What do patterns in the stars have to do with our sex lives?

Sexstrology is a community-created podcast where we answer this question by looking at the natal charts and transits of Sex Stories podcast guests and listeners. 

It’s a fun way to see how the themes of our stories, desires, and kinks manifest in the astrological energies in our charts, and it’s a way to create stories that help us understand and celebrate our sexy selves.

Let's make the universe a sexier place.


Manifestor of Balanced Pleasure
Show Details7min 55s
Embodied Control & Deep Relationship
Show Details7min 43s
A Loaded 7th House & Fire Rising: Jezz's Kinks in the Stars
Show Details7min 34s
Wyoh's Sexy Firsts via Progressed Moon
Show Details32min 37s
Kinky Astrology with Heidi Rose Robbins
Show Details1hr 1min
Sexstrology: How Our Kinks Look in the Stars
Show Details1min 41s