She Speaks Diversity

Five brown Muslim women have come together to express their views on all the challenges they face while following their dreams and crushing stereotypes. Yasmeen Sheikah, Hinda Akel, Oula Yassine, Kanwal Memon, and Mahnoor Syed are college-aged women chasing after their dreams and encouraging women of all kinds to do the same regardless of the fear of falling. This video specifically gives context on who each of them is. Yasmeen, a Journalist, Hinda, a communications specialist, Oula, a fashion designer, Kanwal, fashion business and Mahnoor, media producer and web designer, are showing women young and old they can and will make a difference in this world through their specific mediums. Following this video will be a series of talk show episodes featuring the five women touching on topics including: current events pertaining to women, stereotypes, social media and what it's like chasing after a dream. Follow us on Social media @SheSpeaksDiversity


Roya sings us a tune
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Genien cooks and tells!
Show Details20min 11s
Ramadan 2020 with Days of Eid
Show Details30min
We’re Back, Let’s Catch Up!
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Can you forgive a racist?
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Episode 5 part 1
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Episode 3
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She Speaks Diversity: The Veils of America episode 2
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Episode 01 She Speaks Diversity: Veils Of America
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#Diversewoman: Season One Wrap up of the She Speaks Diversity Podcast series
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She Speaks Diversity Meets This Muslim Girl Podcast!
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Author Nevien Shabbneh
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