Seek to Speak

Welcome to Seek to Speak’s podcast where we aim to empower people to express themselves through speech! 

I’m Ain Aissa and in each episode, we will seek to speak about ways to better verbalise ourselves and our stories. We will have topical interview sessions with special guests and share select speaking tips, useful for the casual and competitive speaker. 

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#12 The Pursuit of Truth and Genuine Conversations with podcaster and lawyer, Roeshan Gomez of Rumah Roy Podcast!
Show Details44min 50s
#11 The People's Advocate: Being a Deputy Public Prosecutor with Izzat Fauzan!
Show Details40min 4s
Speaking Snacks Series #3: Speech Narrative Styles - Mine, Yours or Theirs?
Show Details9min 10s
#10 The People of Podcasting: Producing and Connecting Malaysian Voices with Renegade Radio's Kelvin and Jasmine!
Show Details1hr 3min
Speaking Snacks Series #2: Non-Violent Communication
Show Details15min 54s
#9 Passion in Expression: The Power of Words with Radio Broadcaster, Roshan Kanesan
Show Details42min 26s
Seek to Speak Special #2: Twelve Malaysians Talk Mental Health (Part 2: The Healing & Helping)
Show Details50min 12s
Seek to Speak Special #1: Twelve Malaysians Talk Mental Health (Part 1: The Sharing & Understanding)
Show Details58min 5s
#8 Podcasting your Voice: Expression through Introspection with Podcasting Solopreneur, Norman Chella!
Show Details42min 32s
Speaking Snacks Series #1 - How to establish credibility when you speak
Show Details14min 37s
#7 Passion and Purpose through Environmental Advocacy with the UK Government's International Climate Fund's Lead, Khairun!
Show Details44min 23s
#6 Self-Discovery, Inclusivity & Community with director of the NGO, Women:Girls, Izza Izelan!
Show Details44min 5s
#5 The Value of Expression, Education, and Imperfection with Seek to Speak Founder, Ain Aissa!
Show Details37min 8s
#4 Resilience, Tenacity, and Self-Improvement with start-up law firm founder, Izwan Zakaria!
Show Details34min 52s
#3 Virtual learning, critical thinking skills, and speaking up with CEO of the Malaysian Institute for Debate & Public Speaking, Emellia Shariff
Show Details38min 1s
#2 The Importance of Speaking, Debating and Overcoming your Fears with Debate Educator, Mai Mokhsein
Show Details35min 56s
Seek to Speak Trailer
Show Details36s
#1 How to Exercise Expression
Show Details27min 18s