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Shaving Dollars

Weekly short tips on how to "save a little more and spend a little less" Includes tips on everyday budgeting, personal finance, retirement investing/saving , and some hard nose real life money mistakes & wins!


Ep 11 -
Show Details9min 50s
EP - 10 Stimulus $$ Is Here! Who Qualifies?
Show Details7min 1s
EP - 9 Year End Review C-YA 2020!
Show Details6min 26s
EP - 8 *Hot Deal Alert* Best Western Rewards, Entertainment Deals, Happy Holidays!
Show Details13min 43s
EP-7 Major Appliance Shopping Tips & Tricks
Show Details8min 57s
Bonus- Happy Thanksgiving!
Show Details1min
EP-6 Netflix Price Changes , T-Mobiles new streaming service , Partnership news!
Show Details11min 19s
Ep-5 Saving Money on Booking Hotels, Best Western Rewards PROMO!, & Rewards
Show Details8min 46s
Ep-4 Money Savings Apps For Travel- Ibotta , Groupon & Big Podcast News
Show Details13min 2s
Ep 3 - Money Saving Tips with Student Loans, How to deal with REFUND checks, Student Loan Interest Rates, Student Credit Cards,Re-Fi Rates?
Show Details13min 42s
Ep 2 - Entertainment Money Hacks - Movie Theaters, Free Google Play Movies,Cutting the Cable Bill
Show Details13min 40s
Podcast Episode 1 - Who Am I ? And Whats this show about !
Show Details7min 30s