187B: Hellboy (SiftSpoil)
Show Details11min 50s
187: Hellboy
Show Details1hr 27min
186B: Shazam! (SiftSpoil)
Show Details15min 31s
186: Shazam!
Show Details1hr 6min
185B: Dumbo (SiftSpoil)
Show Details13min 25s
185: Dumbo
Show Details1hr 12min
184B: Us (SiftSpoil)
Show Details16min 29s
184: Us
Show Details56min 10s
183B: Triple Frontier (SiftSpoil)
Show Details13min 46s
183: Triple Frontier
Show Details57min 3s
182B: Captain Marvel (SiftSpoil)
Show Details16min 30s
182: Captain Marvel
Show Details1hr 5min
181B: Greta (SiftSpoil)
Show Details22min 39s
181: Greta
Show Details1hr 30min
180B: How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (SiftSpoil)
Show Details22min 9s
180: How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
Show Details1hr 17min
179C: Happy Death Day 2U (SiftSpoil)
Show Details28min 52s
179B: Alita Battle Angel (SiftSpoil)
Show Details21min 3s
179: Alita Battle Angel and Happy Death Day 2U
Show Details1hr 16min
178B: The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (SiftSpoil)
Show Details13min 8s
178: The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part
Show Details1hr 3min
177C: Velvet Buzzsaw (SiftSpoil)
Show Details11min 49s
177B: Serenity (SiftSpoil)
Show Details21min 23s
177: Serenity and Velvet Buzzsaw
Show Details57min 49s
176: 2019 Oscar Nominations
Show Details1hr 4min
175: Glass (SiftSpoil)
Show Details19min 5s
175: Glass
Show Details57min 18s
174: Escape Room (SiftSpoil)
Show Details20min 29s
174: Critics' Choice Awards 2019 & Escape Room
Show Details1hr 9min
173: Most Anticipated Movies of 2019
Show Details1hr 31min
172B: Bandersnatch (SiftSpoil)
Show Details27min 50s
172: 2018 Movie Awards!!
Show Details1hr 41min
170D: Bumblebee (SiftSpoil)
Show Details11min 30s
170C: Mary Poppins Returns (SiftSpoil)
Show Details7min 32s
171B: Aquaman (SiftSpoil)
Show Details16min 52s
171: Aquaman, Mary Poppins Returns, Bumblebee
Show Details1hr 14min
170C: Roma (SiftSpoil)
Show Details18min 54s
170B: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (SiftSpoil)
Show Details15min 56s
170: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse & Roma
Show Details1hr 9min
169: Cramming Session
Show Details1hr 22min
168: 2018 Critics' Choice Award Nominations
Show Details1hr 5min
167C: Creed II (SiftSpoil)
Show Details12min 40s
167B: Ralph Breaks the Internet (SiftSpoil)
Show Details12min 50s
167: Ralph Breaks the Internet and Creed II
Show Details1hr 20min
166B: Fantastic Beasts 2 (SiftSpoil)
Show Details14min 41s
166: Fantastic Beasts 2 and Widows
Show Details50min 54s
165B: Overlord (SiftSpoil)
Show Details11min 39s
165: Bohemian Rhapsody and Overlord
Show Details1hr 13min
164: Fall 2018 TV (SiftSwift)
Show Details26min 59s
163B: Halloween (2018) (SiftSpoil)
Show Details10min 3s
163: Halloween (2018)
Show Details1hr 3min
162B: Bad Times at the El Royale (SiftSpoil)
Show Details21min 37s
162: Bad Times at the El Royale
Show Details1hr 8min
161B: First Man (SiftSpoil)
Show Details28min 3s
161: First Man
Show Details1hr 35min
160C: A Star is Born (SiftSpoil)
Show Details11min 17s
160B: Venom (SiftSpoil)
Show Details26min 42s
160: Venom & A Star is Born
Show Details58min 2s
159B: The House with a Clock in Its Walls (SiftSpoil)
Show Details7min 34s
159: The House with a Clock in Its Walls
Show Details1hr 2min
158C: A Simple Favor (SiftSpoil)
Show Details11min 18s
158B: Mandy (SiftSpoil)
Show Details9min 55s
158: Mandy & A Simple Favor
Show Details55min 32s
157B: The Predator (SiftSpoil)
Show Details15min 11s
157: The Predator
Show Details1hr 8min
156: Disenchantment & Summer Sum Game (SiftSwift)
Show Details45min 22s
155: 2018 TV Awards!
