212 | Sex Party & Gangbang Guide: Billy Procida’s Sex Stories

46m | May 12, 2023

Billy didn’t realize that he’s the one who helped Wyoh figure out she’s a sex worker, but he shares sexy updates and tries to make Wyoh laugh as she earnestly attempts to understand Sex and Humanity through the eyes of a naked stand-up comedian and self-proclaimed slut and host of the Manwhore podcast for nearly a decade. Billy and Wyoh talk sex parties, onlyfans, being a fake internet boyfriend, fantasy fulfillment, coaching, planning gang bangs, oral sex auditions (he wonders if he’s actually good at eating pussy), claiming what we want, nonverbal cues, clear communication and boundaries(especially at play parties), the intersection of poly, kink, and people on the spectrum who love rules, ass licking, being a straight dude in queer spaces and getting comfortable with other dicks, heteroflexibiity, attraction, orientation and labels, what a blowjob from a gold star lesbian revealed, embracing his body, his in-progress Book of Dirty Haikus, expanding sex far beyond penis-in-vagina moves, and a Billy room filled with glory holes, a stranger play space, and so much more.

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