Ready Eddie Go! (Representing Autistic Children on TV) - Georgina Durrant in conversation with Nikki Saunders

39m | Sep 17, 2023

In this episode of our Special Educational Needs Podcast, Georgina Durrant is joined by returning guest Nikki Saunders, who shares the exciting news that her Children’s Books (The Eddie Series) aimed at families of autistic children have now become a Children’s TV series on Sky Kids!

 ‘Ready Eddie Go!’ follows 6-year-old Eddie who is autistic, as he navigates everyday real-life experiences for the very first time, everything from getting his hair cut to trying new food. During the podcast, Nikki Saunders discusses the importance of representation of autistic children on TV and taking a neuro-affirming approach. She shares a clip of the programme and explains how each episode, like a social situation, gives children strategies to manage new and different experiences. 

Ready Eddie Go! Resources to download for your home or classroom:

Sensory and Emotional Awareness Activities

Visual Timetable

My 'Ask for Help' Phrases

Explaining Autism to My Friends

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