• Ep 78 - Ayton & Oubre Explode, Trade Deadline Thoughts & All Star Selections

    A jam packed week results in a jam packed episode. Max & David tackle the 5 games of the week, highlighted by Kelly Oubre beating the Rockets & Deandre Ayton having possibly his best ever game versus the Nuggets.

    The guys then discuss the rest via the 7SOL Leader Board, before moving onto their thoughts on standing pat at the trade deadline. They finish off with a fun exercise picking their All Star Squads. As always, all the usual segments sprinkled in between!


    2:20 - Recap

    4:15 - Houston Game

    14:30 - Denver Game

    28:22 - Leaderboard

    37:55 - Did You Know

    44:20 - Trade Deadline Thoughts

    1:15:30 - All Star Selections

    1:25:30 - 7SOL

    1h 31m - Feb 9, 2020
  • Ep 77 - Booker Snubbed & Mock Trade Deadline

    Max & David start with Devin Booker being snubbed from the All Star Game before discussing this weeks up & down results against DAL & OKC.

    Then starting with a Mock Trade Deadline exercise, where they each act as Suns GM, they lay out what a good deadline would look like for the Suns. More trade chatter to finish, covering off all the usual suspects, other Suns trade possibilities & what might happen league wide.

    Plus, all the usual regular segments!


    2:00 - Devin Booker All Star Snub

    10:45 - Recap

    12:15 - Leaderboard

    30:35 - Did You Know

    38:05 - Mock Trade Deadlines

    52:15 - Other Trade Ideas

    1:12:15 - 7SOL

    1h 16m - Feb 1, 2020
  • Ep 76 - Grizzlies Game Reaction & Therapy Session

    Max and David react to the Suns' heartbreaking loss to the Memphis Grizzlies before breaking down the rest of the week's games. Maybe the Suns aren't that good, but at least they have Devin Booker. This is a therapy session.


    2:15 - Recap

    4:00 - Memphis Reaction

    23:30 - Did you Know

    31:30 - Spurs Games

    40:30 - Indiana Game

    51:30 - Leaderboard

    57:30 - 7SOL

    1h 1m - Jan 27, 2020
  • Ep 75 - Phoenix's Recent Surge + Season in Review

    Max and David discuss Phoenix's young core fueling their recent surge before breaking down each player's season so far. They finish up after Did You Know by analyzing the race for the 8 seed in the West.

    Recap - 3:00

    Leaderboard - 5:30

    Season in Review - 16:00

    Did You Know - 1:02:30

    West Race - 1:08:00

    7SOL - 1:20:00

    1h 23m - Jan 20, 2020
  • Ep 74 - Our All-Star Teams, Devin Booker & the 7SOL Suns

    Max and David hit several different topics today. They start with the weekly leaderboard before moving on to their West and East All-Stars. They finish up by breaking down Bill Simmons' wonderful podcast on the Seven Seconds or Less Suns with Steve Nash.

    Recap/Current Suns Thoughts - 1:50

    Leaderboard - 5:50

    West All-Stars - 16:00

    Did You Know - 42:30

    East All-Stars - 48:30

    Simmons/Nash Pod - 1:01:30

    7SOL 1:25:30

    1h 29m - Jan 12, 2020
  • Ep 73 - Back with a Mailbag on All Things Suns!

    Max and David return from a short holiday break to answer your questions! From Booker and Ayton to the future of the roster, this episode touches on all things Suns.

    1:15 - Recap

    4:00 - Leaderboard

    9:30 - Mailbag Part 1: Booker, Ayton, and other current players

    46:45 - Did You Know

    53:30 - Mailbag Part 2: The Suns' Future and miscellaneous questions

    1:22:15 - 7SOL

    1h 26m - Jan 5, 2020
  • Ep 72 - Can PHX Still Make The Playoffs?

    With a third of the NBA season down, Max & David run through how the Suns have looked and if they still have a shot at the playoffs.

    Starting off with a Recap & the Suns Leader Board, the guys then move onto discussing how Deandre Ayton's return will help the team. They then discuss the biggest surprises and disappointments so far, before looking at how the rotation might look with everyone healthy.

    After Did You Know, the episode ends with a look at the upcoming schedule and bubble team competition, for a discussion surrounding the Suns playoff chances.


