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Learn the technical information you need to sew successfully and have some fun with Zede and Mallory Donohue of


Football Jersey Repair
Show Details38min 44s
Presser Foot Pressure and Hump Jumpers
Show Details37min 23s
Centering and Placing Embroidery Designs, Goats, and Pasties
Show Details42min 50s
Bed Bugs
Show Details36min 21s
Sewing Myths: Superfluous Serger Threads and Cotton Crotches
Show Details30min 4s
Zede's T-shirt Refashion Tips
Show Details39min 58s
Last Minute Vacay Sewing and Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Must
Show Details53min 47s
Capsule Wardrobes, Overcoming Perfectionism and Sewing Psychoanalysis Session
Show Details35min 56s
Q&A Sticky Fabric and Hungry Thighs
Show Details40min
Double Gauze Easy T and Random Sewing Tips
Show Details27min 52s
Fiona the Fatty Tumor and Fun Home Costumes
Show Details1hr 2min
Random Walk Around the Sewing Studio
Show Details37min 13s
Q&A Buttonholes and Notches on Jeans
Show Details30min 17s
Trading in a Serger Versus Buying a New One
Show Details32min 46s
Jessica's Denim Twisting Question
Show Details35min
Wedding Veil Part 2
Show Details50min 16s
Wedding Veil Part 1
Show Details45min 42s
Crazy Christmas Stockings
Show Details41min 24s
Coverstitch Discussion
Show Details51min 40s
Spool Pins and Spool Caps
Show Details45min 53s
Sewing Surfaces
Show Details40min 20s
Throat Plates
Show Details41min 41s
Zig Zag and Overcasting Stitches
Show Details35min 37s
Straight Stitch and Stitch Selector Behaviors
Show Details33min 29s
Debbie's Question Part 1
Show Details20min 15s
Dana's Questions
Show Details41min 38s
Hem Facings
Show Details40min 10s
T-Shirt Quilts
Show Details30min 52s
Waist and Thigh Ratios for the Made to Measure Leggings
Show Details33min 35s
Sequin Dress Part 2
Show Details43min 1s
Sequin Dress Part 1
Show Details28min 46s
What We've Been Sewing - September 2021
Show Details29min 4s
What Machine Should Bobbie Buy?
Show Details26min 38s
Why is Fabric Knit in the Round and Pressing Cloth Hygiene
Show Details27min 46s
What is Knit Couture?
Show Details38min 15s
Sewing Ribbon on Gentle Leaders and Buttonhole Orientation
Show Details33min 37s
Q&A PDF Patterns, Fabric Shrinkage, Plus Lume Deodorant
Show Details39min 12s
Rebroadcast: Thread with Your Presser Foot Up
Show Details18min 34s
Embroidered Life Jacket
Show Details43min 53s
How to Start a Seam on Knit Fabric
Show Details31min 23s
Upsizing T-Shirts
Show Details37min
Downsizing T-Shiirts
Show Details46min 7s
Melissa's Linen Question
Show Details30min 48s
Podcast Favorite Moments
Show Details30min 2s
Swimsuit Lining
Show Details42min 50s
Swimwear Discussion 2021 Part 2
Show Details47min 36s
Swimwear Discussion 2021 Part 1
Show Details52min 3s
Sewing Machine Tension
Show Details46min 47s
Leggings Laments (EXPLICIT)
Show Details35min 35s
How to Embroider a T-Shirt
Show Details39min 34s
Lining Questions
Show Details34min 59s
Zipper Tips Part 2
Show Details44min 17s
Your Sewing Goals
Show Details1hr 2min
Zipper Tips Part 1
Show Details55min 8s
Sewing Mistakes You Make Over and Over Again
Show Details42min 3s
How to Organize Ongoing Sewing Projects
Show Details34min 6s
Finished Garment Measurements
Show Details47min 48s
The Stink of Febreeze
Show Details36min 14s
How to Embroider a Terry Cloth Towel
Show Details51min
Q&A - Serger Blades and Vacuums
Show Details37min 22s
Stabilizer Series #3: Wash Away Stabilizers
Show Details35min 40s
Stabilizer Series #2: Tear Away Stabilizers
Show Details37min 46s
Stabilizer Series #1: What are Stabilizers? What Are Cut Away Stabilizers?
