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Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson - Classic Radio Shows From the 30's - 40's - 50's - 60's and 70's The Greatest Detective Duo.


69-07-10 Sherlock Holmes His Last Bow
Show Details28min 58s
69-07-03 Sherlock Holmes The Red Circle
Show Details30min 41s
69-06-24 Sherlock Holmes The Dancing Men
Show Details29min 12s
69-07-01 Sherlock Holmes The Black Peter
Show Details25min 53s
67-01-16 Sherlock Holmes The Final Problem
Show Details25min 53s
67-07-24-(SA) Sherlock Holmes The Illustrious Client
Show Details30min 56s
67-07-03-(SA) Sherlock Holmes The Three Gables
Show Details30min 15s
67-07-10-(SA) Sherlock Holmes The Retired Colourman
Show Details29min 54s
67-01-02 Sherlock Holmes The Dying Detective
Show Details25min 44s
67-01-09 Sherlock Holmes The Second Stain
Show Details27min 2s
66-11-28 Sherlock Holmes The Five Orange Pips
Show Details26min 20s
66-12-05 Sherlock Holmes The Six Napoleons
Show Details27min 3s
66-11-21 Sherlock Holmes A Scandal In Bohemia
Show Details26min 26s
66-12-26 Sherlock Holmes Adventure of Wisteria Lodge
Show Details25min 57s
66-12-12 Sherlock Holmes The Bascombe Valley Mystery
Show Details27min 35s
64-09-18Sherlock Holmes The Sussix Vampire
Show Details28min 33s
64-10-09 Sherlock Holmes The Retired Colourman
Show Details26min 56s
64-09-04-Sherlock Holmes-The Three Garidebs
Show Details24min 46s
64-08-21-Sherlock Holmes-The Solitary Cyclist
Show Details25min 46s
64-09-11 Sherlock Holmes The Case Of The Norwood Builder
Show Details26min 18s
64-08-28 Sherlock Holmes The Bruce Partington Plans
Show Details27min 13s
63-03-02 Sherlock Holmes The Sign Of Four-Pt3
Show Details25min 29s
63-03-02 Sherlock Holmes The Sign Of Four-Pt2
Show Details27min 16s
63-03-02 Sherlock Holmes The Sign Of Four-Pt1
Show Details26min 30s
62-09-04- Sherlock Holmes-The Mazarin Stone
Show Details27min 12s
62-07-17-Sherlock Holmes-The Speckled Band
Show Details28min 4s
62-08-21 -Sherlock Holmes-The Abbey Grange
Show Details27min 58s
62-08-28- -Sherlock Holmes-The Devil's Foot
Show Details27min 34s
62-08-07- -Sherlock Holmes-The Golden Pince Nez
Show Details25min 49s
62-01-08- -Sherlock Holmes-Priory School
Show Details25min 1s
62-07-31 Sherlock Holmes The Musgrave Ritual
Show Details27min 35s
62-07-24-Sherlock Holmes Silver Blaze
Show Details28min 5s
62-08-14- Sherlock Holmes The Missing Three-Quarter
Show Details27min 2s
62-12-22 Sherlock Holmes A Study In Scarlet Pt3
Show Details26min 32s
62-12-22 Sherlock Holmes A Study In Scarlet Pt2
Show Details27min 49s
62-12-22 Sherlock Holmes A Study In Scarlet Pt1
Show Details26min 38s
62-02-23 Sherlock Holmes The Stockbroker's Clerk
Show Details25min 49s
61-11-27 Sherlock Holmes The Empty House
Show Details25min 6s
61-12-04 Sherlock Holmes The Reigate Squires
Show Details26min 15s
61-12-25 Sherlock Holmes The Blue Carbuncle
Show Details23min 58s
61-12-11 Sherlock Holmes The Resident Patient
Show Details26min 54s
