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Secret Life

Tell me your secret, I'll tell you mine — true confessions of love, sex, money, food, addiction, and hidden taboo topics that are often hilarious, uplifting, and hopeful. Every Monday, best-selling author and actress, Brianne Davis, pulls back the curtain on the deepest, darkest, heartbreaking, and even silly secrets from an eclectic group of guests. While sharing her own secrets in each episode, Brianne's disarming approach creates an intimate and safe space for her guests to bare their souls, uncover the truth, and share practical advice. And just like that, we're laughing, crying, inspired, and filled with hope. Brianne's best-selling book, Secret Life of a Hollywood Sex & Love Addict, a roman à clef novel based on a decade in recovery (with a dash of creative license), launched in February 2021. Want to share your secret and be a guest on the show? Email us at


Joe Pt. 3: From a 36-Year-Old Virgin to Sex Surrogacy to Discovering I’m Pansexual
Show Details36min 39s
Veronica: I Was Sexually Assaulted but I Still Question Whether or Not it Was Sexual Assault
Show Details27min 37s
Diane: I'm Married and Have Had Emotional Affairs
Show Details26min 4s
Crystal: I Am An Incest Survivor
Show Details25min 50s
Mark: Stop Body Shaming, I Like When My Man Gains Weight
Show Details31min 28s
Sarah Lebel: I Was Drugged at an LA Party & Sex Trafficked
Show Details35min 13s
Erin Tennant: I Lost 130 Pounds By Working On Why I Ate, Not From a Diet
Show Details36min 14s
Hannah: I Attempted Suicide at Seventeen, Just 2 Years After My Mom's Suicide
Show Details44min 9s
Roy: I’m an Attorney But I Secretly Read Tarot Cards
Show Details21min 5s
Ashley: I'm an Alcoholic and Went to Jail
Show Details39min 56s
Melody: My Father is a Convicted Pedophile
Show Details33min 1s
Zachary: I Wore a Mask to Protect Myself
Show Details22min 10s
Mamina: I Was Born Into the Moonies Cult
Show Details31min 14s
Samantha: I Don't Regret Cheating On My Partner
Show Details27min 26s
Liz Sandoz: After the Eating Disorder, I Turned to Cigarettes, and Then To Sex
Show Details26min 32s
Lupe: As a Gay Man I Had Internalized Homophobia Until I Was 59
Show Details23min 35s
Chelsea: I Am a Survivor of Sex Trafficking
Show Details46min 57s
Dave Manheim: I Relapsed on Heroin While My Partner Was Pregnant
Show Details31min 27s
Julie Paulston: I've Had Two Abortions & Gave Up My Oldest For Adoption
Show Details35min 39s
Joe Pt. 2: From Sex Surrogate to Tantra Sex
Show Details34min 8s
Morgan: I Was a Therapist and Got Fired For Sleeping With My Client
Show Details29min 59s
Brianne & Mark: I’m Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde When I’m on My Period and Mark Can’t Fix It
Show Details32min 41s
Nicholas: I'm 34 and My Mom Still Kisses Me on the Lips
Show Details33min 45s
Liz: I'm Secretly A Pack A Day Smoker
Show Details33min 45s
Courtney: I'm Still Seeking My Dead Mother's Approval
Show Details28min 24s
Bianca: I Have Genital Herpes & So Do 491 Million Other People
Show Details26min 15s
Chris: I’m Ashamed of Being Asian & Can’t Break Up With My Tiger Mom
Show Details28min
Kat: I Used Men on Social Media—I Sent Nudes, Videos & Had Sex for Money
Show Details40min 19s
Paul Gilmartin: I've Struggled with a Video Game Addiction
