210 | Committed Slutty Hotwife Dynamic: Front Porch Swingers’ Sex Stories

58m | Apr 28, 2023

How did a craigslist ad in rural Montana lead to a hot kinky partnership of business and pleasure in Vegas? Brian and Brenna host Front Porch Swingers, a podcast that started as a blog and has evolved into a hub for conversations around ethical non-monogamy and details of their own hot sex stories—which has led to a a thriving community of friends, play partners and lovers where they organize educational seminars, hotwife events, for sexy like-minded individuals. Brian and Brenna share how their backgrounds in the corporate world influenced their current work, talk about the intense connection they had from the very beginning in a Dom/sub dynamic, the freedom they’ve found in their relationship, what it’s like to talk about their play partners on-pod and how they decide what parts to share, Brenna and Wyoh connect about liking to make personal connections on onlyfans, learning about non-monogamy, exploring the crossover (and judgement) between non-monogamous, swinger, kink and BDSM spaces, what the term “lifestyle” means to them, Brian’s background as a bull, what inspired them to start events and their upcoming Ethically Non-Monogamy Summit to focus on developing guidelines for creating safe, inclusive, comfortable spaces. They talk about how they moved into a relationship where they play 100% separately and tell each other about it on the show, threesomes with hotwife and stag / vixen couples, how connection and communication heightens the hotness of play, awesome monogamous allies and listeners, the divide that can exist in the lifestyle and Brian’s seminars for bisexual men in the space, how HOT people who are turned on by each other in the same room is and how awesome it is to be able to talk about fucking for a living.

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