Have you heard of PANS/PANDAS? And its impact on children? - Georgina Durrant, in conversation with Tina Coope from PANS/PANDA UK.

36m | Jun 6, 2023

In this episode of our Special Educational Needs Podcast. Georgina Durrant chats to Tina Coope, education lead of PANS/PANDAS UK - the only UK charity supporting children and families living with the neuropsychiatric conditions PANS and PANDAS.

PANS and PANDAS are a set of acute onset neuropsychiatric conditions that may include the development of OCD, tics or severe eating restrictions, alongside cognitive, behavioural and neurological symptoms. 

They can cause severe difficulties with learning, attending school and being able to do age-appropriate activities.

Tina explains what PANS/PANDAS are, the impact they can have on children, the importance of spotting early signs and how teachers can support children with PANS/PANDAS in the classroom.

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