• community ep. #1: why nfts?

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    what i love about the nft space is that it makes art from unknown, unrepresented artists, accessible. here we have this new revenue stream that previously was only owned by the elite…it’s a great place to expand your reach - manu

    for artists coming in, this is just another avenue to showcase your work. this is just another lane. don’t look at it as the primary way of being successful. be true to yourself and don’t try to follow trends. - gerry

    the community of people is absolutely incredible. i have never met so many kind and genuine people as i have on twitter and the people that are part of the nft space. people in this space genuinely do want to help each other and see one another succeed. - queeniverse

    it’s the community that i found of like-minded artists, who are interested in the same thing that i am, and we’re all learning and growing together. i am being more creative and growing more as an artist than i ever have. - amliart

    [to newcomers, i’d say] do a bit of research. stay true to who you are. and form a team of like-minded artists that will help you thru your nft run. the folks i met thru the journey is what helped me navigate and sell. - bernard

    [to me] nfts are a platform in which by artists can showcase their work to a larger audience. i feel like nfts are bridging the gap between contemporary art gallery and the real world, and now the metaverse…it’s another avenue which would help artists. - dejidcreator

    i believe everyone who works in an institutionalized position should look into utilizing the technology for creating automated, errorless workflow thru smart contract execution. i see nfts becoming the medium in which value transfer can occur whitin both monetary and creative systems. - homer

    i believe nfts are the spearhead of the greatest artistic renaissance since the renaissance. we are currently experiencing a total fusion of different media types and formats. for me, it’s a fantastic artistic playground. - graphical poet

    24m | Jun 28, 2022
  • ep. #5 - sandra on using art as expression, building authentic relationships in the nft community, childhood influences, and rediscovering her creative passion.

    sandra is a toronto based digital artist and twitter spaces host. inspired by folklore, mysticism, and the beauty within darkness, she has sold out 3 collections since joining the nft space only months ago.

    our conversation includes her childhood inspirations, finding balance in life, her deep community roots, her upcoming 4th collection and and much more.

    check out the show notes and sandra's work at:


    you can find her at:



    2h 17m | Jun 23, 2022
  • ep. #4 - animare: finding meaning within meaninglessness

    animare is a south korean artist and painter. her art is inspired by cinema, love, relationships, nature, and finding purpose in everyday moments that pass us by.

    our conversation includes her process in overcoming mental health struggles, her perspective on art and work, finding inspiration in film, and noticing perfection within imperfection.

    you can find her at:




    1h 37m | Jun 15, 2022
  • ep. #3 - ella manull on developing her technique, patience, the intention within her art, and her artistic dreams

    ella manull is a 19 year old artist living in the countryside of southern brazil. her unique digital portraits, all made from her phone + one finger, have set her apart from most digital artists, resulting in sales, notoriety, and an indelible footprint within the nft space.

    our conversation spans her upbringing in brazil, her love of creating and appreciating art, the exceptional trajectory she’s had in the nft space, and how her art has transitioned over the course of her short but flourishing career.

    you can find her at:




    1h 21m | Jun 9, 2022
  • ep. #2 - david kamio a.k.a. sensei the odogwu on growing up in nigeria, photography as a profession, overcoming creative restraints, and advocating for mens mental health

    “as long as you have life, you have hope.”

    david kamio, also known as sensei the odogwu (the warrior teacher), is a nigerian photographer who specializes in portrait and product photography. inspired by culture and travel, and passionate about mens mental health, david aims to capture what is too often unsaid.

    our conversation topics include: his upbringing in nigeria, his perspective on photography, becoming a mental health advocate, and his dreams of traveling.

    you can connect with david, and view his work at:



    tik tok

    1h 5m | Jun 6, 2022
  • ep. #1 - brittany anne dangerfield: art as a vessel for healing

    “i’m at a point where i feel enough at peace, that i can give back to others and i can offer them hope…”

    brittany anne dangerfield is a mother of two, a child abuse survivor, trauma advocated, sepsis survivor, and artist. her story is one of perseverance and resilience, as she has, time and again, overcome emotional, physical, and legal battles. her path in art, and in life, has lead her to creating and developing a mission centered around using her gifts and her story to connect, inspire, and heal others.

    you can find her at:



    instagram (artist page)

    instagram (personal)

    1h 29m | Jun 1, 2022
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