Self-Love Society

Come converse with us. Sit down for a weekly debriefing with a licensed therapist and a life coach. Dialog with us as we discuss hot button topics that rock and root the black community. Tony Gillon Jr. M.Ed. LPC and Nkiru the Love Guru will meet weekly to discuss ways to keep a healthy mental space in a hectic modern world from the black male and female perspective. The Self-Love Society is a collective that cultivates the practice of self-love and encouragement of growth for all those involved.


Ep. 4 | I'm Triggered
Show Details1hr 26min
Ep. 3 | Great Expectations
Show Details1hr 54min
Ep. 2 | But Still I Rise
Show Details1hr 38min
Ep. 1 | The Black Vote
Show Details1hr 6min