    Recap/News 2:33

    Suns Leader Boards 6:05

    Deandre Ayton Returns 9:15

    Grading The Roster So Far 21:30

    How Will The Rotation Shake Out 42:30

    Did You Know 51:15

    The Remaining Schedule 58:10

    Bubble Team Watch 1:05:45

    7SOL 1:17:45

    1h 22m - Dec 22, 2019
  • Ep 71 - NBA Trade Season Mini-Nerdcast!

    Max and David bring back NERDCAST to help preview the NBA's trade season, including both the major PF targets being discussed as well as a few under-the-radar targets. After Did You Know they run through the weekly leaderboard and discuss the NBA landscape.

    1h 29m - Dec 8, 2019
  • Ep 70 - What We're Thankful For + NBA Power Rankings

    Max and David start in the spirit of the holidays by giving out Thanksgiving "awards" for the Suns' season so far before going through their power rankings of the NBA teams in both conferences.


    3:00 Recap

    5:00 What We're Thankful For

    29:45 What We're Not So Thankful For

    37:30 Leaderboard

    48:00 Did You Know

    54:50 NBA Power Rankings

    1:12:30 7SOL

    1h 17m - Dec 1, 2019
  • Ep 69 - What Have The Suns Missed Most? With Kellan Olson

    After a Suns three game losing streak, Kellan Olson joins Max & David to run through the current injuries and what problems it has caused on the court.

    Starting off with a Recap, the trio then move onto discussing the biggest holes in the current Suns team and how panicked they are short & long term. They discussed the big man rotation, PG issues and overall depth within the roster.

    What has changed in the West Playoff race and how much the Suns need Ayton to return, ends the episode.

    The Vote Leader Board returns, along with Did You Know and 7SOL mixed in between.


    Recap/News 2:35

    The C Position & Aron Baynes 4:23

    The PG Position & Ricky Rubio 22:00

    The Other Rotation Issue 35:30

    Suns Leader Board 47:40

    Did You Know 54:05

    Playoffs In The West 1:02:00

    Deandre Ayton's Return 1:13:00

    7SOL 1:19:30

    1h 24m - Nov 24, 2019
  • Ep 68 - Surprise: We're Back & So Are The Phoenix Suns!

    After a short break, Max & David are back to talk about everything this surprise packet Suns team is doing.

    Starting off with a Recap of what they've missed, they then move onto an update on the Vote Leader Board. Using that list, the guys then run through every player in the rotation and how they feel about them so far.

    Throw in some very unexpected playoffs talk involving the Suns, sandwiched in between the usual Did You Know and 7SOL segments to end.


    Recap/News 3:10

    Suns Leader Board 4:52

    Devin Booker 11:40

    Aron Baynes & Deandre Ayton 23:00

    Kelly Oubre 34:15

    Ricky Rubio & Jevon Carter 40:00

    Kaminsky, Tyler Johnson & Saric 49:00

    Mikal Bridges & Cam Johnson 1:01:35

    Did You Know 1:08:00

    Playoffs In The West 1:14:00

    7SOL 1:28:30

    1h 32m - Nov 16, 2019
  • Ep 67 - Early Season Victory Laps & Clap Backs + Conference Standings

    With two weeks worth of games in the bank, Max and David look at the Suns season to date. The guys start off by discussing what they look right about so far, before admitting defeat to a few things they looked way off on before the season started. Later in the episode, the guys talk about both Conferences current standings & even dare to consider what the Suns playoff chances look like after a 3-2 start.

    New segment on the Leaderboard returns, plus regular favorites; Did You Know and 7SOL.


    Recap/News 2:40

    What Looks Rights (Victory Laps) 8:50

    What Looks Wrong (Clap Backs) 34:20

    Player Of The Week Voting 52:10

    Did You Know 1:00:07

    General NBA - Early Standings Look 1:07:00

    7SOL 1:24:00

    1h 30m - Nov 2, 2019
  • Ep 66 - Breaking Down the NBA Juggernaut Phoenix Suns

    The season is here! Max and David start by discussing the Deandre Ayton suspension before breaking down each game played by the surprise team of the young NBA season: the Phoenix Suns!

    Recap 1:40

    Ayton 3:30

    Clippers game 9:45

    Kings Game 28:00

    Did You Know 45:00

    Nuggets Game 51:45

    Players of the Week Voting 1:12:00

    7SOL 1:21:30

    1h 27m - Oct 27, 2019
  • Ep 65 - Final Suns Preseason Questions + NBA Preview

    David and Max start their final episode before the 2019-20 regular season by tackling the biggest questions facing the Phoenix Suns before their season opener against the Sacramento Kings. They finish by previewing the Western and Eastern Conferences, including by making their Conference Finals, Finals, and Championship predictions.