Show Details33min 45s
How Servicing Your KitchenAid Mixer Relates to Sewing Machine Maintainance
Show Details36min 35s
Sewing Adjustment Periods: How to Get Used to Rotary Cutters and Tracing Patterns
Show Details50min 44s
Sewing Adjustment Periods: How to Get Used to a Knee Lift and a Serger
Show Details34min 46s
Differential Feed on a Serger
Show Details32min 12s
Can You Grade Between Sizes on All Patterns
Show Details39min 24s
Needle Felting
Show Details24min 17s
Seam Allowance Discs
Show Details27min 59s
Dyeing is a Crap Shoot and Reshaping Trouser Legs
Show Details35min 25s
Christmas Sewing 2020
Show Details36min 50s
FFTCM COVID Sewing, Camper Sewing and Cookie Lies
Show Details35min 17s
Hello Dolly Costumes
Show Details39min 5s
Pattern Adjustments and Preserving Seams
Show Details29min 43s
FFTCM (Feel Free to Compliment Me) Boat Sheets and Plague Masks
Show Details29min 43s
Explicit - Spooky Sewing Stories
Show Details27min 52s
Unique Uses for Ribbon
Show Details34min 49s
PDF Patterns: How to Print, Assemble, Store, and Use Them
Show Details28min 33s
Should You Stretch Knits as You Sew?
Show Details29min 13s
Bread Proofing Bowl
Show Details38min 12s
Costuming a Virtual Show
Show Details42min 21s
SewHere Box Refresh Edition
Show Details35min 56s
Made to Measure Leggings for Pregnant and Medical Bellies
Show Details26min 46s
RhapsoTee Drafting Guide
Show Details42min 40s
Sewing With Kids Part 2: Older Kids and Projects
Show Details32min 25s
Sewing With Kids Part 1: Basics and Little Kids
Show Details33min 33s
Bridal Alterations for Cortney
Show Details35min 31s
Muslins and the Process of Testing Garments
Show Details34min 26s
Lettuce Edges and Fishing Line Edges
Show Details35min 43s
Sewing Supplies That We Use in Real Life!
Show Details40min 13s
Money, Budgeting, and Sewing
Show Details45min 32s
Outdoor Furnishings and Fabrics
Show Details47min 24s
Tracing Ready to Wear Garments
Show Details49min 6s
Q&A M2M Leggings and Silk Trousers
Show Details36min 26s
What to Do With Knit Scraps
Show Details42min 12s
Seam Guides
Show Details37min 31s
Three Different Types of Iron
Show Details50min 38s
Upgrading Your Sewing Machine or Serger
Show Details46min 38s
Q & A Industrial Machines and Grainlines on Knits
Show Details48min 51s
FFTCM: Sewcial Distancing Rashguards and Masks
Show Details59min 3s
Free Motion Stitching
Show Details40min 43s
Stay Stitching, Understitching, and Top Stitching
Show Details50min 49s
Sewing Room Luxuries
Show Details39min 44s
Show Details48min 39s
Sewcial Distancing 2: Adult Bib and Mending
Show Details39min 55s
When Needles Go Bad
Show Details44min 8s
Buying in Bulk
Show Details36min 21s
Sewcial Distancing
Show Details47min 6s
Q & A March 2020
Show Details42min 34s
Color Blocking
Show Details49min 45s
How To Sell A Used Machine
Show Details46min 51s
Straight Stitch Only Machines: The Baby Lock Jane and Accomplish
Show Details50min 51s
Tiny Hems
Show Details54min 21s
Jeans Sewing Time Saving Tips
Show Details38min 5s
Last Minute Circle Skirt for Kathryn
Show Details43min 46s
Mallory’s Questions for Zede
Show Details25min 46s
Butchering and Building Shoes
Show Details45min 18s
Building and Butchering Bras
Show Details46min 22s
FFTCM: Mallory’s Sparkly Outfit
Show Details37min 16s
Zede’s Razzle Dazzle Aerial Costume Winter 2019
Show Details50min 3s
The Glitter Tolerance Scale for Glittery and Shiny Fabrics
Show Details42min 25s
The 12 Days of Sewing Part 2
Show Details28min 9s
The 12 Days of Sewing Part 1
Show Details28min 45s
The 12 Days of Sewing Carol
Show Details4min 42s
Holiday Gift Strategy 2019
Show Details37min 5s
Show Details42min 49s
The Creative Process
Show Details46min 14s