61-12-18 Sherlock Holmes Charles Augustus Milverton
Show Details25min 20s
61-08-21 Sherlock Holmes The Solitary Cyclist
Show Details25min 51s
61-08-05 Sherlock Holmes Hound Of The Baskervilles Pt3
Show Details14min 27s
61-08-05 Sherlock Holmes Hound Of The Baskervilles Pt2
Show Details25min 40s
61-08-05 Sherlock Holmes Hound Of The Baskervilles Pt1
Show Details26min 37s
60-04-05- Sherlock Holmes - The Greek Interpreter
Show Details28min 5s
60-12-31 Sherlock Holmes The Valley Of Fear-Pt3
Show Details27min
60-12-31 Sherlock Holmes The Valley Of Fear-Pt2
Show Details27min 54s
60-12-31 SherlockHolmes The Valley Of Fear-Pt1
Show Details27min 18s
60-05-03 Sherlock Holmes Lady Carfax
Show Details24min 49s
60-03-22 Sherlock Holmes The Naval Treaty
Show Details26min 27s
59-09-18 Sherlock Holmes The Noble Bachelor
Show Details25min 2s
59-08-04- Sherlock Holmes - The Blanched Soldier
Show Details27min 59s
59-08-18- Sherlock Holmes-The Noble Bachelor
Show Details29min 41s
59-05-12- Sherlock Holmes-The Man With The Twisted Lip
Show Details25min 48s
59-08-25- Sherlock Holmes-Shoscombe Old Place
Show Details28min 33s
59-08-11-Sherlock Holmes-The Copper Beeches
Show Details26min 37s
59-06-30- Sherlock Holmes-The Beryl Coronet
Show Details26min 11s
55-04-24-Sherlock Holmes-The Empty House
Show Details28min 15s
55-04-29- Sherlock Holmes-The Mazarin Stone
Show Details27min 42s
55-04-03-Sherlock Holmes-The Golden Pince-Nez
Show Details23min 34s
55-01-06 - Sherlock Holmes-The MissingThree Quarter
Show Details27min 16s
54-11-23-Sherlock Holmes-The Norwood Builder
Show Details26min 15s
54-10-19-Sherlock Holmes-The Red Headed League
Show Details22min 21s
54-11-30-Sherlock Holmes-The Solitary Cyclist
Show Details26min 15s
54-10-26-Sherlock Holmes-The Bruce Partington Plans
Show Details25min 15s
54-12-21-SherlockHolmes-The Final Problem
Show Details27min 5s
48-05-09-Sherlock Holmes-The Illustrious Client
Show Details29min 24s
48-01-25-Sherlock Holmes-The Engineer's Thumb
Show Details29min 30s
48-05-30-Sherlock Holmes-A Case of Identity
Show Details29min 39s
48-01-11-Sherlock Holmes-The Case Of The Sudden Senility
Show Details29min 28s
48-01-04-Sherlock Holmes-The Mazarin Stone
Show Details28min 30s
48-03-28-Sherlock Holmes-The Disappearance of Lady Francis Carfax
Show Details29min 14s
48-02-15-Sherlock Holmes-Shoscombe Old Place
Show Details29min 42s
48-03-07-Sherlock Holmes-The Adventure of the Six Napoleons
Show Details29min 33s
48-12-26-Sherlock Holmes-The Blue Carbuncle
Show Details29min 45s
48-04-11-Sherlock Holmes-The Adventure Of The Empty House
Show Details23min 41s
48-02-29-Sherlock Holmes-King Philip's Golden Salver
Show Details30min 1s
48-02-22-Sherlock Holmes-Adventure Of The Wooden Claw
Show Details29min 11s
47-11-02-Sherlock Holmes-The Adventure Of The Copper Beeches
Show Details29min 19s
47-12-07-Sherlock Holmes-Professor Moriarity And The Diamond Jubilee
Show Details28min 44s
47-06-23-Sherlock Holmes-The Speckled Band
Show Details29min 52s