Show Details25min 32s
Dee: House of Secrets—BDSM, an Unknown Sibling & a Trans Dad
Show Details29min 47s
Joe Pt. 1: I Was a 36-Year-Old Virgin & Then I Got a Sex Surrogate
Show Details47min 10s
Susan: I Married a Narcissistic Sociopath
Show Details32min 20s
Jeff Newman: FEAR—False Evidence Appearing Real
Show Details31min 53s
Jen Levin: The Horrors of Online Dating Pt. 2—Unavailable Men Need Not Apply
Show Details29min 10s
Vicki Reece: I Let People Who've Wronged Me Live in My Head Rent-Free
Show Details26min 31s
Will Marshall: I Was a Compulsive Man Whore
Show Details33min 37s
Rivkah Reyes: I’m a Recovering Pathological Liar
Show Details31min 39s
Betrayed—I Was Molested & Threatened by My Best Friend & His Brother
Show Details26min 37s
Jen Levin: The Horrors of Online Dating—D*ck Pics, Married Men & Ghosting
Show Details25min 13s
Katie: Not Skinny Enough
Show Details22min 25s
Justin Purser: The Fear of Running Out of Time
Show Details23min
Lindsay Pt. 2: An Emotional Affair Three Weeks After The Debt Was Discovered
Show Details36min 8s
Anna David: I Was A Sex & Dating Expert Who Had Awful Dates & Little Sex
Show Details30min 36s
Jason LaChance: The Secrets & Lies We Tell Ourselves
Show Details33min 3s
Lindsay Pt. 1: Cyber Monday — I’m a Compulsive Shopper & Spender
Show Details30min 11s
Liz Svatek: I Cut Ties With My Toxic Sister
Show Details32min 53s
My G-String Scholarship: Stripping To Pay For School
Show Details31min 56s
Greg Safel: My Last Long-Term Relationship Was 24 Years Ago
Show Details23min 33s
I’ve Burned and Cut Myself Since 1st Grade
Show Details20min 22s
Adam Rose: Secret Fear of Death
Show Details22min 24s
Confessions of a Shopaholic: I Wanted to be Pretty Woman
Show Details30min 13s
I Was a Hollywood Gossip Columnist and Secretly Hated It
Show Details23min 52s
Adam Fout: The Whack-A-Mole Phenomenon—From Alcohol & Drugs to Food & Sex
Show Details35min 28s
Amanda Montell - Groomed for Abuse: Love Bombing & Gaslighting
Show Details36min 4s
Shane Michael Hatton: Secret Fertility Journey
Show Details30min 54s
I Was A Paid Escort For Men In Hollywood
Show Details21min 51s
David Linaker: A Priest's Affair — Guilt vs. Shame
Show Details28min 44s
Jean McCarthy: The Secret Celebrity
Show Details30min 47s
Devyn & Jess: Getting Sober & Staying Together
Show Details45min 20s
Tawny Lara: Extreme Rage
Show Details30min 17s
Brianne & Mark: Year One Wrap Up
Show Details31min 46s
Dyxie - I've Slept With My Stalkers
Show Details33min 23s
Kamala Jones: Fibroids—The Secret Women Don't Share
Show Details28min 28s
Jason Wahler: Secret Relapse, Guilt & Shame
Show Details24min 51s
Danielle Harris: I Was Addicted to Bad Relationships
Show Details25min 28s
Nora McInerny: Terrible, Thanks for Asking
Show Details30min 9s
Carla Russo: Releasing Shame and Owning My Sexuality
Show Details30min 49s
I’m a Gay Female Who Secretly Dated Straight Women
Show Details25min 11s
Amy Shaffer: Married with 3 boys and Bisexual
Show Details31min 44s
A Hilarious Whodunit Coming Out Story
Show Details21min 12s
Suicidal Ideation: Postpartum Bipolar Disorder
Show Details37min 12s
Overcoming an Addiction to Negative Thinking & Tics
Show Details22min 47s
Living with OCD, Depression, Anxiety & PTSD
Show Details30min 39s
Body Dysmorphia: Male Body Shame
