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Sex Stories

Sex Stories is a podcast where guests share details of their desires, delights, disappointments, discoveries, and dreams (& listeners can comment here).

These respectful, casually explicit hyper-personal interviews offer a hot mix of inspiration, practical sexy how-to’s, and insight into other peoples’ feelings about sex (so dating apps start to make some sense).

Listeners get a chance to safely fantasize about future bucket list-worthy sexsplorations, and report turn-ons while listening, a lot (hilariously, often at work. Also, go listen to Sex at Work).

Wyoh is the creator and host, a curious, horny artist/performer. Her obsession with sex started with and continues because of the amount of sexual rejection she receives—in spite of the fact that society led many ladies to believe that if they are super-willing and not-ugly enough, being easy should be...easy.

But so far, the anecdotal research points towards the fact that trust and safety are actually super hot, and talking about it ahead of time is a turn-on.

Prioritize pleasure. F*ck shame and judgement. When we stay in touch with our desire—and our partner, and their desire—we might have better sex. More connected sex. Safer and creative and deeply intimate and vulnerable sex. Hotter sex.

Partners who listen to Sex Stories together report wildly amazing new levels of connection that have led to new phases of joy in their relationships and their sex lives.Solo listeners report increased feelings of enthusiasm and permission to explore kinky things that had only ever existed in their dreams.

Listeners of all kinds have connected to and loved their bodies in all kinds of brand new ways, and so many happy lovely humans have discovered butt pleasures thanks to the anal normalization that's happening on-pod. So many beautiful buttsluts!

Let’s lead better-laid lives.

Let’s create a world where taking care of each other is the norm.

Let’s smash some shame, make & share sex stories.