47-10-05-Sherlock Holmes-Case Of The Missing Heiress
Show Details28min 30s
47-04-21-Sherlock Holmes-The Lion's Mane
Show Details29min 41s
47-11-09-Sherlock Holmes-The Cadaver In The Roman Toga
Show Details29min 22s
47-12-14-Sherlock Holmes-The Case Of The Suissex Vampire
Show Details29min 26s
47-12-28-Sherlock Holmes-New Years Eve Off The Scilly Isles
Show Details29min 19s
47-10-12-Sherlock Holmes-The Red-Headed League
Show Details27min 2s
47-11-23-Sherlock Holmes-The Case Of The Stolen Naval Treaty
Show Details29min 23s
47-06-02-Sherlock Holmes-The Red Headed League
Show Details29min 16s
47-11-30-Sherlock Holmes-The Case Of The Cradle That Rocked Itself
Show Details29min 8s
47-10-26-Sherlock Holmes-The Laughing Lemur Of Hightower Heath
Show Details29min 9s
47-12-21-Sherlock Holmes-The Adventure Of The Christmas Bride
Show Details27min 28s
47-11-16-Sherlock Holmes-The Case Of The Well Staged Murder
Show Details29min 22s
47-02-03-Sherlock Holmes-The Dying Detective
Show Details29min 6s
47-01-13-Sherlock Holmes-The Devil's Foot
Show Details29min 21s
47-03-17-Sherlock Holmes-The Creeping Man
Show Details29min 12s
47-05-12-Sherlock Holmes-Wisteria Lodge
Show Details29min 15s
46-05-20-SherlockHolmes-The Haunting of Sherlock Holmes
Show Details28min 51s
46-05-27-SherlockHolmes-The Baconian Cipher
Show Details28min 46s
46-04-22-SherlockHolmes-The Tankerville Club
Show Details29min 24s
46-04-15-SherlockHolmes-The Headless Monk
Show Details27min 48s
46-02-04-SherlockHolmes-The Cross Of Damascus
Show Details28min 40s
46-01-28-SherlockHolmes-Sweeny Todd, Demon Barber
Show Details28min 55s
46-05-06-SherlockHolmes-The Man With The Twisted Lip
Show Details28min 35s
46-04-01-SherlockHolmes-April Fools Day
Show Details28min 24s
46-01-21-SherlockHolmes-Telltale Pigeon Feathers
Show Details28min 21s
46-01-15-SherlockHolmes-Murder Beyond Mountains
Show Details28min 57s
46-02-11-SherlockHolmes-The Guileless Gypsy
Show Details28min 20s
46-04-29-SherlockHolmes-The Waltz of Death
Show Details31min 27s
46-03-11-SherlockHolmes-The Living Doll
Show Details28min 25s
46-05-13-SherlockHolmes-The Uneasy Easy Chair
Show Details28min 20s
46-04-08-SherlockHolmes-The Disappearing Scientists
Show Details28min 30s
46-02-18-SherlockHolmes-The Camberwell Poisoner
Show Details29min
46-02-25-SherlockHolmes-The Terrifying Cats
Show Details28min 19s
46-03-18-SherlockHolmes-The Blarney Stone
Show Details28min 53s
46-03-04-SherlockHolmes-The Submarine Caves
Show Details29min 11s
46-03-25-SherlockHolmes-The Girl with the Gazelle
Show Details27min 52s
46-01-07-SherlockHolmes-Hampton Heath Killer
Show Details28min 37s
45-12-31-SherlockHolmes-Case Of The Iron Box
Show Details29min 17s
45-11-05-SherlockHolmes-The Fifth Of November
Show Details29min 18s
45-10-22-SherlockHolmes-The Great Gandolfo
Show Details29min
45-11-12-SherlockHolmes-The Speckled Band
Show Details28min 58s
45-10-29-SherlockHolmes-Murder In The Moonlight
Show Details28min 37s
45-10-08-SherlockHolmes-The Vanishing Elephant
