Horror Fictional and True Stories

All of the stories used in this podcast are used with the express permission of Dr. Creepen Van Pasta if in case this is in question Dr. Creepen Van Pasta's: Email is: Horror Fictional and True Stories are from anything like Rest Stop Stories to the Deep Web. Hope You Enjoy!


01 The Halloween House Anthology Series
Show Details1hr 25min
14 Terrifying TRUE Stories (Told In The Rain)
Show Details1hr 7min
Never Use Cheat Codes on a Ouija Board
Show Details53min 33s
4 TERRIFYING & 5 TRUE Skinwalker Stories Compilation Feat Scared Kid Nancy & Margbot
Show Details52min 52s
I Found a Creepy Doll at Work
Show Details25min
Dark Web Chronicles Compilation
Show Details2hr 40min
We Raided the Wrong Tomb
Show Details58min
When Prank Calls Go Wrong
Show Details43min
The Government Is Hiding a New Disease… People are Turning (All 4 Parts)
Show Details2hr 2min
5 TRUE School Horror Stories & TRUE College Horror Stories
Show Details55min 47s
Scary Stories to Help you Fall Asleep
Show Details1hr 21min
3 UBER Horror Stories
Show Details20min 24s
Show Details29min 30s
The One about the Pizza Guy
Show Details57min
True Cult Black Eyed People and UFO Alien Encounters Compilation
Show Details1hr 2min
Horror and Fictional True Stories
Show Details3s
The Social Experiment Full Story
Show Details1hr 8min
The Meat Locusts 2 Hour Exclusive
Show Details2hr 1min
NoEnd House
Show Details48min
Show Details1hr 38min
It was our Job to Hunt Down the Collector
Show Details55min
Are you Afraid of Spiders
Show Details31min
A Noise in the Dark
Show Details53min 30s
Show Details4s
Channel 5 Had a Rough Night
Show Details51min 30s
I Regret ever Working in the South Pole
Show Details46min 40s
Prison is Hell
Show Details47min
Show Details1hr 8min
TRUE Spring Break Horror Stories
Show Details54min 26s
True Summer Horror Stories Feat. Everyone
Show Details49min 29s
Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
Show Details44min 30s
It Breathes, It Bleeds, It Breeds
Show Details42min
The Mannequin Farm
Show Details46min 30s
EPIC TRUE Scary Stories Skinwalkers, BEK's, Cryptids,Paranormal, Stalkers
Show Details1hr 41min
EPIC Scary Stories Vol 2. No Sleep, Cryptids, Pizza Delivery, Creepers, Road Trip Stories
Show Details2hr 28min
I Bought a Wife Online This is my Story
Show Details54min
Scary True Stories Told by the Fire Vol. 1 All Star Collaboration
Show Details1hr 29min
Scary True Stories Told by the Fire Vol. 2
Show Details54min 30s
Scary True Stories Told by the Fire Vol. 3 All Star Collaboration
Show Details49min
Dark Web Chronicles
Show Details1hr 28min
The Treatment of Aaron Nelms
Show Details43min
The Horror at the Gideon Farm
Show Details1hr 1min
TRUE Cryptid Encounters
Show Details1hr 7min
The Part of the Deep Web we’re not Supposed to See
Show Details2hr 1min
4 Terrifying True Tales
Show Details29min 30s
6 Terrifying True Encounter Stories
Show Details30min
The Fluffy Bunnies of Doom True Stories
Show Details25min
I'm a Delivery Truck Driver Who Saw Something Weird and Unexplained
Show Details1hr 1min
Show Details5hr 55min
Deep Web Chronicles Vol. 1
Show Details1hr
Deep Web Chronicles Vol. 2
Show Details50min
Black Week The Full Story
Show Details3hr 4min
Be Careful what you Bring Home from Work
Show Details1hr 20min
My Old Home Videos Showed me a Life I never Lived
Show Details51min
I Used to Work on the Deep Web... I Still Do
Show Details26min 7s
I Used To Work On The Deep Web Full Story
Show Details1hr 47min