Halloween 2019 Debriefing
Show Details56min 53s
Digital Pattern Drafting
Show Details47min 38s
Home Decor Episode 5: Hollywood Chair
Show Details36min 51s
Home Decor Episode 4: Draperies and Curtains
Show Details54min 22s
Home Decor Episode 3: How to Recover Dining Room Chairs
Show Details47min 10s
Home Decor Episode 2: Tools, Glue, and Hardware
Show Details51min 27s
Home Decor Episode 1: Fabrics and More
Show Details36min 55s
Home Decor Series Introduction
Show Details46min 38s
What We are Sewing in September 2019
Show Details38min 13s
Halloween Costume Supplies
Show Details40min 21s
Show Details36min 3s
Show Details48min 12s
Show Details45min 49s
Q & A: M2M Leggings Crotch Curve and When To Use Non Stretch Stitches on Knits
Show Details37min 51s
Decorative Threads on the Serger
Show Details1hr 1min
Paper Wigs for She Stoops to Conquer
Show Details37min 3s
What to Do With Power Shaper Net
Show Details53min 44s
Sewing Don’ts
Show Details36min 46s
Sewing Flub Ups
Show Details32min 39s
Circle Skirts Part 2
Show Details48min 32s
Circle Skirts Part One
Show Details47min 15s
Machine Smart 2019
Show Details34min 27s
Thrift and Resale Resourcing
Show Details41min 47s
Pocket Podcast
Show Details46min 33s
What to Get When You Buy an Embroidery Machine
Show Details1hr 6min
Gathering Over a Cord
Show Details50min 24s
What to Get When You Buy A Sewing Machine
Show Details37min 50s
Swimwear Discussion
Show Details52min 57s
What To Get When You Buy A Serger
Show Details45min 5s
Zede’s Aerial Costumes April 2019
Show Details1hr 12min
Tearing Wovens and Indie Pattern Knowledge
Show Details35min 32s
Sheer Serger Scarf
Show Details33min 35s
How To Clean Your Serger
Show Details36min 38s
How to Clean Your Sewing Machine
Show Details55min 45s
Going Rogue With Garment Fabrics
Show Details32min 36s
Trouser Basting, Fitting, and Crotch Preferences
Show Details47min 5s
Sewing and Managing a Chronic Illness
Show Details44min 18s
Lysistrata EXPLICIT
Show Details40min 41s
My Body Model Review
Show Details40min 10s
Made to Measure Leggings Questions 2.0
Show Details34min 1s
Buying Fabric Intentionally
Show Details38min 57s
BONUS: February 2019 Membership Goodies
Show Details3min 53s
Using Patterns for an Unintended Purpose
Show Details41min 11s
Sewing on Paper and Other Sundry Materials
Show Details30min 16s
Zede’s Sewing Space Evolution
Show Details33min 15s
Needles For Stretchy Fabrics
Show Details43min 58s
2018 Year End Review
Show Details45min 32s
FFTCM – Feel Free To Compliment Me December 2018
Show Details37min 52s
Twin Needles
Show Details40min 39s
How to Mark Pants Hems
Show Details39min 18s
Garment Linings
Show Details31min 56s
Show Details58min 28s
Sewing Furniture
Show Details47min 22s
Zede’s Aerial Costumes
Show Details46min 13s
RhapsoTee Pattern
Show Details48min 42s
Halloween Sewing
Show Details55min 11s
Mallory’s Sweeney Todd Performance
Show Details46min 4s
Show Details40min 16s
How To Organize Stitch Samples
Show Details48min 48s
Sew You Want Want To Costume A Show: Part 4
Show Details1hr 3min
Sew You Want To Costume A Show: Part 3
Show Details1hr 7min
Sew You Want To Costume A Show: Part 2
Show Details34min 9s
Sew You Want to Costume A Show: Part 1
Show Details35min
Wedding Hems and Add-Ons
Show Details48min 34s
Online Fabric Shopping
Show Details40min 53s
Zipper Feet
Show Details36min 8s
Studio Redo
Show Details42min 26s
Floozy Doozy Underwear Pattern Development
Show Details40min 28s
How To Laminate Fabric
Show Details38min 6s
How To Not Throw Away Sewing Projects
Show Details41min 26s
Common Threads 2018 – Legging Class
Show Details39min 7s
FFTCM Common Threads Dresses
Show Details51min 22s
