Sexy Book Club Reads... "Billionaire BOSS: Secret Baby (Oh Billionaires!)" by Jolie Day

Season 1 | Episode 11
54m | Mar 1, 2021

This month, Sexy Book Club talks about “Billionaire BOSS: Secret Baby (Oh Billionaires!)“ by Jolie Day. 

A modern workplace romance with what could be, but somehow aren’t, problematic power dynamics related to status and wealth. Plus a secret baby!

Discussion points include virginity being a social construct, the role ovulation plays in one night stands, when in a relationship you should reveal that your boyfriend has a child and that you are the mother, plus just how is an orgasm extracted from the female body anyway?

Join us next month when we read “Fingersmith” by Sarah Waters... for real this time.


Cast: Amy, Tom & Carla

Producer: Russ More

Artwork: Aaron Bergunder - @bergunder

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