• EP 3: Connecting with the Earth, Community, and Self with Jillian Simons

    This episode, we're hearing from Jillian Simons about the importance of living intentionally for yourself and the planet. Jillian has spent her time traveling in her renovated eco-bus, organizing coastal cleanups, practicing meditation and building community. Can one person really make a difference? We answer this and plenty other questions in this episode! There is so much going on in the constant quest for a healthy planet that sometimes it can be overwhelming. As Jill explains, caring for the earth doesn't have to be all or nothing, though, and it's important to care for yourself as well.

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    33m | Jan 18, 2023
  • EP 2: Lights, Cameras, Ocean! with Dr. Stephen Kajiura

    This episode we're hearing from Dr. Stephen Kajiura, an FAU professor with an interest in Hollywood, to unpack fact versus fiction in some blockbuster films. Dr. Kajiura is an ocean activist, professor, and marine biologist researching the sensory biology, comparative morphology and behavior of elasmobranchs.

    We can all appreciate the wild stories that are told in movies, but have you thought about what that means for education in the real world? So why make it fiction? We hope to answer this question and more, to better understand how we as viewers (and listeners) can be mindful of any harmful false narratives. 

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    32m | Aug 16, 2022
  • EP 1: The Power of Digital Media with Caulin Donaldson

    This month we’re hearing from Caulin, you might know him as Trash Caulin from his social medias. Caulin is an ocean activist and TikTok star working around the clock to eliminate marine bound plastics. His TikTok account currently has around 1.4mil followers all tuning in to watch Caulin collect litter, advocate for ocean health, and occasionally play with sand. Caulin has a unique way of making his content educational, impactful, and fun!

    Breach The Surface host Cameron and guest Caulin discuss how digital media impact ocean conservation, and how you can use platforms like TikTok to advocate for its protection.

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    30m | Apr 22, 2022
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