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BS for Jan 16th 2020 Shelley Beats up on Brad and flames his car!
Show Details51min 57s
BS for Jan 14th Shelley talks about her days as a flight attendant
Show Details58min 1s
BS For January 15th and Shelley talks about living in Hawaii
Show Details39min 3s
BS for January 13th Shelley gives her wisdom on how to win at football.
Show Details58min 2s
BS for Jan 10th Shelley Drives Her Car Into Someone's Front Lawn
Show Details1hr
BS for Jan 9th 2020 Shelley Talks About Where She Keeps Her Car Keys
Show Details1hr 7min
January 8th Brad Tries To Renew His License Plates and is number 88
Show Details59min 17s
January 7th 2019 Shelley Tells About Her Time Spent in Russia
Show Details1hr 3min
Shelley Tells Brad Off
Show Details56min 20s
BS In the Morning Shelley goes Cray Cray
Show Details1hr 2min