Career Up Now Socially Distanced Close Ups Podcast ISRAEL EDITION

Hear the stories and absorb the wisdom of top Israeli industry and community leaders.

Hosted by Career Up Now community members : Paul Samberg, Daniel Gable, Sophia Felson, Rachel Alexander, Ben Rappaport, Jonathan Hoffman, and Aaron Feigelman.

Career Up Now’s mission is to build a community that empowers emerging professionals to advance in their careers while incorporating universal Jewish values into their lives, through innovative networking and education opportunities with industry and community leaders.

This podcast was made possible by the generous support of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation


Dennis Ross, Director at American Center for Political Leadership
Show Details16min 4s
Hanna Pri-Zan, Chairman of the Board at Peilim
Show Details18min 54s
Joe Perlov, Founding Director of Regarding Israel
Show Details23min 7s
Raphael Shore, Founder and Executive Chairman of OpenDor Media
Show Details21min 39s
Zohar Raviv, International VP of Educational Strategy at Taglit-Birthright Israel
Show Details16min 7s
Yaniv Rivlin, General Manager at Bird
Show Details18min 55s
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, Rabbi at Ohr Torah Stone
Show Details20min 24s
Shelley Kedar, Founding Director at The Shlichut Institute
Show Details10min 31s
Sharon Gal-or, Founder and CEO of Ting Global
Show Details15min 39s
Rami Cohen, Founder at Telesofia Medical
Show Details15min 19s
Moshe Zeldman, Founder and Director at Meet the Israelis
Show Details21min 53s
Judah Taub, Managing Partner at Hetz Ventures (Forbes 30 Under 30)
Show Details19min 1s
Inna Braverman, Co-Founder & CEO at Eco Wave Power Ltd.
Show Details15min 45s
Gidon Bromberg, Director at EcoPeace Middle East
Show Details22min 25s
Eve Harow, Host at Rejuvenation with Eve Harow
Show Details19min 52s
Elie Abadie, Rabbi & Spiritual Leader at Manhattan East Synagogue
Show Details20min 33s
Dima Chernobilsky, Co-Founder & CEO at Grow Director
Show Details5min 54s
Dany Bahar, Senior Fellow at Brookings Institution
Show Details14min 48s
Clive Lipchin, Director, Center for Transboundary Water Management at Arava Institute for Environmental Studies
Show Details13min 35s
Chaim Steinmetz, Senior Rabbi at Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun
Show Details14min 46s
Becky Caspi, Director General, Israel Office and SVP at Israel & Overseas at The Jewish Federations of North America
Show Details11min 18s
Avraham Hayon, CEO at SAHI- Special Hessed Unit
Show Details22min
Ariel Beery, General Partner at CoVelocity
Show Details20min 29s
Gidi Mark, International CEO of Taglit-Birthright Israel
Show Details19min 8s
Ariel Assaraf, CEO at Coralogix
Show Details13min 25s
Didi Medina, Product Design and Leadership Consultant at WeWork
Show Details32min 12s
Ari Gorlin, Vice President Strategic Partnerships at AutoLeadStar
Show Details12min 54s
Alexandra Mandel, Business Development Manager at Guesty
Show Details16min 33s
Amos Hochstein, Executive Vice President at Tellurian Inc.
Show Details15min 21s
Amir Alroy, Co-Founder at Welltech1
Show Details9min 37s
Alon Weltman, Director of Development at The Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma
Show Details14min 42s
Alon Pinkas, Political Consultant at Arsenal Strategic Partnership
Show Details11min 46s