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They let Brad out of the Hospital and took him to the White House
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TGIM And Shelley talks about the right guy in the wrong place
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Shelley has a huge announcement
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Was that a debate or another Vince McMahon program
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It's the Morning of the BIG debate
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TGIM It's Monday again. The best day of the entire week
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Shelley discusses the periodic table of elements
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Brad is marble mouth because he had a tooth pulled
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Brad talks about Zubaz pants and Shelley discusses bra sizes
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Thomas Jefferson in Acrylic
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What's the name of that TV show we can't talk about?
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It's not just another Friday
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All Shelley will talk about is camels!
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Shelley gives her odds on the Thursday NFL game
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So Happy It's Tuesday
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BS for Friday September 11th
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BS For Thursday September 10th So Happy It's Thursday
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BS In The Morning for September 9th
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BS In the Morning with a Shelley Revelation
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Labor Day BS for 2020 including Miley Cyrus talk!
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Shelley starts out the show by herself and she KILLLS IT
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BS for Thursday September 3rd 2020 with guest Alex Palmeri
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Waterfowl and Joe Rogan
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BS for Tuesday September 1st
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The Basketball court at Beverly Hills High
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Last Friday of August
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Shelley talks about Shrimp
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Come on man!
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TGIM BS In The Morning for August 24th 2020
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BS for Friday August 21st 2020
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BS In The Morning Favorite Things
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BS for Wednesday August 19th 2020 with special Guest Danny Wicentowski
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Steak 'N Shake War Stories
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Shelley and Brad discuss soccer team names
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B-Rad and Shelley in the Morning
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BS for HUMP DAY August 12th 2020
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The History Guy on BS In The Morning
Show Details15min 36s
Shelley's Daughter Tiffany delivers pizza and some great news
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So Happy Its Tuesday S 2 E 112
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BS for April 13th S2 E104
Show Details1hr 21min
Mike Johnson From Sugar Fire on BS In The Morning
Show Details12min 1s
BS For Tuesday April 7th S2 E98
Show Details1hr 22min
BS In The AM Monday April 6th
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Friday April 3rd BS in the AM S2 E94
Show Details1hr 45min
BS in the AM Thursday April 2nd S2 E93
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E 92 S 2 April Fools
Show Details1hr 44min
Last BS for 1Q 2020 BS In The Morning March 31st 2020
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S2 E90 BS In The AM for March 30th Shelley and Brad
Show Details1hr 29min
BS Episode 86 March 26th BS In The Morning
Show Details1hr 35min
BS 85 March 25th BS In The Morning
Show Details1hr 40min
Episode 84-1 March 24th BS in the morning
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More BS than Ever! March 23rd Episode 83
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Friday BS March 20th
Show Details1hr 25min
March 19th BS with Shelley and Brad
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March 18th and we're still open!
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March 17th BS In The Morning
Show Details1hr 8min
TGIM BS March 16th
Show Details1hr 4min
Lucky BS March 13th
Show Details42min 1s
March 12th BS
Show Details1hr 9min
Morning BS March 11th
Show Details1hr 15min
BS March 10th Shelley and Brad
Show Details56min 48s
BS March 9th Brad has the cure
Show Details1hr 8min
Friday Shelley BD and March 6th
Show Details1hr 21min
Hump Day BS March 4th Shelley and Brad
Show Details1hr 2min
March 3rd with lots of BS
Show Details1hr 9min
Bartle Skeet BS March 2nd 2020
Show Details1hr 13min
Feb 28th BS for Friday Shelley and Brad
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February 27th BS with Shelley and Brad
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February 26th BS
Show Details1hr 8min
BS for February 25th Shelley and Brad
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BS in the AM for Monday February 24th 2020
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Friday BS February 21st
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Feb 19th BS with Shelley and Brad
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BS for February 18th Back to Work Tuesday
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BS for February 17th Shelley loses a bet
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BS for VD Shelley and Brad Talk About Helium
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BS for February 13th Shelley Takes Over The Show
Show Details1hr 2min
BS for Jan 16th 2020 Shelley Beats up on Brad and flames his car!
Show Details51min 57s
BS for Jan 14th Shelley talks about her days as a flight attendant
Show Details58min 1s
BS For January 15th and Shelley talks about living in Hawaii
Show Details39min 3s
BS for January 13th Shelley gives her wisdom on how to win at football.
Show Details58min 2s
BS for Jan 10th Shelley Drives Her Car Into Someone's Front Lawn
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BS for Jan 9th 2020 Shelley Talks About Where She Keeps Her Car Keys
Show Details1hr 7min
January 8th Brad Tries To Renew His License Plates and is number 88
Show Details59min 17s
January 7th 2019 Shelley Tells About Her Time Spent in Russia
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Shelley Tells Brad Off
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BS In the Morning Shelley goes Cray Cray
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December 23 BS Shelley is changing animal names
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December 20th 2019 BS Jack Frost tells Brad to stop giving him the cold shoulder
Show Details56min 20s
December 18th 2019 Shelley Talks about being OK which is not OK anymore
Show Details57min 35s
December 17th BS In Thew Morning Shelley talks about how she used to be a cliff diver in Acapulco
Show Details58min 50s
December 16th 2019 Brad Calls His Son to Wish Him Happy Birthday and he almost gets a tifcket
Show Details50min 16s
It's Jack Frost on BS In The Morning December 13th 2019
Show Details6min 47s
Lucky December 13th 2019 and Jack Frost pays us a visit
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December 12th 2019 Shelley Talks about being a drummer in a punk rock band
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BS for December 11th 2019 Armed Robbery for a Domain Name?
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BS for December 10th 2019 Shelley talks about being a cab driver
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BS for December 9th Brad tells about getting hit by a car in a parking lot
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BS for December 6 2019 Shelly talks about working at the topless bar in the Florida Keys
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BS for December 5th 2019 Shelley tells the clown story
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Tuesday December 3rd 2019 BS In The Morning Shelley Barr talks about shaving her legs!
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BS for December 4th 2019 Shelley talks about her days working at NASCAR
Show Details47min 30s
Cyber Monday December 2nd 2019 Shelley Talks about how she embarrassed her daughter
Show Details36min 48s
Black Friday November 29th 2019 It's the Real Deal
Show Details53min 14s
November 27th 2019 Shelly shows off her extensive vocabulary
Show Details48min 30s
November 26th BS In The Morning Shelley and Brad
Show Details52min 38s
TGIM November 25th 2019 BS In The Morning Shelley Talks Football Westplex 107.1
Show Details51min 30s
Russian Women Wear What???? Shelley has the answer
Show Details1hr 7min
Shelley Can Only Work ONE HOUR
Show Details18min 15s
Monday November 18th BS In The Morning
Show Details47min 57s
Look at that S Car Go - November 20th 2019
Show Details1hr
Shelley Acts like an Animal
Show Details55min 27s