213 | I’m a Slut & I Like to Make Money: Ana Dee’s Sex Stories

52m | May 19, 2023

Ana Dee went from undercover ho to being her own Daddy, and had been an online ecommerce boss babe since she was 17. A stripper on the side, she combined her e- and slut-smarts for first camming, where she explored her sexuality, and later Tik Tok, where she talks about things she sells on the internet, like panties, Q-tips and toenails, trash, feminine hygiene products, lollipops, and now she’s killin it on onlyfans, with nudity, burp, or whatever people request. Ana and Wyoh also talk handling online comments, sobering up, the joy of work dress-up, how intense tik tok live can be, how a Hitachi magic wand gave her an out-of-body experience, her amazing assistant, manifesting generators, the one thing she keeps for herself, AI reddit porn, weaponized shame as a response to boundaries, why she shifted to become more dominant and her first time with anal. She talks future plans for relaxation, thrifting around the world, an animal rescue, a possible future slutty sticky note book, Airbnb experiences for especially content creators and sex workers, and her Lisa Frank-inspired Professional Goddess sex room.

📈 STATS | Host of the Slutrepreneur Podcast, Author of Slutrepreneur Secrets, Owner of Sex Shop, a top 5% Onlyfans Model and has gone viral for her ‘Weird Things I Sell On The Internet’ series with the hashtag gaining over 84 million views, the Professional Goddess, Ana Dee.

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