• Microsoft Live Search Webmaster Portal
    First Screen Shots of Microsoft’s Live Search Webmaster Portal revealed
    33m - Nov 13, 2007
  • Search Halloween, SERP Updates at Google and Yahoo
    How was Halloween was celebrated by the search industry. Various search result updates at Google and Yahoo. Google added a geographic target tool for webmasters and conducted a link update plus news on AdSense and AdWords.
    31m - Nov 6, 2007
  • PageRank Paid Links Drop, Yahoo Fixes Site Explorer, Google AdSense Topics and Searching
    PageRank Paid Links Drop, Yahoo Fixes Site Explorer, Google AdSense Topics and Searching as Ben and Barry the big PageRank massacre, if you want to call it that. Yahoo Site Explorer, Microsoft adCenter upgrade, a Google Image update and the big question, Are SEOs better searchers?
    29m - Oct 30, 2007
  • Paid Links, Yahoo Site Explorer, Google Webmaster Tools, PageRank, Duplicate Content and Search Ads
    Yahoo’s Site Explorer tool is having some major quirks. Google Webmaster Tools has new features including Sitelinks management, now with 8 Sitelinks.
    29m - Oct 23, 2007
  • Yahoo and Microsoft Update Search; Googles Birthday
    Yahoo and Microsoft both made major changes to their search interfaces and their search algorithms. Google turned nine years old last week, as did Ben and Danny – well they didnt turn 9, but they had birthdays. We asked the question, why does a search engine have a submission form when they really don’t use it? We also discussed how search engines handle 301 redirects.
    28m - Oct 2, 2007
  • Pirate Day; AdWords Payouts; Google Spam; Google Books; Ad Penalties
    Learn how some search engines celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day. We also discussed some of the reaction towards Google stopping the commission payouts to AdWords agencies in Europe. We discussed the Chinese-like spam in Google, as well as how Google Book search results invaded some of the listings. We touched on many more topics including AdWords Quality Scores, link building, web directories, and the Microsoft Live 2.0 search engine.
    30m - Sep 25, 2007
  • Google Tools, Spider Craze, Jailed Google Bomber, PageRank Chatter
    Google Tools, Spider Craze, Jailed Google Bomber, PageRank Chatter. From Google Webmaster Tool’s new design and PageRank issues to how Google spiders large sites. Heck, even a Google Bomber went to prison.
    32m - Sep 18, 2007
  • SES Wrap, Yahoo Updates, MSN Webmasters, Promotion AdWords, YouTube Ads and In House SEM
    SES Chicago 2007 Wrap, Yahoo Updates, MSN Webmasters, Promotion AdWords, YouTube Ads and In House SEM. We covered the SES show and our indepth coverage. We also discussed the Yahoo Search and Slurp updates. Microsoft is releasing a webmaster portal in late fall. We shared our opinions on Google’s new top promotion formula. Google began cashing in our YouTube, with ad overlays. And we chatted about the heated article on in-house SEMs.
    29m - Aug 28, 2007
  • Paid Links, Supplemental Results, Ad Control
    We took most of the summer off and decided to come back with a live show at SES San Jose. We discussed some of the hottest topics of the summer including, paid links, advertiser controls, Fox leaving Google, Sphinn, supplemental tags, and much more.
    48m - Aug 21, 2007
  • SMX Review, SEW 10, Ask.com UI, Google and Yahoo Update, Privacy Issues, Street Views and More
    SMX Review, SEW 10, Ask.com UI, Google and Yahoo Update, Privacy Issues and Street Views. We covered the SMX conference and Search Engine Watch turning ten. We also looked at the new Ask.com interface, the Google and Yahoo updates and the recent privacy concerns over Google.
    1h 1m - Jun 12, 2007
  • Memorial Day, Yahoo! Search Update, Search Share, AdWords, Elis SEW, Ask.com Ads
    Chris and Barry discussed the Memorial Day weekend news and logos or lack there of. We also review the latest Yahoo! Search index update. We discussed the recent search market share figures released last week. Google banned essay writing ads, go figure. Elisabeth is leaving Search Engine Watch for Zonder. People are now critisizing Ask.coms unabommer ads, but is this what Ask.com wanted?
