Size Matters! in the Paranormal?

1h 15m | Sep 27, 2022

In this episode, we have a smorgasbord of topics to cover. First, we'll discuss the two most feared words in a man’s life, “size matters.” But it’s not what you think. Then we have some crazy News Of The Weird Stories that involve a man amputating his own leg in front of his daughter, the police are no match for a masturbating man, and life is a highway until the highway is full of dildos and lube. In Creature Of The Week, we'll head down to South Carolina and hunt the infamous lizard man. We will ask the question, how can something be scientifically proven if no recognized science proved it? And as always we wrap with the final installment of Trailing Peter Underwood in this week's Ghost Watch. All of that and more, on this week's Shadow Initiative Paranormal Talk.

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