    2:00 Recap

    4:30 Biggest Suns Questions Going Into The Season

    37:00 Did You Know

    45:30 Western Conference Preview

    58:00 Eastern Conference Preview

    1:12:15 Seven Seconds Or Less

    1h 18m - Oct 20, 2019
  • Ep 64 - Preseason Observations & Award Predictions W/ Sam Cooper

    Sam Cooper from The Timeline podcast joins the show to talk about the roster after training camp and a couple of presesson games. The guys touch on just about every key piece of the roster and raise the key questions leading into the season proper.

    After the usual Did You Know segment, some fake Suns award predictions are made and the trio make their calls for the NBA regular season awards for 19/20.


    02:00 - Recap/News

    03:50 - Guards

    16:30 - Wings

    28:20 - Bigs

    43:50 - Did You Know?

    55:00 - Suns Awards

    1:10:45 - General NBA Awards

    1:30:00- 7SOL

    1h 37m - Oct 13, 2019
  • Ep 63 - Offseason Mailbag Part 2 (Plus Ayton @ PF Reactions)

    Max and David finish off the two-part offseason mailbag podcast with Part 2! After starting off with some fresh thoughts on Ayton at PF, weird FT rule & age/height changes - the guys move onto the rest of the listener questions.

    On this episode they tackle questions on Ricky Rubio, the Suns' forward rotation, 7SOL history, and some more wider NBA questions.

    04:35 - Deandre Ayton @ PF

    15:05 - Other News Tidbits

    22:30 - Ricky Rubio & PG Rotation

    32:00 - What About The Forwards?

    45:00 - Did You Know?

    54:40 - General NBA Questions

    1:03:30 - Final Quick Hitters

    1:13:50 - 7SOL

    1h 20m - Sep 29, 2019
  • Ep 62 - Offseason Mailbag Part 1

    Max and David return with part 1 of a two-part offseason mailbag podcast! On this episode they tackle questions on numerous subjects, including Deandre Ayton, the Suns' coaching staff, and the NBA at large.

    1h 7m - Sep 23, 2019
  • Ep 61 - Gerald Bourguet talking Deandre Ayton and Aron Baynes

    Gerald Bourguet joins the show to talk all things Center Position with Max and David. The guys go in depth on Deandre Ayton, breaking down what he showed in his rookie campaign on both ends and what we can hopefully improve upon next season.

    After the usual Did You Know segment, the guys move onto Aron Baynes' influence on and off the court, plus other options at C. Finishing off with a customary 7SOL segment.


    01:40 - Recap/News

    06:00 - Ayton Offense

    24:10 - Ayton Defense

    42:30 - Where Does Ayton rank?

    54:10 - Did You Know?

    1:03:22 - Aron Baynes Off Court

    1:08:15 - Aron Baynes On Court

    1:13:30 - Other Backup C Options

    1:18:30- 7SOL

    1h 24m - Sep 2, 2019
  • Ep 60 - Ricky Rubio and the Point Guard Position

    Max and David continue their position preview series with the Phoenix Suns' point guards, including Ricky Rubio, Tyler Johnson, and Ty Jerome.

    1:30 Recap

    2:45 Terry Rozier

    10:00 Ricky Rubio and the Starting PG Position

    42:00 Did You Know

    51:00 Tyler Johnson, Ty Jerome, and the Backup PG Position

    1:12:00 7SOL

    1h 19m - Aug 25, 2019
  • Ep 59 - Cole Zwicker on Mikal, Kelly, and Teambuilding

    Cole Zwicker joins the show to help Max and David break down the Phoenix Suns' Small Forward position, including Mikal Bridges, Kelly Oubre, and Cam Johnson. Cole also shares his takes on much of the rest of the Suns' roster.

    2:30 Free Agent Redos

    6:00 Kelly Oubre

    11:15 Current Mikal Bridges

    15:00 Kelly and Mikal Together

    25:30 Did You Know

    33:30 Mikal vs. Recent Lottery Wings

    38:00 Best, Worst, and Average Mikal Outcomes

    40:00 Building Around Booker/Ayton/Mikal

    48:00 Mikal's Near Future

    50:30 Cam Johnson

    54:15 Ty Jerome and Jalen Lecque

    58:00 Mikal's Shot and Improvement

    1:08:00 7SOL

    1h 20m - Aug 18, 2019
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