Show Details1hr 13min
154B: Crazy Rich Asians (SiftSpoil)
Show Details13min 12s
154: Crazy Rich Asians
Show Details52min 28s
153: BlacKkKlansman
Show Details1hr 4min
152B: The Meg (SiftSpoil)
Show Details11min 19s
152: The Meg
Show Details1hr 18min
151: Eighth Grade (SiftSwift)
Show Details26min
150B: Mission Impossible - Fallout (SiftSpoil)
Show Details27min 44s
150: Mission Impossible - Fallout
Show Details1hr 13min
D'yay or D'nay 6: Final Episode!
Show Details9min 53s
149B: Sorry to Bother You (SiftSpoil)
Show Details14min 28s
149: Sorry to Bother You
Show Details54min 28s
148: Skyscraper
Show Details53min 26s
148B: Skyscraper (SiftSpoil)
Show Details20min 44s
D'yay or D'nay 5: Ant-Man Inspired
Show Details14min 16s
147B: Ant-Man and the Wasp (SiftSpoil)
Show Details25min 55s
147: Ant-Man and the Wasp
Show Details1hr 2min
D'yay or D'nay 4: App Addiction
Show Details17min 16s
146B: Sicario 2 (SiftSpoil)
Show Details18min 1s
146: Sicario 2 and First Half Movie Awards
Show Details1hr 2min
D'yay or D'nay 3: Jurrasic Rawr
Show Details14min 43s
145B: Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom (SiftSpoil)
Show Details21min 22s
145: Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom
Show Details55min 31s
D'yay or D'nay 2: Disney Heroes
Show Details13min 24s
144B: The Incredibles 2 (SiftSpoil)
Show Details26min 23s
144: The Incredibles 2
Show Details1hr 30min
D'yay or D'nay 1: Jewel Thieves
Show Details13min 20s
143B: Ocean's 8 (SiftSpoil)
Show Details26min 9s
143: Ocean's 8
Show Details1hr 29min
D'yay or D'nay 0: Announcement
Show Details5min 15s
142: SiftPop Marvel SiftSort
Show Details1hr 34min
141B: Solo: A Star Wars Story (SiftSpoil)
Show Details32min 42s
141: Solo: A Star Wars Story
Show Details1hr 25min
140B: Deadpool 2 (SiftSpoil)
Show Details25min 57s
140: Deadpool 2
Show Details1hr 17min
139C: Avengers Infinity War (2nd SiftSpoil)
Show Details10min 8s
139B: Tully (SiftSpoil)
Show Details28min 51s
139: Tully
Show Details1hr 20min
138B: Avengers Infinity War (SiftSpoil)
Show Details1hr 1min
138: Avengers Infinity War
Show Details1hr 30min
137: The Movie Ketchup Episode, Isle of Dogs
Show Details1hr 18min
136: A Quiet Place (SiftSwift)
Show Details30min 39s
135B: Ready Player One (SiftSpoil)
Show Details25min 48s
135: Ready Player One
Show Details53min 16s
134: Pacific Rim Uprising
Show Details56min 36s
134B: Pacific Rim Uprising (SiftSpoil)
Show Details23min 47s
133B: Tomb Raider (SiftSpoil)
Show Details24min 3s
133: Tomb Raider
Show Details56min 58s
132: A Wrinkle in Time
Show Details1hr 5min
132B: A Wrinkle in Time (SiftSpoil)
Show Details11min 47s
131B: Red Sparrow (SiftSpoil)
Show Details11min 54s
131: Red Sparrow
Show Details57min 20s
130B: Annihilation (SiftSpoil)
Show Details22min 34s
130: Annihilation
Show Details56min 28s
129B: Black Panther (SiftSpoil)
Show Details19min 24s
129: Black Panther
Show Details1hr 6min
128B: The Cloverfield Paradox (SiftSpoil)
Show Details17min 15s
128: The Cloverfield Paradox
Show Details1hr 8min
127: Den of Thieves (SiftSwift)
Show Details42min
126B: Maze Runner: The Death Cure (SiftSpoil)
Show Details12min 56s
126: Maze Runner: The Death Cure
Show Details1hr 5min
125B: Paddington 2 (SiftSpoil)
Show Details15min 40s
125: Paddington 2
Show Details1hr 19min
124B: Phantom Thread (SiftSpoil)
Show Details27min 58s
124: Phantom Thread, Critics' Choice Awards 2018
Show Details1hr 8min
123: Most Anticipated Movies of 2018
Show Details1hr 38min
122: The 2017 SiftPop Movie Awards!!
