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Classic Sherlock Holmes from the Afterburn Radio Archives


SH_Hobbs_62-08-28_The Devil's Foot
Show Details27min 34s
SH_Hobbs_64-09-25_The Red Headed League
Show Details27min 25s
SH_Hobbs_59-06-30_The Beryl Coronet
Show Details26min 7s
SH_Hobbs_66-12-05_The Six Napoleons
Show Details27min 2s
SH_Hobbs_62-09-04_The Mazarine Stone
Show Details27min 12s
SH_Hobbs_69-07-01_The Black Peter
Show Details25min 53s
SH_Hobbs_66-12-12_The Boscombe Valley Mystery
Show Details27min 35s
SH_Hobbs_60-05-17_Engineers Thumb
Show Details27min 7s
SH_Hobbs_64-09-04_The Three Garidebs
Show Details24min 46s
SH_Hobbs_61-12-04_The Reigate Squires
Show Details25min 46s
SH_Hobbs_62-07-24_Silver Blaze
Show Details28min 5s
SH_Hobbs_60-02-23_Stockbroker's Clerk
Show Details25min 49s
SH_Hobbs_69-07-08_The Lion's Mane
Show Details28min 45s
SH_Hobbs_67-01-09_The Second Stain
Show Details27min 2s
SH_Hobbs_64-09-18_The Sussex Vampire
Show Details28min 33s
SH_Hobbs_64-08-28_The Bruce Partington Plans
Show Details27min 13s
SH_Hobbs_59-08-04_The Blanched Soldier
Show Details26min 46s
SH_Hobbs_64-09-11_The Norwood Builder
Show Details24min 36s
SH_Hobbs_61-12-18_Charles Augustus Milverton
Show Details25min 19s
SH_Hobbs_61-08-21_The Solitary Cyclist
Show Details25min 46s
SH_Hobbs_64-10-09_The Retired Colourman
Show Details26min 55s
SH_Hobbs_61-12-11_The Resident Patient
Show Details26min 54s
The Empty House
Show Details25min 5s
SH_Hobbs_62-08-07_The Golden Pince-nez
Show Details25min 49s
SH_Hobbs_59-05-12_ Man With The Twisted Lip
Show Details25min 36s
SH_Hobbs_66-11-21_A Scandal In Bohemia
Show Details26min 25s
SH_Hobbs_60-05-03_Lady Carfax
Show Details24min 49s
SH_Hobbs_66-12-26_Adventure of Wisteria Lodge
Show Details25min 57s
SH_Hobbs_67-01-02_The Dying Detective
Show Details25min 43s
SH_Hobbs_59-08-18_The Noble Bachelor
Show Details28min 19s
SH_Hobbs_62-01-08_Priory School
Show Details25min 1s
SH_Hobbs_62-08-21_The Abbey Grange
Show Details27min 57s
SH_Hobbs_59-08-11_Case Of Copper Beeches
Show Details26min 37s
SH_Hobbs_60-04-05_The Greek Interpreter
Show Details27min 31s
SH_Hobbs_67-01-16_The Final Problem
Show Details25min 52s
SH_Hobbs_59-08-25_Shoscombe Old Place
Show Details28min 12s
SH_Hobbs_62-08-14_The Missing Three Quarter
Show Details27min 2s
SH_Geilgud_55-01-09_A Scandal In Bohemia
Show Details26min 45s
SH_Geilgud_55-01-23_A Case Of Identity
Show Details25min 8s
SH_Geilgud_55-03-27_Silver Blaze
Show Details24min 43s
The Adventure of the Final Problem
Show Details27min 5s
SH_Geilgud_55-02-06_The Bruce-Partington Plans
Show Details27min 33s
SH_Geilgud_55-03-20_The Speckled Band
Show Details25min 42s
SH_Geilgud_55-01-30_The Second Stain
Show Details27min 24s
SH_Geilgud_55-02-20_The Norwood Builder
Show Details27min 26s
SH_Geilgud_55-04-24_Adv Of The Empty House
Show Details25min 33s
SH_Geilgud_55-01-16_The Red Headed League
Show Details23min 40s
SH_Geilgud_55-02-27_The Solitary Cyclist
Show Details27min 46s
SH_Geilgud_55-01-02_Charles Augustus Milverton
Show Details26min 49s
The Adventure of the Golden Prince-Nez
Show Details23min 34s
SH_Geilgud_55-02-13_Adv of The Dying Detective
Show Details27min 26s
SH_Geilgud_55-03-06_The Six Napoleons
Show Details27min 49s