Shot of Life

Each Wednesday, we promise to provide you our shot on life. We'll present the most recent episode below, along with detail of what to expect and our pick for the beverage of the week. Feel free to provide future adult beverage recommendations, podcast feedback, and comment with your thoughts of the episode and suggestions for future episode topics. We strive to improve the podcast in any way possible, so your feedback is much appreciated!


S2.E6: Superbowl or SuperDud
Show Details59min 25s
S2.E5: Ha-bit You Do This All The Time
Show Details50min 18s
S2.E4: Apocalypse Now... or Later
Show Details1hr 2min
S2.E3: Old Farts
Show Details1hr 6min
S2.E2: New Year, New Me (2019)
Show Details1hr
S2.E1: XXXMAS Surprise
Show Details1hr 14min
S1.E25: Mind & Media Meltdown
Show Details1hr 30min
S1.E24: Lovin' in the Summer Time
Show Details59min 28s
S1.E23: Vidja Games
Show Details1hr 15min
S1.E22: Water We Doing?
Show Details56min 34s
S1.E21: Fun Times with FunGuys... Brewing
Show Details1hr 41min
S1.E20: Cinco De Cerveza
Show Details47min 33s
S1.E19: Food for Thought - A Diet Shot of Life
Show Details47min 33s
S1.E18: Popped Culture
Show Details58min 27s
S1.E17: Get Rec'd
Show Details1hr 1min
S1.E16: Cult'ure
Show Details1hr 4min
S1.E15: Work-life Imbalance
Show Details1hr 4min
S1.E14: Affairwell
Show Details57min 19s
S1.E13: Tatoos, and Piercings and Perception! Oh My!
Show Details1hr 1min
S1.E12: Life Uncensored
Show Details1hr 1min
S1.E11: Tropes: So Easy A Neanderthal Can Do Them
Show Details55min 11s
S1.E9: Criticizing Art or the Artist?
Show Details1hr 22min
S1.E8: Nostalgia, Living in the Past
Show Details51min 39s
S1.E7: Big Brother is Watching
Show Details1hr 4min
S1.E6: Decisions Decisions.
Show Details49min 38s
S1.E5: Lock Me Up, I'm Guilty
Show Details32min 27s
S1.E4: Whose Tribe Is It Anyway?
Show Details54min 10s
S1.E3: It's a Phone, It's a Screen, It's Black Mirror!
Show Details55min 21s
S1.E2: New Year, New Me (2018)
Show Details32min 12s
S1.E1: Work Appropriation
Show Details34min 5s
S1.E0: Opinions
Show Details26min 44s