Show Details1hr 41min
121B: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (SiftSpoil)
Show Details25min 35s
121: Jumanji 2, Pitch Perfect 3
Show Details57min 47s
120B: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (SiftSpoil)
Show Details48min 40s
120: Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Show Details53min 56s
119: The Disaster Artist
Show Details1hr 21min
118: Critics' Choice Nominations 2017
Show Details1hr 31min
117: Mental Health, Coco (SiftSwift)
Show Details38min 28s
116B: Justice League (SiftSpoil)
Show Details14min 59s
116: Justice League
Show Details1hr 24min
115C: Murder on the Orient Express (SiftSpoil)
Show Details9min 28s
115B: Stranger Things Season 2 (SiftSpoil)
Show Details14min 14s
115: Stranger Things 2, Murder on the Orient Express
Show Details1hr
114B: Thor Ragnarok (SiftSpoil)
Show Details26min 32s
114: Thor Ragnarok
Show Details1hr 21min
113: Fall TV
Show Details1hr 6min
112B: Only the Brave (SiftSpoil)
Show Details17min 56s
112: Only the Brave
Show Details1hr 11min
111: Adaptation w/ Antony Johnston, Atomic Blonde (SwiftSift)
Show Details1hr 14min
110B: Blade Runner 2049 (SiftSpoil)
Show Details29min 12s
110: Blade Runner 2049
Show Details1hr 28min
109B: American Made (SiftSpoil)
Show Details21min 8s
109: American Made
Show Details1hr 9min
108B: Kingsman The Golden Circle (SiftSpoil)
Show Details22min 10s
108: Kingsman The Golden Circle
Show Details1hr 10min
107B: Mother, It (SiftSpoil)
Show Details38min 9s
107: Mother, It
Show Details1hr 16min
106: Con Life (SwiftSift)
Show Details35min 51s
105: Summer Sum Game Awards
Show Details55min 6s
104: 2017 TV Awards!!
Show Details1hr 26min
103B: The Hitman's Bodyguard, Logan Lucky (SiftSpoil)
Show Details24min 14s
103: The Hitman's Bodyguard, Logan Lucky
Show Details1hr 1min
102: Game of Thrones
Show Details1hr 30min
101: The Dark Tower, Best Ever Stephen King
Show Details58min 9s
101B: The Dark Tower (SiftSpoil)
Show Details20min 26s
100: Atomic Blonde, Best Ever Charlize
Show Details1hr 5min
100B: Atomic Blonde (SiftSpoil)
Show Details17min 55s
99B: Dunkirk (SiftSpoil)
Show Details16min 51s
99: Dunkirk, Nolan Ranked
Show Details59min 31s
98B: War for the Planet of the Apes (SiftSpoil)
Show Details21min 1s
98: War for the Planet of the Apes
Show Details1hr 20min
97: Spider-Man Homecoming, Baby Driver
Show Details1hr 3min
97B: Spider-Man Homecoming, Baby Driver (SiftSpoil)
Show Details59min 20s
96: 2017 First Half Movie Awards (SwiftSift)
Show Details42min 54s
95B: Transformers 5 (SiftSpoil)
Show Details20min 25s
95: Transformers 5, Best Ever Robot Movies
Show Details1hr 4min
94B: Cars 3, It Comes at Night (SiftSpoil)
Show Details43min 58s
94: Cars 3, It Comes at Night
Show Details1hr 10min
93: The Mummy, Best Ever Tom Cruise
Show Details1hr 18min
93B: The Mummy (SiftSpoil)
Show Details27min 1s
92: Wonder Woman
Show Details1hr 3min
92B: Wonder Woman (SiftSpoil)
Show Details20min 46s
91: Pirates 5, Baywatch
Show Details51min 38s
91B: Pirates 5, Baywatch (SiftSpoil)
Show Details19min 26s
90B: Alien Covenant (SiftSpoil)
Show Details31min 16s
90: Alien Covenant, Best Ever Ridley Scott
Show Details1hr 12min
89: Colossal (SwiftSift)
Show Details38min 2s
88B: Guardians 2 (SiftSpoil)
Show Details28min 46s
88: Guardians 2, Best Ever Chris Pratt
Show Details1hr 6min
87: The Circle, Best Ever Tom Hanks
Show Details1hr 1min
87B: The Circle (SiftSpoil)
Show Details15min 33s
86: SiftPop 2017 Summer Movie Preview!
