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Save File! Your weekly dose of gaming news, reviews and discussion with your hosts Luke and Hannah


167 - Mini Mic
Show Details39min 59s
166: Superbacker Luke
Show Details1hr 1min
165 - WOO HOO … YAY
Show Details36min 40s
Episode 164: 50 and Blank
Show Details50min 43s
163: Pixelated Nipples
Show Details46min 40s
162: Boob Ducts
Show Details59min 30s
161: Sarah has a Birthday!
Show Details1hr 1min
160: Sarah has a Ghost
Show Details52min 39s
159: Gen X for the win
Show Details1hr 2min
158: Tattoos, Games and Football
Show Details59min 59s
157: Not stopping until we get there!!
Show Details37min 59s
156: Luke did a thing
Show Details52min 24s
155: Dial Luke for Murder!
Show Details59min
154: Time keeps movin
Show Details44min 52s
153: Butthesda Showcase
Show Details53min 15s
152: And we are BACK!!
Show Details41min 56s
151: The fall of Luke
Show Details24min 6s
150: Luke still has not played Sherlock
Show Details27min 7s
149: Still addicted to Lego
Show Details31min 46s
148: Lego me this
Show Details29min 20s
147: All the Pain Killers
Show Details39min 45s
146: Finally Here!
Show Details26min 46s
145: Relations with Fish
Show Details28min 15s
144: Voltage is Important
Show Details34min 22s
143: Paws for Laughter
Show Details31min 7s
142: Can Luke save Star Wars?
Show Details35min 41s
141: Halo Time
Show Details25min 50s
140: Full On Preggers!!
Show Details37min 17s
139: Halo Innit'
Show Details35min 13s
138: Just Say No To The Eternals
Show Details33min 30s
137: We are back!!!
Show Details38min 58s
136: Let the PAX begin
Show Details42min 55s
135: Rewards No More
Show Details43min 17s
134: Mail Delivering Time
Show Details48min 52s
133: Love Bubble
Show Details46min 34s
132: M*A*S*H
Show Details46min 25s
131: No PAX for you!
Show Details39min 47s
130: Dark Clouds
Show Details35min 17s
129: Lawnmower Man
Show Details35min 21s
128: #belikeluke
Show Details39min 44s
127: Episode Name Here
Show Details41min 30s
126: Choppy Chop
Show Details33min 44s
125: Take Two
Show Details41min 28s
124: Loki and Football
Show Details23min 10s
123: Going once, going twice
Show Details46min 19s
122: Road to a million
Show Details46min 27s
121: E3?
Show Details45min 2s
120: Just Tattoo of Us
Show Details47min 12s
119: About Time
Show Details44min 18s
118: No Presents for Erin
Show Details30min 16s
117: Effecting all the Mass
Show Details37min 59s
116: Finish Him
Show Details35min 8s
115: Who will face Judgement
Show Details34min 13s
114: Sassy Chewbacca
Show Details38min 35s
113: Bought the Farm
Show Details26min 13s
112: Betrayal
Show Details30min 48s
111: 540 Kickflip
Show Details45min 55s
110: Luke is Strange
Show Details52min 12s
109: PAAAAXXXXX Australia
Show Details29min 2s
108: Moving
Show Details33min 45s
107: Inverted
Show Details35min 39s
106: Crazy Taxi
Show Details36min 59s
105: Luke of the Year
Show Details46min 9s
104: Lego Luke
Show Details51min 48s
103: Hipster Escape
Show Details40min 39s
102: VB and Toothpaste
Show Details51min 6s
Save File Episode 101
Show Details38min 36s
100: Porn on the Brain
Show Details43min 47s
99: 2021 The Year of Lego
Show Details33min 14s
98: Pandas of Star Wars
Show Details34min 35s
97: Glitches, Updates and Refunds, OH MY!
