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Search Pulse

The Search Pulse with Barry Schwartz and co-hosts Ben Pfeiffer and Chris Boggs covers search topics that receive the most buzz from within the search community. The Search Pulse will recap those important search topics in a roundtable style format, allowing the hosts to debate and argue some of the latest trends and stories in the search industry.


Microsoft Live Search Webmaster Portal
Show Details33min 15s
Search Halloween, SERP Updates at Google and Yahoo
Show Details31min 42s
PageRank Paid Links Drop, Yahoo Fixes Site Explorer, Google AdSense Topics and Searching
Show Details29min 37s
Paid Links, Yahoo Site Explorer, Google Webmaster Tools, PageRank, Duplicate Content and Search Ads
Show Details29min 38s
Yahoo and Microsoft Update Search; Googles Birthday
Show Details28min 49s
Pirate Day; AdWords Payouts; Google Spam; Google Books; Ad Penalties
Show Details30min 27s
Google Tools, Spider Craze, Jailed Google Bomber, PageRank Chatter
Show Details32min 59s
SES Wrap, Yahoo Updates, MSN Webmasters, Promotion AdWords, YouTube Ads and In House SEM
Show Details29min 52s
Paid Links, Supplemental Results, Ad Control
Show Details48min 30s
SMX Review, SEW 10, UI, Google and Yahoo Update, Privacy Issues, Street Views and More
Show Details1hr 1min
Memorial Day, Yahoo! Search Update, Search Share, AdWords, Elis SEW, Ads
Show Details59min 23s
Universal Search, Microsoft Buys Chris, AdSense MFAs, Google Hot Trends, SEO, Link Bait
Show Details1hr 2min
Search Mothers Day, Google One Box, Google Relations, Penalties, Fake Bans, AdWords
Show Details54min 49s
Yahoo and Microsoft, Robots-NoContent, Google Hell, .Edu Links, AdSense Terms, Earnings, adCenter, Twitter
Show Details59min 50s
PubCon vs. SES, Links, PageRank, Virus AdWords, News Search, iGoogle
Show Details59min 33s
Google and Yahoo Earnings, Web History, Virginia Tech, Remove Content, Anchor Text, SEO Content, PPC
Show Details59min 35s
SES NY, Paid Links, Ask.coms Edison, Yellow Ads, Shakes, Sitemaps, DoubleClick, Yahoo Site Explorer, Google Voice
Show Details58min 59s
April 1, SEOmoz Factors, Google Yellow Ads, Yahoo Shorter Descriptions, Sitemaps Autodiscovery
Show Details57min 3s
Google PPA, Google Anchor Text, Microsoft Live Update, SEO Factors, Yahoo! Search Directory
Show Details1hr
Google & Yahoo Link Updates, Searching Searches, Keyword Volume at AdWords, Getting a Job at Google, 404 Pages
Show Details1hr 1min
AdWords, Yahoo Directory Tag, Google Update, Update, PPC Legal Issues, Microsoft adCenter
Show Details59min 3s
Design, Google Update, Patent Apps, AdWords Algorithm, Yahoo! Search, Microsoft adCenter, SEO Training
Show Details49min 7s
Valentines, AdWords Score, SEO Galore, AJAX, Anchor Text, Wikipedia,
Show Details54min 57s
Rand Proposes, Google Sitelinks Update, Search Algorithms, StumbleUpon, SEO, PageRank, Yahoo, Keyword Tools
Show Details1hr 2min
Google Link Tool, Personalized Google, Yahoo Panama Live, PageRank, Site Explorer
Show Details53min 11s
Googlebombs, Yahoo Titles, YouTube Rev Share, Panama Monday, SEO, AdSense, PageRank
Show Details59min 13s
Wikipedia Nofollows SEOs, Google Follows Wikipedia, Yahoo! Search Update, SEO Titles, Google Site Command, Google Germany, 301s vs. 302s
Show Details53min
Search Holidays, New Years, Google Update, Blog Tips, Social Links, Paid Reviews, X, AdWords
Show Details1hr 1min
Google Link Building, Duplicate Content, CSS Tricks, Images Near AdSense, Yahoo! Directory Tag, Here Comes Panama
Show Details56min 41s
Turkey Day, Google Spam, SES Chicago, MSN Update, AdWords Denial, Holiday Gifts, Yahoo Jobs
Show Details59min 42s
PubCon Vegas, Google Update, Yahoo Compliance, Microsofts Banning, AdWords Quality, Sitemaps Protocol
Show Details1hr 2min
Google AdWords Update, MSN Search Update, PageRank Update, SEO, PubCon Coverage, Firefox, JotSpot, Yahoo! Eggs
Show Details1hr 9min
Halloween, Yahoo Panama, Did-It, Mobile, MSN Links, Eric Schmidt, 30 Point Penality
Show Details57min 35s
Tim Mayer on NOODP Tag, GooTube, Google News Porn, SEO, PageRank, Pinging, Code Search, SearchMash, Yahoo Panama UK, Mobile AdSense
Show Details36min 41s
Google Spam Tools, Ask AskCity, MSN Bot, Yahoo Topics
Show Details58min 47s
Google Maps Bug, PageRank Update, 8th BDay, Links, Matt Cutts, Daniel Read,, adCenter, Apax
Show Details58min 43s Rankings Anywhere, Fixed, Canada Not Welcome, Yahoo! Ad Growth, Google Product Search Changes
Show Details59min 38s
Danny Sullivan Leaves SEW, AdSense Lawsuit, Yahoo Blog Search, Keywords in URLs, New URLs, Navigational Search, Google Apps
Show Details53min 52s
Wikipedia Nofollows SEOs, Google Follows Wikipedia, Yahoo! Search Update, SEO Titles, Google Site Command, Google Germany, 301s vs. 302s
Show Details59min 56s