Show Details1hr 20min
85: Movie Remake Culture - Resurrection or Regurgitation?
Show Details47min 53s
84B: The Fate of the Furious (SiftSpoil)
Show Details42min 17s
84: The Fate of the Furious, Fast Movies Ranked
Show Details1hr 15min
83: Legion, Big Little Lies, Going in Style
Show Details58min 28s
82B: Ghost in the Shell (SiftSpoil)
Show Details23min 32s
82: Ghost in the Shell, Best Ever Scar Jo Movies
Show Details1hr 14min
81: Power Rangers, Best Ever Team Up Movies
Show Details1hr 12min
81B: Power Rangers (Spoilers Special)
Show Details40min 23s
80B: Beauty and the Beast (Spoilers Special)
Show Details39min 19s
80: Beauty and the Beast, Ranking Disney Princess Movies
Show Details1hr 41min
79: Kong Skull Island, Best Monkey Movies
Show Details1hr 2min
79B: Kong Skull Island (Spoilers Special)
Show Details23min 4s
78: Logan, X-Men Movies Ranked
Show Details1hr 9min
78B: Logan (Spoilers Special)
Show Details25min 17s
77: Get Out, Legion, Comics on TV
Show Details1hr 32min
77B: Get Out (Spoilers Special)
Show Details31min 19s
76B: A Cure For Wellness, The Great Wall (Spoilers Special)
Show Details30min 9s
76: A Cure for Wellness, The Great Wall
Show Details51min 36s
75B: Lego Batman, John Wick 2 (Spoilers Special)
Show Details41min 27s
75: Lego Batman, John Wick 2
Show Details1hr 16min
74: Silence, A Dog's Purpose, Best Ever Scorsese
Show Details56min 51s
74B: Silence (Spoilers Special)
Show Details21min 50s
73: Split
Show Details1hr 10min
73B: Split (Spoilers Special)
Show Details37min 14s
72B: The OA (Spoilers Special)
Show Details42min 7s
72: 2017 Movies, The OA, Patriot's Day
Show Details1hr 28min
71B: Hidden Figures (Spoilers Special)
Show Details12min 2s
71: Hidden Figures
Show Details43min 57s
70: The 2016 SiftPop Movie Awards!
Show Details1hr 45min
69B: Passengers (Spoilers Special)
Show Details17min 57s
69: Passengers
Show Details1hr 4min
68B: Rogue One (Spoilers Special)
Show Details44min 52s
68: Rogue One
Show Details1hr 7min
67: Westworld S1 (QuickPop)
Show Details49min 7s
66: Awards Season!!