Show Details32min 38s
96: Punks, Penis and Bugs
Show Details45min 56s
95: CyberLuke 1981
Show Details51min
94: Eliminated
Show Details55min 2s
93: Batman and Karate
Show Details52min 4s
92: XXX Luke
Show Details1hr 2min
91: Hall of Famer
Show Details52min 31s
90: Encino Luke
Show Details48min 13s
89: Bubble Trouble
Show Details40min 39s
88: Tattoos For All
Show Details41min 40s
87: Down Periscope
Show Details36min 26s
86: I am not that old!!
Show Details45min 45s
85: ZooLife
Show Details46min 19s
84: Provocative Title
Show Details45min
83: Clouseau Reviews
Show Details20min 54s
82: Batman and Sportsball
Show Details35min 50s
81: Make it Scotch
Show Details23min 11s
80: Can't spell fun without fu
Show Details18min 14s
79: Boobs
Show Details25min 36s
78: Bubbler Boy
Show Details20min 30s
77: One More Thing...
Show Details24min 24s
76: Come Fly with Me
Show Details21min 28s
75: Driven to Savings
Show Details22min 23s
74: Placeholder Text
Show Details17min 28s
73: Another podcast that ends with Luke ranting about Mickey Mouse
Show Details22min 16s
72: Maneater Shark do do do do do
Show Details23min 56s
71: No more waiting
Show Details20min 51s
70: Luke solves all the problems
Show Details23min 41s
69: Thank you, everyone!
Show Details24min 21s
68: Rated E for Everyone
Show Details16min
67: ...update pending
Show Details21min 31s
Order 66: Ginger Protocol
Show Details1hr 2min
65: The Star Factor
Show Details22min 49s
64: Luke writes all the jokes
Show Details32min 23s
63: Part Two
Show Details26min 10s
62: Luke Don't Poop
Show Details27min 58s
61: It's Canon
Show Details24min 38s
60: My Co-star's Coaster
Show Details25min 2s
59: Ground Control to Major Nelson
Show Details21min 4s
58: LAN Solo
Show Details20min 30s
57: Sher-locked Out Of Achievements
Show Details21min 31s
56: A Little Bit Racy
Show Details32min 31s
55: Definitely Indefinite
Show Details23min 58s
54: Stuck in the Middle(tooth) with You
Show Details21min 6s
53: "Shhh... Let this happen."
Show Details27min 19s
52: Kirby’s Dream Holiday
Show Details33min 6s
51: Gingers Reunited
Show Details35min 2s
Save File Episode 50
Show Details19min 47s
Save File Episode 49
Show Details14min 42s
Save File Episode 48
Show Details20min 22s
Save File Episode 47
Show Details15min 38s
Save File Episode 46
Show Details24min 43s
Save File Episode 45
Show Details22min 29s
Save File Episode 44
Show Details26min 16s
Save File Episode 43
Show Details21min 35s
Save File Episode 42
Show Details22min 6s
Save File Episode 41
Show Details20min 8s
Save File Episode 40
Show Details28min
Save File Episode 39
Show Details17min 48s
Save File Episode 38
Show Details12min 12s
Save File Episode 37
Show Details26min 27s
Save File Episode 36
Show Details36min 5s
Save File Episode 35
Show Details19min 57s
Save File Episode 34
Show Details28min 9s
Save File Episode 33
Show Details29min 10s
Save File Episode 32
Show Details18min 31s
Save File Episode 31
Show Details29min 32s
Save File Episode 30
Show Details18min 43s
Save File Episode 29
Show Details34min 12s
Save File Episode 28
Show Details24min 40s
Save File Episode 27
Show Details24min 4s
Save File Episode 26
Show Details27min 32s
Save File Episode 25
Show Details20min 19s
Save File Episode 24
Show Details23min 24s
Save File Episode 23
Show Details25min 54s
Save File Episode 22
Show Details24min 48s
Save File Episode 21
Show Details17min 2s
Save File Episode 20
Show Details25min 1s
Save File Episode 19
Show Details24min 43s
Save File Episode 18
Show Details32min 18s
Save File Episode 6
Show Details23min 32s
Save File Episode 5
Show Details26min 15s
Save File Episode 4
Show Details28min 33s
Save File Episode 3
Show Details25min 47s
Save File Episode 2
Show Details26min 19s
Save File Episode 1
Show Details21min 19s