Self Adore

This is the Self Adore podcast, a space that is reimagining self love. SELF ADORE: Verb | Self Adore: the ultimate and unconditional form of cherishing and treasuring yourself deeply. Discovering new ways to love yourself. Rooted in self respect. Tune in each week to hear topics from self care, wellness, passion, mindfulness, and personal growth. Self Adore is hosted by Elly Bannon and Clea Martin, two female entrepreneurs inspired by what it feels like to truly step into your magic and allow self love to flow into your world. Through sharing experiences and bringing on thoughtful guests. We are making self love feel more inviting and empowering. Consider this our love letter to you. Thanks for spending time with us! xoxo


✨ Your Future Self Is Calling! How to align, activate & step into your highest self in 2020 ✨
Show Details1hr 35min
✨M A G I C✨ Our favorite holiday activities, intentional gift Ideas, fun traditions & cozy self care practices to shift your mindset about the holidays
Show Details1hr 5min
Stories & Strategies on trusting your intuition and stepping into your higher self with Charlie Stephens of The Substrand Podcast
Show Details1hr 44min
Tapping into high vibe energy & bringing your vision to life with Four Moons Spa Founders, Courtney Mars and Letha Sandison
Show Details1hr 11min
Self Love with Miki Ash: cultivating a deep connection with yourself, tapping into creativity, and putting yourself in the way of magic
Show Details59min 27s
Step into your AUTHENTICITY! 🦋 Top tips on aligning with your soul’s purpose 💥
Show Details1hr 1min
💕 Let’s get PERSONAL! ⚡️ An open, funny & insightful Q&A session with your hosts Clea & Elly 👯‍♀️
Show Details1hr 28min
Kalumi Beauty Co-Founders Chrissy Blair and Jayla Harnwell on the Power of Collagen, their Entrepreneurship Journey + Beauty, Wellness & Self Love Tips
Show Details1hr
Kelly Bloodgood - Her Brave Journey with Lyme Disease + The Benefits of Red Light Therapy
Show Details1hr 2min
Get Cozy this Fall! Top Mindset Tips, Creative Activities, Routines & Self Care Practices that will Change Your Life
Show Details57min 14s
How to Navigate Life As A Highly Sensitive Person- Self Care Tips For Empaths + How To Embrace This Superpower
Show Details1hr 14min
How to Create & Cultivate Meaningful Friendships & Tips on Handling + Healing from Friendship Breakups
Show Details1hr 14min
10 Powerful and life changing self love lessons
Show Details40min 58s
Connect to your authentic self, control your reality, propel your potential & HOW to be present with yoga teacher, Alex Artymiak
Show Details1hr 33min
Manifest & Hustle for your Dreams, Cultivate Self Love & Meditation with Erica Kmiec Galia, Founder of Rooted Beings
Show Details1hr 10min
Prioritize wellness, self love in motherhood, tips on transitioning to non-toxic beauty & actionable sustainability with wellness blogger Yasmeen Lee
Show Details1hr 14min
ALIGN with your soul’s purpose! Supercharge your self love practice with Dr. Eileen Shoals, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Show Details1hr 15min
Mindset is a choice! HOW to carry on - a vulnerable, real & honest conversation!
Show Details51min 26s
How meditation will change your life, brain science and building the worlds first drop in meditation studio with Suze Yalof Schwartz, CEO & Founder of Unplug Meditation
Show Details1hr 5min
The boss babes behind the Courageous Wellness Podcast on discovering self love & mindset through wellness with Aly French & Erica Stein
Show Details1hr 15min
COMMITING to your passions through the light and dark | Reflecting on the ups and downs of starting a beauty brand, Honey & Be
Show Details1hr 18min
Overcoming Fear & Making Bold Decisions
Show Details23min 32s
Put up your energy shield! Hot tips for practicing self love when it feels impossible
Show Details22min 35s
Glow from within! How to evaluate your skin and change your routine
Show Details33min 21s
Let your ideas IGNITE you! How we started and built our e-commerce brand
Show Details52min 35s
Get going babe! 5 Ways to Guide Your Self Love Journey
Show Details44min 45s
Break Down the Obstacles: The Power of Self Adore
Show Details43min 42s
PREVIEW Episode Self Adore Official Launch - What Self Adore means, why it matters and what you can expect
Show Details14min 44s