Show Details28min 46s
45-11-26-SherlockHolmes-Accidental Murderess
Show Details28min 41s
45-12-24-SherlockHolmes-Night Before Christmas
Show Details28min 32s
45-11-19-SherlockHolmes-Double Zero
Show Details28min 43s
45-12-17-SherlockHolmes-The Second Generation
Show Details28min 47s
45-12-03-SherlockHolmes-Murder In The Casbah
Show Details28min 12s
45-12-10-SherlockHolmes-A Scandal In Bohemia
Show Details30min 35s
45-10-15-SherlockHolmes-The Manor House Case
Show Details29min 11s
45-04-23-SherlockHolmes-The Notorious Canary Trainer
Show Details26min 18s
45-04-09-SherlockHolmes-The Viennese Strangler
Show Details26min 1s
45-09-03-SherlockHolmes-The Limping Ghost
Show Details27min 55s
45-05-21-SherlockHolmes-The Paradol Chamber
Show Details25min 32s
45-04-02-SherlockHolmes-The Amateur Mendicant Society
Show Details29min 33s
45-04-30-Sherlock Holmes - Unfortunate Tobacconist
Show Details25min 56s
45-03-26-Sherlock Holmes - The Book Of Tobit
Show Details29min 31s
45-09-24-Sherlock Holmes - The Eyes Of Mr Leyton
Show Details28min 49s
45-05-14-Sherlock Holmes - On The Flanders
Show Details28min 18s
45-09-10-Sherlock Holmes-Colonel Warburton's Madness
Show Details28min 15s
CBS Mystery Theater-Sherlock Holmes-Hound_Of_The_Baskervilles
Show Details44min 48s
CBS Mystery Theater-Sherlock Holmes-Naval_Treaty
Show Details49min 16s
CBS Mystery Theater-Sherlock Holmes-The Case of the Blue Carbuncle
Show Details43min 12s
45-05-07-Sherlock Holmes-The Purloined Ruby
Show Details29min 45s
45-10-01-Sherlock Holmes-Problem Of Thor Bridge
Show Details28min 34s
45-09-17-Sherlock Holmes-The Out of Date Murder
Show Details28min 19s
40-10-08-Sherlock Holmes-The Copper Beeches
Show Details27min 3s
39-11-06-Sherlock Holmes-The Bruce Partington Plans
Show Details27min 42s
38-09-25-Sherlock Holmes-The_Immortal_Sherlock_Holmes
Show Details56min 44s
41-12-07-SherlockHolmes-Mrs Warren's Lodger
Show Details29min 18s
44-05-15-SherlockHolmes-Adventure Of The Missing Bloodstain
Show Details23min 2s
36-05-30-Sherlock Holmes-The Devils Foot
Show Details24min 54s
40-03-11-SherlockHolmes-The Retired Colourman
Show Details29min 15s
CBS Mystery Theater-Sherlock Holmes-Gloria_Scott
Show Details43min 38s
CBS Mystery Theater-Sherlock Holmes-A_Study_in_Scarlet
Show Details46min 30s
CBS Mystery Theater-Sherlock Holmes-The Speckled Band
Show Details44min 35s
CBS Mystery Theater-Sherlock Holmes-Scandal_in_Bohemia
Show Details44min 8s
CBS Mystery Theater-Sherlock Holmes-The Vanishing Herd
Show Details52min 32s
CBS Mystery Theater-Sherlock Holmes-The Red Headed League
Show Details42min 2s
CBS Mystery Theater-Sherlock Holmes-The_Musgrave_Ritual
Show Details44min 11s
CBS Mystery Theater-Sherlock Holmes-The_Beryl_Coronet
Show Details42min 32s
CBS Mystery Theater-Sherlock Holmes-Reigate_Mystery
Show Details43min 11s
CBS Mystery Theater-Sherlock Holmes-Boscombe_Pool_Mystery
Show Details45min 29s
CBS Mystery Theater-Sherlock Holmes-Sign_of_the_Four
Show Details41min 42s