Say Yes To Travel

Say Yes to Travel, hosted by award-winning concierge and travel expert, Sarah Dandashy, explores all things travel for hospitality professionals, including trends and what makes the industry tick.


Cruises Might Be Back Sooner Than You Think Says "The Cruise Guy"
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The Outlook on Travel for the End of 2020
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How Long Will the EU Travel Ban Impact American Tourism?
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Concierges Around the World: The Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona
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First Female Les Clefs d'Or Concierge
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Moscow: Say Yes To Travel
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Speaking with Concierges Around the World
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5 Ways The Restaurant Experience Will Change
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The State of the Travel Industry Amid Volatility
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7 Best Practices for Post-COVID Traveling
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Domestic Trips Will Save The Travel Industry
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The End of Hotels as We Knew Them
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Examining the Future of Travel and Staying Healthy
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Evaluating the Healthcare Capacity of America’s Largest Travel Destinations
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Staying Ready to be Ready For You to Travel
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Will COVID-19 Affect Travel Demand Post-Pandemic?
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How the Airline Industry Will Return to Normal
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With No End to the Pandemic in Sight What Can Hotels Expect?
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With the Hotel Industry at a Standstill, What is Next?
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Spring Break Travel in 2020
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Redefining Luxury Travel
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The Rise of Microcations
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8 Travel Trends for 2020
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As Coronavirus Spreads, Travel Takes a Pause
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Keep Your 2020 Travel Resolutions
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