Seng Media Podcast

Seng Media Podcast provides multiple perspectives of different creatives giving their personal stories and advice. On top of creative guest, we have people in their early adulthood life giving personal perspectives on life to give different solutions for you.


Importance of Self Confidence and independence Ft Diane
Show Details34min 31s
Racial discrimination & what's happening in the asian community
Show Details1hr 42min
Season 2 Episode 5: Learning the process of getting to start your own business ft Nuaman
Show Details43min 38s
Season 2 Episode 4: Learning/ Getting into stock ft Michael Dang from Dang Media
Show Details46min 54s
Season 2 Episode 3: Learning Balance in life Ft Omar Gelani
Show Details1hr 5min
Season 2 Episode 2: Starting Free lance photography with Kobe Brian
Show Details43min 57s
Show Details42min 29s
Final Episode (8): Creative start in music with Tareef
Show Details34min 26s
Episode 7: Military Vs College Experience
Show Details34min 34s
Episode 6: Creative starts with Sam Lee
Show Details39min 57s
Episode 5: Importance of Daily Routines
Show Details42min 47s
Episode 4: Positive Vs Negative Energy
Show Details43min 4s
Episode 3: Steaming/Gaming, why people grow, why we game?
Show Details32min 35s
Episode 2: Chicken Nugget Mukbang/ How was senior year in college during COVID
Show Details44min 6s
Episode 1: What is Seng Media Podcast?
Show Details6min 20s