Zak Bagan's Paranormal Mafia

1h 29m | Mar 12, 2023

In this episode, Rick and Stephen reveal new information on the drama circling the Travel Channel and Discovery+ concerning Zak Bagan's bullying, fraud, and mission to control and monetize all public paranormal content. Paranormal show cancellations are confirmed by a producer slipping Shadow Initiative information.

Also on the program, a listener sends us insane trail camera footage of an undeniable flesh-and-blood being that rivals the Patterson-Gimlin film, over two dozen students fall ill after an Ouija Board session, an ancient penis is discovered, the hosts record a possible EVP during the show, a brand new Ghost Watch, and the Amomongo makes his way into this weeks Creature of the Week.

Is Zak Bagan's reign of fraud finally coming to an end? Dakota Laden and Nick Groff have something to say. This episode is slammed with controversy, truth, and all the shenanigans you've come to love.

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