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4m | Sep 6, 2021

Welcome! Sats What (S)he Said is a new podcast in development. Listen in for a brief overview of what to expect, see if you may be interested in contributing content to this project, and find out how to get set up with a Podcasting 2.0 compatible podcast app to participate when episodes of Sats What (S)he Said start dropping.

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Looking for more of a tutorial? Check out this helpful guide: 

To try out one of the growing number of Podcasting 2.0 compatible apps, you can go to and pick one that has the word 'value' in the 'supported Elements' column.

I also have a google sheet to track the streaming value compatible apps, which can be found here:

For more information on The Podcast Index and Podcasting 2.0 features, head to

More technical information on the "podcast:value" specification can be found here:

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