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searcher studio

hosted by searcher studio owner, mike patrevito, this podcast is an exploration of the people, projects and art in nfts.


community ep. #1: why nfts?
Show Details24min 13s
ep. #5 - sandra on using art as expression, building authentic relationships in the nft community, childhood influences, and rediscovering her creative passion.
Show Details2hr 17min
ep. #4 - animare: finding meaning within meaninglessness
Show Details1hr 37min
ep. #3 - ella manull on developing her technique, patience, the intention within her art, and her artistic dreams
Show Details1hr 21min
ep. #2 - david kamio a.k.a. sensei the odogwu on growing up in nigeria, photography as a profession, overcoming creative restraints, and advocating for mens mental health
Show Details1hr 6min
ep. #1 - brittany anne dangerfield: art as a vessel for healing
Show Details1hr 29min