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Short Films, Big Questions

In each episode, filmmakers Will Liney and Ieuan Coombs focus on finding answers to the big questions in short filmmaking. They do so by discussing their own experiences making short films as well as prior research into the industry. Delving into the mistakes they have made, and what they wish they knew before starting out on their own short film journeys, they hope to find the answers so you don’t have to. A big thank you to Thomas Benjamin Cooper for the music on this podcast!


From Shorts to TV with Rosemary Baker
Show Details1hr 26min
Seeing the Light with Wouter Verheul
Show Details1hr 34min
The Long Game with Alexandre Do
Show Details1hr 10min
Making the Jump from Shorts to Features with David Roberts
Show Details1hr 6min
How do I approach sound? Feat. Ollie Campbell
Show Details40min 37s
How do I edit this thing?
Show Details42min 21s
How do I get great performances?
Show Details45min 41s
The Cinematographer Episode
Show Details47min 40s
The Producer Episode
Show Details24min 50s
What should I write about?
Show Details36min 38s
Why make a short film?
Show Details21min 33s
Who are these guys?
Show Details4min 6s