    59m - May 29, 2007
  • Universal Search, Microsoft Buys Chris, AdSense MFAs, Google Hot Trends, SEO, Link Bait
    In this show we chatted about Google’s new Universal Search approach. Microsoft is set to buy Chris Boggs’ company, Avenue A/Razorfish. Google is shutting down AdSense arbitrage MFAs. Google launched hot trends, and we also talked about SEO, linking, anchor text, ip stuff and 301 redirects. Plus we discussed other stories involving Google, Yahoo, Ask.com and Live.com.
    1h 1m - May 22, 2007
  • Search Mothers Day, Google One Box, Google Relations, Penalties, Fake Bans, AdWords
    We thanked the wonder mothers by showing off some of the search engine logos for the day. We discussed Google one box results found in the middle of the Google results. Google Webmaster relations was a hot topic in this podcast. Plus we discussed other stories involving Google, Yahoo, Ask.com and Live.com.
    54m - May 16, 2007
  • Yahoo and Microsoft, Robots-NoContent, Google Hell, .Edu Links, AdSense Terms, Earnings, adCenter, Twitter
    Todd Malicoat aka Stuntdubl joined us to give us some really great tips on obtaining .edu links. Outside of that we talked about the Microsoft and Yahoo possible merger. Yahoo’s new robots-nocontent tag and Matts rebuttal of the so called Google Hell. We also talked about AdSense topics, Microsoft adCenter topics, AdWords and more topics.
    59m - May 8, 2007
  • PubCon vs. SES, Links, PageRank, Virus AdWords, News Search, iGoogle
    We chatted about PubCon versus Search Engine Strategies conferences going head to head. We had several discussions on Google PageRank. We talked about the AdWords malware issue and how Google News is being integrated into search results. Plus we talked about iGoogle, Googles new personalized front.
    59m - May 2, 2007
  • Google and Yahoo Earnings, Web History, Virginia Tech, Remove Content, Anchor Text, SEO Content, PPC
    We talked about Google and Yahoos first quarter earnings. We discussed the pros and cons of Google’s new web history solution. Google News put the Virginia Tech news in the entertainment category. We discussed some PPC and SEO topics and much more.
    59m - Apr 24, 2007
  • SES NY, Paid Links, Ask.coms Edison, Yellow Ads, Google.com Shakes, Sitemaps, DoubleClick, Yahoo Site Explorer, Google Voice
    We discussed our extremely comprehensive and detailed job covering the SES NY conference. We then had a 15 minute conversation about paid links based on some recent blog posts by Googles Matt Cutts. We had a brief conversation on Ask.coms new algorithm, Edison. Followed by yellow Google ads, a Google.com update, support for sitemaps autodiscovery, the DoubleClick acquisition and much more.
    58m - Apr 17, 2007
  • April 1, SEOmoz Factors, Google Yellow Ads, Yahoo Shorter Descriptions, Sitemaps Autodiscovery
    Ben and Chris chatted about how the search community celebrated April Fools Day. They also brought in Rebecca from SEOmoz to discuss their new Ranking Factors document. They discussed Google changing the AdWords from blue to yellow (I think). They talked about how Yahoo! has shortened the search ad descriptions. The search engines united with auto-discovery on Sitemaps; including Google, Yahoo!
    57m - Apr 11, 2007
  • Google PPA, Google Anchor Text, Microsoft Live Update, SEO Factors, Yahoo! Search Directory
    Google officially launched the beta of Pay Per Action ads, so we had a fifteen minute discussion on that topic to lead off. Then we discussed the new anchor text reports from Google. Followed by a Microsoft Live.com Search update. Then we discussed site SEO factors versus page SEO factors. We talked about Yahoo! Search results missing the directory links, Google anonymizing data, Google testing a new user interface and much more.
    1h 0m - Mar 28, 2007
  • Google & Yahoo Link Updates, Searching Searches, Keyword Volume at AdWords, Getting a Job at Google, 404 Pages
    We had a bit of a conversation on the link updates at Google Webmaster Central and Yahoo! Site Explorer. Chris and I also talked about Google’s new guideline on not searching search results pages. We talked more about AdWords keyword tool and getting a job at Google.
    1h 0m - Mar 13, 2007
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