Hand Beading
Show Details32min 15s
Making Your Own Wedding Dress
Show Details46min 26s
Wedding Retail Experience
Show Details45min 18s
Hillary’s Wedding Dress
Show Details41min 23s
Mallory’s Wedding Dress
Show Details43min 32s
How To Take Out Stitches
Show Details44min
Fabric Library Development
Show Details39min 11s
Sewing Projects: A Love/Hate Relationship
Show Details47min 3s
FFTCM: Leos and Easy T Dress Alteration
Show Details31min 6s
Serger Tool Box
Show Details44min 35s
Sharing Your Sewing Space
Show Details43min 36s
Professional Sewing Machine Service and Repair
Show Details50min 33s
Should You Service Your Machine Yourself
Show Details38min 58s
Knit Construction and Finishing Techniques
Show Details47min 32s
Maxi Lock Stretch Thread
Show Details38min 23s
Three Thread Narrow
Show Details48min 35s
Hobby Shaming
Show Details49min 5s
How To Thread Your Serger Wrong
Show Details50min 27s
How To Thread A Sewing Machine Wrong
Show Details51min 15s
Mistakes to Avoid
Show Details32min 42s
A Review of “I Sew For Fun” by Nancy Zieman
Show Details43min 37s
Safety In The Sewing Room
Show Details43min 32s
Ruffling, Pleating and Puffing
Show Details36min 4s
The Best Marking Pen
Show Details33min 8s
Machine Embroidery
Show Details33min 15s
Smart Machines
Show Details33min 8s
2017 In Review
Show Details33min 9s
Stitch Busters: Dulling Rotary Cutters & Fiber Blending
Show Details35min 21s
Handmade Gifts
Show Details40min 28s
Zede’s Sewing Process
Show Details41min 6s
Obscure Serger Stitches
Show Details53min 18s
Pattern Placement
Show Details42min 15s
Tape Guides on Serger Feet & The Elastic Foot for Sergers
Show Details27min 21s
Those Who Test & Those Who Wish They Had
Show Details45min 48s
Show Details32min 35s
Pattern Drafting
Show Details45min 46s
Rebroadcast: Thread With Your Presser Foot Up
Show Details20min 6s
Class Etiquette
Show Details36min 24s
Parenting and Sewing
Show Details46min 17s
Sewing for Body Changes
Show Details50min 25s
Legging Mods Part 2
Show Details42min 43s
Legging Mods Part 1
Show Details39min 26s
Ready to Wear vs. Self Sewn vs. Self Drafted Garments
Show Details49min 5s
Zede’s Alterations Musings
Show Details51min 26s
Creating Sewing Media
Show Details29min 47s
Clothing Durability
Show Details45min 36s
All About Tracing & Tracing Paper
Show Details29min 40s
Podcast Crossover Special – Cotton Organdy
Show Details42min 5s
Mal and Zede’s Favorite Lifts: Thread and Knee Lifts!
Show Details32min 12s
Seam Allowances
Show Details32min 8s
Hems Part 1
Show Details25min 43s
Serger Stitches
Show Details35min 21s
Durable and Non Durable Sewing Notions
Show Details35min 26s
Made To Measure Leggings Class
Show Details38min 47s
Common Threads!
Show Details1hr 6min
Stop! Before You FBA – Full Bust Adjustment
Show Details41min 20s
Buying Used Machines
Show Details36min 32s
Mallory’s Salmon Prom Dress
Show Details28min 39s
Fons & Porter
Show Details33min 58s
What Information Is Found On A Pattern Envelope
Show Details33min 32s
How to Reduce Bulk in Your Projects
Show Details36min 22s
What to Clean in Your Sewing Room
Show Details31min 43s
Show Details30min 20s
Sewing Through Changes
Show Details34min 8s
Show Details46min 22s
Special Crossover Episode: Zede’s AMA! (Ask Me Anything)
Show Details34min 12s
Non Sewing Items For Sewing
Show Details27min 33s
Zede’s Brick and Mortar Store Closing
Show Details26min 32s
Are Walking Feet For Knits Or Not?
Show Details36min 41s
Parts Of A Sewing Machine
Show Details38min 7s
FFTCM: Baby Lock Tech Dress & Leggings
Show Details17min 48s
Screwing Up Is A Part Of Life
Show Details29min 25s
Warp, Weft, and Bias
Show Details22min 14s
What Sewing Advice Do You Take?
