The Fascinating Mindset of a Serial Founder

Episode 443
35m | Apr 29, 2024

In this captivating episode, Jason Marc Campbell sits down with Alan Zhao, the co-founder and CEO of Warmly, a pioneering revenue orchestration platform. Alan takes us on an unconventional journey that spans finance, AI technology, and even a stint as a restaurant manager. With refreshing candor, he shares his unique perspective on entrepreneurship, viewing it as a game of uncovering the truth and building a movement. Prepare to be fascinated as Alan delves into the cutting edge of marketing tech, revealing the future of AI-driven sales tools and the concept of "revenue orchestration." From embracing a "marketing church" approach to leveraging user interviews and competitor analysis, this episode offers invaluable insights for anyone navigating the ever-evolving world of sales and marketing.

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🎙️Guest’s Bio

Alan Zhao is the co-founder and CEO of Warmly, a cutting-edge revenue orchestration platform that helps businesses capture leads at the right time with the right message. With a background in finance and an early fascination with AI technology, Alan has taken an unconventional path to entrepreneurship. He began his career on a trading floor before joining an AI email scheduling company. A pivotal moment came when he co-founded and ran a Vietnamese restaurant in Dallas, providing him with invaluable lessons on problem-solving and understanding customer needs. Driven by a passion for innovation, Alan has pivoted through multiple startups, each time refining his approach and gaining insights into the ever-evolving tech landscape. Today, he leads Warmly with a unique mindset that views entrepreneurship as a game of uncovering the truth and building a movement.


👂Listen out for:

  • Discover the fascinating mindset of a serial founder
  • Unravel the future of revenue orchestration and AI-driven sales
  • Learn authentic selling tactics in the AI age
  • Gain insights into building a "marketing church" movement
  • Explore the art of category creation through strategic narratives


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