211 | Slaps, Surrender, Face Fucking & a Brothel House: Em’s Sex Stories

1h 13m | May 5, 2023

Em has more partners right now than she has in a while and she’s loving it. She tells us about all the new things she’s exploring—her Dominant side, playing with other Doms, her first hot YES-DADDY rendezvous, meeting kinky people on Feeld and Fetlife, new nipple piercings, anal, and recent health and safety convos that are a far cry from the reticence of growing up in a traditional Hispanic Catholic household, when her shame-o-meter was much higher. She remembers having always been a very sexual person, playing Mommy and Daddy as a kid, and later spin the bottle at sleepovers, learning about masturbation at school, exploring insertion, online chat sites with friends, starting to explore her queer side, and losing both virginities in eighth grade, learning she loved public and outdoor sex, almost getting caught at school, and learning through amateur porn. Em recalls getting cheated on and switching to a private Catholic school created the perfect conditions for a wild sex rampage, which led to her meeting her high school sweetheart and future ex husband, and exploring really good sex with physical intensity that she now associates with kink, but without the explicit communication. We hear about their long distance relationship that led to some lady explorations, finding out he had a secret girlfriend, then her first threesome with a hot sweet amazing couple, an aggressively hot tryst with a Parisian man, moving into a sex-positive house with girlfriends that was basically like a brothel, discovering she likes spanks and punishment, squirting and switching with her ex-girlfriend, taking turns strapping each other, big dick strap-on energy, fisting, loving intensity, choking, fluids and messes, filming herself, exploring sexy and kinky community, orgy dreams with multiple cocks, a hot upcoming exploration date, being a pleaser—AND: Em and Wyoh share their favorite places to receive cum, and dreams for double-sided dildos in the future.

📈 STATS 27-year-old bisexual but homo-romantic Cuban-American cis female who grew up Catholic. Historically monogamous in her romantic life but open to exploring the poly world in the future, she has been single since June 2022 and is currently casually dating and having lots of sex. She is into heavy choking and breath play, spanking, hair pulling, face slapping, spitting, and rough play in general. Infatuated with CNC, she’s waiting on the right partner to try it with. Having had quite a few threesomes lately, she really wants to explore foursomes and more-somes. She loves sucking cock, playing with pussies, and watching women cum. A professional singer from Florida.

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