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Secrets of the SheWolf

My intention behind this podcast is to give a voice to the men and women who have lost their voice due to trauma and overwhelm of this life. Shed light on all the things around birth, death and rebirth that are common, but not supported or talked about. Putting a spotlight on the experiences of everyday human life that are happy, ecstatic, blissful, pleasure filled, painful, uncomfortable, hard to voice, and down right messy to navigate.

I believe that we hold traumas in our body long after the situation has occurred because we took on the belief that we were unworthy in some way, or we were very unsafe to express our truth about the experience in the moment and so therefore it froze in our body. Traumas that freeze in the body tend to manifest into physical dis-ease and imbalances in the body.

I hope to give insight, encouragement, and inspiration to those who have experienced scenarios along their journey that caused them to feel unsafe, unworthy, unheard, and unseen as a result. May you remember how to find your center in the middle of the chaos. May you remember how to love through all the loss and pains of this life. May you come home to yourself, giving yourself the gift of acceptance, forgiveness and love. May your capacity to shine be ever strengthened. May you drop deeply into your Heart and express your truest desires. Blessings beautiful souls. I see you. I hear you. I am here for you.