Show Details26min 39s
Bonus Episode: Now Available! SewHere Box – Dressmaker’s Delight Edition
Show Details15min 15s
Sewcabulary 2: Ease, Easing, Ruffles & Flounces
Show Details39min 49s
Sewcabulary 1: Croquis, Sloper, Muslin, Moulage, Pattern, Tailor Tack
Show Details25min 15s
Zede’s Name & Sewing Machine Purchasing
Show Details34min 12s
Zede’s Unconventional Sewing Tips Part 1
Show Details31min 8s
Sewing is Complex, Only Smart People Do It
Show Details31min 5s
Zede’s Rules for Troubleshooting
Show Details39min 44s
When People Ask you to Sew for Them
Show Details35min 24s
Pressing Part 1
Show Details26min 22s
Funky Stitches
Show Details21min 50s
Darts and Curved Seams
Show Details30min 23s
Bonus Episode: SewHere Box!
Show Details16min 37s
Thread Blending
Show Details19min 10s
Blindhem and Overcast Feet
Show Details29min 45s
Dot Sequin
Show Details30min 16s
Last Minute Projects
Show Details20min 37s
Show Details24min 53s
Types of Fabric
Show Details46min 8s
Bonus Episode: Stitcher’s Social 10/16
Show Details10min 20s
Serger Thread
Show Details30min 51s
Bonus Episode: Easy T FAQ
Show Details15min 11s
Feel Free to Compliment Me: Zede’s Rug Fix
Show Details18min 22s
Bonus Episode: Pre Order the Easy T Class
Show Details13min 14s
Fabric Snobbery
Show Details23min 27s
Sewing Machines in Schools
Show Details21min 29s
BONUS EPISODE: Stitcher’s Social 9/16
Show Details8min 33s
The Resurgence of Garment Sewing
Show Details26min 21s
Machine Marketing Buzzwords
Show Details20min 52s
Vodka & Dis-Stain
Show Details29min 36s
Sewing Classes
Show Details26min 51s
Body Image
Show Details30min 9s
Machine Transportation & Storage
Show Details20min 8s
What If You Didn’t Sew
Show Details21min 30s
Sewing Anxiety & Procrastination
Show Details25min 5s
Show Details36min 33s
UPF Fabrics
Show Details21min 16s
Garment Sewing Skills: Fabric Selections
Show Details27min 59s
Garment Sewing Skills: Pattern Adjustments
Show Details22min 15s
BONUS EPISODE: The Bra Zone Review
Show Details23min 50s
Garment Sewing Skills: Taking Measurements
Show Details32min 18s
BONUS EPISODE Interview with a Sewlebrity
Show Details16min 36s
Garment Sewing Skills Pattern Information
Show Details25min 54s
Garment Sewing Skills Series: Cutting Out Garments
Show Details22min 41s
Different Seam Finishes
Show Details25min 42s
How We Hem Jeans
Show Details18min 17s
Feel Free To Compliment Me: Mallory’s Ginger Jeans
Show Details25min 48s
Discouraged at Sewing?
Show Details23min 14s
Your “Stash”: Be Not Ashamed!
Show Details19min 40s
Feel Free To Compliment Me! Zede’s Life Saving Dog Corset.
Show Details13min 9s
Why We Don’t Like Burrito Pillowcases
Show Details22min 30s
Repurposed Clothing: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Show Details20min 30s
Sewing Reputation: Do You Tell People That You Sew?
Show Details19min 41s
Annie’s Soft and Stable
Show Details20min 5s
How To Sew On Beaded Fabric
Show Details21min 58s
Confusing Sewing Terms
Show Details21min 48s
Should You Have a Serger? Which one?
Show Details24min 59s
Zede’s Sewing History
Show Details18min 39s
Fabric Care
Show Details25min 41s
Sewing Machine Dealerships
Show Details28min 54s
Sewing Machine Needles Part 2
Show Details23min 16s
Needles Part 1
Show Details25min 15s
Our Personal Fitting Issues
Show Details23min 26s
Zede’s Work Prep
Show Details18min 8s
Favorite Feet: Edge Joining Foot and Open Toe Foot
Show Details21min 33s
Stretch Lace Trim
Show Details18min 29s
Thread With Your Presser Foot Up
Show Details18min 34s