Show Details1hr 9min
65: Moana (QuickPop)
Show Details16min 1s
64B: Arrival, Fantastic Beasts (Spoilers Special)
Show Details35min 21s
64: Fantastic Beasts, Arrival, Hacksaw Ridge
Show Details52min 13s
63: Doctor Strange
Show Details1hr 1min
63B: Doctor Strange (Spoilers Special)
Show Details34min 47s
62: Fall TV, The Walking Dead Premiere
Show Details1hr 11min
61B: Jack Reacher 2 (Spoilers Special)
Show Details14min 28s
61: Jack Reacher 2, Westworld
Show Details1hr 12min
60: The Accountant, Luke Cage
Show Details58min 57s
60B: The Accountant (Spoilers Special)
Show Details19min 34s
59B: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Spoilers Special)
Show Details30min 31s
59: Miss Peregrine, Mr. Robot
Show Details1hr 18min
58B: The Magnificent Seven (Spoilers Special)
Show Details25min 12s
58: The Magnificent Seven, Blair Witch
Show Details1hr 11min
57: Sully, Fall Preview
Show Details54min
56: Dead Poet's Society
Show Details1hr 14min
55: Don't Breathe, Harmonquest
Show Details1hr 20min
55B: Don't Breathe (Spoilers Special)
Show Details40min 20s
54B: Kubo, War Dogs (Spoilers Special)
Show Details32min 11s
54: Kubo, War Dogs
Show Details58min 30s
53B: Pete's Dragon, Sausage Party (Spoilers Special)
Show Details15min 23s
53: Pete's Dragon, Sausage Party
Show Details56min 24s
52B: Suicide Squad (Spoilers Special)
Show Details34min 48s
52: Suicide Squad
Show Details1hr 11min
51: Jason Bourne, Comic Con
Show Details56min 23s
50: Star Trek Beyond, Stranger Things
Show Details58min 47s
50B: Star Trek Beyond, Stranger Things (Spoilers Special)
Show Details26min 48s
49B: Ghostbusters, Mr. Robot (Spoilers Special)
Show Details28min 33s
49: Ghostbusters, Mr. Robot
Show Details1hr 4min
48B: The Secret Life of Pets, Game of Thrones(Spoilers Special)
Show Details33min 26s
48: The Secret Life of Pets, Game of Thrones
Show Details1hr 1min
47B: Finding Dory (Spoilers Special)
Show Details39min 4s
47: Finding Dory
Show Details1hr 8min
46: Warcraft
Show Details1hr 3min
46B: Warcraft (Spoilers Special)
Show Details38min 28s
45B: TMNT2 (Spoilers Special)
Show Details25min 48s
Show Details1hr 4min
44: X Men Apocalypse, Alice Through the Looking Glass
Show Details1hr 8min
44B: X Men Apocalypse (Spoilers Special)
Show Details42min 50s
43: The Nice Guys and Spring TV
Show Details1hr 4min
42: Captain America: Civil War
Show Details1hr 3min
42B: Captain America: Civil War (Spoilers Special)
Show Details41min 33s
41B: The Huntsman: Winter's War (Spoilers Special)
Show Details21min 11s
41: The Huntsman: Winter's War
Show Details59min 41s
40: The Jungle Book
Show Details58min 47s
40B: The Jungle Book (SiftPop Spoilers Special BONUS)
Show Details48min 29s
39: God's Not Dead, Eye in the Sky
Show Details1hr 3min
38: Batman V Superman
Show Details58min 56s
38B: Batman V Superman (SiftPop Spoilers Special BONUS)
Show Details35min 27s
37B: Allegiant (SiftPop Spoilers Special BONUS)
Show Details23min 51s
37: Allegiant, Strangers on a Train
Show Details1hr 8min
36B: 10 Cloverfield Lane (SiftPop Spoilers Special BONUS)
Show Details41min 3s
36: 10 Cloverfield Lane
Show Details59min 48s
35: Zootopia, Fuller House
Show Details1hr 13min
35B: Zootopia (SiftPop Spoilers Special BONUS)
Show Details34min 50s
34: Zoolander 2, 11.22.63
Show Details1hr 6min
34B: Zoolander 2, 11.22.63 (SiftPop Spoilers Special BONUS)
Show Details41min 2s
33B: Deadpool (SiftPop Spoilers Special BONUS)
Show Details33min 51s
33: Deadpool
Show Details1hr 7min
32: Hail, Caesar!, People v. O.J.
