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Screenwriters Need To Hear This with Michael Jamin

Michael Jamin has been a professional television writer/showrunner since 1996. This podcast is meant to help aspiring writers learn the craft of storytelling from a working screenwriter. 


028 - A Paper Orchestra: Stage Reading
Show Details41min 40s
027 - What It's Like To Run A Show
Show Details40min 40s
026 - Phil's First Day In The Writer's Room
Show Details33min 23s
025 - Q&A with Michael Jamin - Part 3
Show Details34min 43s
024 - Screenwriting Fallacies Depicted in Film and TV
Show Details34min 37s
023 - Creative People Need To Hear this
Show Details38min 35s
022 - Changing The Emotional Story
Show Details35min 32s
021 - The Oscars: Understanding The Film Marketplace
Show Details31min 49s
020 - Writing A Smart Show
Show Details39min 29s
019 - Q&A with Michael Jamin - Part 2
Show Details45min 1s
018 - Here's My Script... Make My Show
Show Details41min 6s
017 - Creativity
Show Details32min 13s
016 - Your Work Is Not Limited To Your Screenplays
Show Details27min 30s
015 - Should I Hire A Script Reader?
Show Details30min 18s
014 - Do You Have To Live in LA to Work in TV?
Show Details26min 2s
013 - How To Get Fired From Your First Job
Show Details26min 21s
012 - How Do I Sell My Pilot?
Show Details33min 18s
011 - Writer's Block and Inspiration
Show Details27min 42s
010 - Idea vs Execution
Show Details30min 13s
009 – Q&A with Michael Jamin
Show Details46min 12s
008 - Different Ways To Break Into Hollywood
Show Details35min 4s
Bonus - Merry Jewish Christmas
Show Details9min 45s
007 - How Do TV Writer's Rooms Work?
Show Details37min 41s
006 - Working With A Partner
Show Details25min 25s
005 - Agents & Managers
Show Details34min 27s
004 - How TV Shows Are Staffed
Show Details33min 54s
003 - How To Sell A TV Show
Show Details30min 19s
002 - Spec vs Pilot TV Episodes
Show Details30min 56s
001 - Breaking Into Hollywood
Show Details32min 19s
Show Details2min 27s