Show Details24min 11s
Natalie: Secrets Led Me To Prison 5 Times
Show Details40min 1s
Molestation, Trauma & Sexual Orientation
Show Details25min 45s
Jim Clemente: From Child Sex Abuse Victim to FBI Profiler
Show Details26min 7s
Cheryl Burke: Groomed for Addiction—Abuse, Sex & Love
Show Details33min 6s
I'm Obsessed With Big Boobs
Show Details24min 6s
The Sexual Predator: My OB-GYN
Show Details36min 54s
Bumble: Swiping Right Into My Addiction
Show Details36min 33s
The Mistress: Waiting To Be Chosen
Show Details27min
The Myth: Success Will Make You Happy
Show Details35min 29s
Love Addict: The Unavailable Man
Show Details27min 22s
Un-Happy Ending: Addicted to Massage Parlors for Sex
Show Details34min 44s
Jana Kramer: Compare and Despair
Show Details30min 22s
Brianne Davis: Crushing Dyslexia, ADHD & Publishing a Book
Show Details30min 29s
Olivia Munn's Mystery Solved: I Have Fibromyalgia
Show Details28min 7s
Natasha Saifolahi: Overcoming Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)
Show Details34min 4s
Jorge Ortiz: Keeping My Cultural Identity Secret
Show Details22min 19s
I Hate Being Married Sometimes
Show Details29min 43s
Sarah Goodson: I Secretly Hated Working For Other People
Show Details23min 44s
Our Worst Fear Could Be Our Greatest Gift
Show Details22min 47s
Secret Skateboard Santa
Show Details17min 50s
Jen Levin: Living With Binge Eating Disorder (BED)
Show Details27min 17s
Briana Lane: Acting As If—Hollywood Secrets
Show Details27min 27s
Michelle Chalfant: The Adult Chair
Show Details26min 35s
Gratitude: The Key To Everything
Show Details30min 50s
Mark Gantt: Money—From Debt to Abundance
Show Details31min 15s
DeeDee Flores: Positively Trans: Owning Your Truth
Show Details25min 15s
Follow-Up: Miscarriage Revelations
Show Details17min 58s
Miscarriage: Guilt, Shame & Relief
Show Details17min 2s
Beau Baker: Vanity—Perfectionism, Ego & Pride
Show Details29min 26s
How About We 'Cancel' Rape?
Show Details36min 30s
Jay Parker: Remedy For Addiction: Service
Show Details33min 34s
Alexandra Hendrickson: Crying Wolf
Show Details24min 59s
Christine Lakin: Overcoming Bulimia & Anorexia
Show Details29min 37s
Gabrielle Stone: Eat, Pray, #FML
Show Details27min 39s
Plastic Crack - Toy Collecting Addiction
Show Details25min 25s
Lucie Pohl: Sex, Drugs and Red Flags
Show Details26min 52s
Johnathon Schaech: Shame Free—Recovering Sex and Love Addict
Show Details25min 30s
Dixie Perkinson- I Only Steal from Jeff Bezos
Show Details26min 10s
Ricky B: F*ck Cancer—Breakdown to Breakthrough
Show Details32min 2s
Brittany Ishibashi: I Hate Being a Mom Sometimes
Show Details30min 53s
Breaking Black and LGBTQ Generational Beliefs
Show Details34min 24s
Bonnie Gillespie: Choosing Sobriety
Show Details26min 26s
Lisa: Childhood Trauma, Dissociation, Abortion and Shame
Show Details26min 30s
Britt Rentschler: DIY Beauty Fails
Show Details30min 23s
Kristin Andrzejewski: Perfectionism Almost Took My Life
Show Details31min 15s
Kellee Stewart: Single and Freezing Eggs
Show Details29min 36s
Paul Gilmartin: Emotional Incest and Forgiveness
Show Details28min 6s
Robert Gant: Coming Out in Hollywood
Show Details26min 16s
Dr. G: Finding Your Joy
Show Details32min 37s
Brianne Davis: I'm a Recovering Sex and Love Addict
Show Details19min 9s
Tell Me Your Secret (Trailer)
Show Details51s