Show Details58min 47s
32B: Hail, Caesar! (SiftPop Spoilers Special BONUS)
Show Details39min 14s
31: The Finest Hours, The X-Files
Show Details1hr 5min
31B: The Finest Hours, X-Files (SiftPop Spoilers Special BONUS)
Show Details20min 23s
30B: The 5th Wave (SiftPop Spoilers Special BONUS)
Show Details24min 25s
30: The 5th Wave, Prune
Show Details1hr 1min
29: Oscar Noms, 2016 Preview
Show Details1hr 3min
28B: The Revenant (SiftPop Spoilers Special BONUS)
Show Details32min 11s
28: The Revenant, Best of 2015
Show Details1hr 3min
27: Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Show Details1hr 2min
27B: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (SiftPop Spoilers Special)
Show Details1hr 5min
26: In the Heart of the Sea
Show Details59min 20s
26B: In the Heart of the Sea (SiftPop Spoilers Special)
Show Details27min 23s
25: The Good Dinosaur, Awards Season
Show Details1hr 3min
25B: The Good Dinosaur (SiftPop Spoilers Special)
Show Details28min 1s
24: The Good Dinosaur, Creed
Show Details55min
23: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
Show Details59min 24s
23B: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 (SiftPop Spoilers Special)
Show Details52min 51s
22: Love the Coopers, Supergirl
Show Details1hr 3min
22B: Love the Coopers (SiftPop Spoilers Special)
Show Details26min 33s
21B: Spectre (SiftPop Spoilers Special)
Show Details50min 50s
21: Spectre, Do We Care
Show Details1hr
20B: Burnt (SiftPop Spoilers Special)
Show Details39min 47s
20: Burnt, Lady in the Water
Show Details1hr 5min
19: Steve Jobs, Blindspot
Show Details1hr 7min
18: Bridge of Spies, Last Man on Earth
Show Details56min 24s
17: Pan, The Muppets
Show Details1hr 4min
17B: Pan (SiftPop Spoilers Special)
Show Details25min 59s
16: The Martian, Heroes Reborn
Show Details1hr 1min
16B: The Martian (SiftPop Spoilers Special)
Show Details23min 16s
15: Everest, The Visit
Show Details1hr 6min
15B: Everest, The Visit (SiftPop Spoilers Special)
Show Details39min 13s
14: Alias, So You Think You Can Dance
Show Details1hr 4min
13: The Transporter Refueled, Minority Report
Show Details1hr 4min
13B: The Transporter Refueled (SiftPop Spoilers Special)
Show Details42min 41s
12: War Room, Mr. Robot
Show Details1hr 8min
12B: Mr. Robot (SiftPop Spoilers Special)
Show Details29min 39s
11B: Hitman Agent 47 (SiftPop Spoilers Special)
Show Details39min 51s
11: Hitman Agent 47, New TV
Show Details57min 24s
10: The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Show Details1hr 1min
10B: The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (SiftPop Spoilers Special)
Show Details41min 35s
9B: Fantastic Four (SiftPop Spoilers Special)
Show Details29min 39s
9: Fantastic Four, Deadpool
Show Details57min 25s
8: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
Show Details1hr 7min
8B: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (SiftPop Spoilers Special)
Show Details32min 55s
7B: Pixels (SiftPop Spoilers Special)
Show Details19min 47s
7: Pixels
Show Details56min 22s
6: Ant-Man, Mr. Robot
Show Details1hr 7min
6B: Ant-Man (SiftPop Spoilers Special)
Show Details39min 36s
5: Minions, X-Files
Show Details1hr 1min
5B: Minions (SiftPop Spoilers Special)
Show Details17min 50s
4: Terminator Genisys
Show Details1hr 6min
3: Inside Out
Show Details1hr
2: The Avengers (Rewind)
Show Details29min 36s
1: Jurassic World (George's Hand)
Show Details1hr 31min
Archive 18: Furious 7, Last Man on Earth, Expanded Universes
Show Details1hr 22min
Archive 17: Chappie, AI Movies, and Superheros
Show Details1hr 5min
Archive 16: Better Call Saul, Zelda, and Spiderman
Show Details1hr 8min
Archive 15: Jupiter Ascending, Winter TV, Superbowl Trailers
Show Details1hr 2min
Archive 14: Best of 2014, Excited for 2015
Show Details1hr 22min
Archive 13: Noah
Show Details1hr 5min
Archive 12: Star Wars 7, Resurrection, and Muppets
Show Details1hr 7min
Archive 11: Harold Ramis, Heroes Reborn, Oscar Thoughts
Show Details1hr 19min
Archive 10: TV Faves, Lego Movie
Show Details1hr 7min
Archive 9: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Hobbit, Labor Day
Show Details1hr 14min
Archive 8: LA, Batman, Jack Ryan
Show Details1hr 11min
Archive 7: Best Movies of 2013
Show Details1hr 25min
Archive 6: The Dark Knight Rises
Show Details29min 55s
Archive 5: The Amazing Spiderman
Show Details31min 44s
Archive 4: Brave
Show Details30min
Archive 3: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Show Details24min 14s
Archive 2: Men in Black 3
Show Details20min 52s
Archive 1: The Avengers
Show Details26min 28s